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US Postpones Presenting Peace Plan


Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has gone on an anti-US campaign of insults and threats since December 6th, the day that president Donald Trump announced that the US recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and would be moving its embassy from Tel Aviv.  Abbas and other PA officials have declared that no US plan would be accepted, even though they don’t know the details of it.  So the Trump administration is doing the right thing, postponing the publication of the long awaited proposal until there is someone willing to at least look at it before rejecting it.  Mahmoud has come to the realization that his life-long dream of destroying the state of Israel will not happen before his rapidly approaching death, and is acting out of anger and desperation.  He has alienated Israel and the US, insulted Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and has sabotaged the “Palestinian Reconciliation” agreement with HAMAS; islolating himself and harming his people.  Chances are Mahmoud will never see the US Peace Proposal, the question is whether the next leader of the Palestinian people will be another kleptocrat, uninterested in peace, or someone that actually cares about his people.

Read Article at Israel National News: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/243377



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