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PLO Threatens US At ICC
PLO Threatens To File Complaint Against US At ICC

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was designated a ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization’ by the US State Department, until its removal in [...]

Turkey In Jerusalem
Jordan, Saudis & PA Ask Israel To Curb Turkey’s Jerusalem…

A recent report sites Turkey’s growing influence in the Arab sections of Jerusalem, and in a rare break from the [...]

HAMAS Blood Money
Gaza Begs For Terror Funding

As UNRWA is pleading for money to feed, educate and provide medical services for the residents of Gaza, HAMAS, the [...]

HAMAS Beats Argentina Soccer Team
HAMAS Beats Argentina World Cup Soccer Team

Argentina’s Football Federation cancelled the “friendly” match against Israel, that was scheduled to be played this Saturday, June 9th, in [...]

Temple Mount Mayhem

Muslims assault Jews for praying on the Temple Mount, Jordanian waqf tries to silence the truth.

Abbas Won't Allow Embassy Move
Abbas: We Won’t Allow Any Country To Move Its Embassy…

Mahmoud Abbas, the man serving the the 13th year of his four year term as president of the Palestinian Authority, [...]

Saudi King Slams Trump
Saudi King Slams Trump’s Jerusalem Policy

A few weeks after his son, and heir to the throne, Mohammad bin Salman’s trip to the United States that [...]

Religious Intolerance
Jordan Protests Jews’ Right To Pray

As part of the Peace Treaty with Jordan following Israel’s victory in the Six Day War, the Jordanian Waqf was [...]