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Israel Bars Tlaib. Barry Explains Why!


Alex Salvi: Page Six Now. One day after barring the Michigan representative from entering the country, Israel says Rashida Tlaib will be allowed to visit her grandmother in the West Bank. But after stipulating that Tlaib will not be permitted to promote boycotts against Israel during her trip, it looks like the 90-year-old will not be getting any visitors. The congresswoman saying today that visiting the country under these oppressive conditions stands against everything she believes in. Of course, this follows back and forth comments between the Michigan lawmaker and President Trump. So joining me now, the founder of the American Truth Project and Daily Ledger contributor Barry Nussbaum. So, Barry, this whole situation is kind of wild from the start. It goes back and forth. Rashida Tlaib sent a letter asking for this, but then when it was granted, she says she doesn't want to go. This whole situation, is it this unusual for a country to bar another citizen from coming to it?

Barry Nussbaum: Actually, Alex, it's very common in Western democracies to bar someone from entering your country which is hostile to your country, who might form unrest within your country. And in the case of Rashida Tlaib meet with and be sponsored by a terrorist organization of the worst magnitude. The release that they gave to the world of her schedule, Alex said she was being sponsored by, get this, the terror group in the Palestinian territories who have been publishing that Jews drink Christian blood on Passover. That is her sponsor for the trip, and she publicized it. Of course, Israel wants her not to come. I'm shocked that they gave her a pass to see your grandma.

Alex Salvi: Yeah. And on top of that, too, I mean, Israel released a statement saying why they weren't done rigidly, allowing her and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to come to the country. And one of them was just as you were saying the people she was meeting with. But on top of that, there were no scheduled trips with Israeli officials. And they also cited their past support for the BDS movements, of course, is boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel, which is within itself thought to be inherently anti-Semitic. So really, is this even a surprise for these lawmakers? Should they be surprised that they're being banned for their support of a ban of Israel?

Barry Nussbaum: I'm stunned. Not only that, there's no unanimity among supporters of the Israel position, but any sympathy for Rashida Tlaib an Ilhan Omar. Ironically, the big fight that Tlaib put up with, Alex, "I need to see my grandmother before she dies." So what did Israel say? Okay. Just promise when you come to Israel, you won't promote violence. That's all they ask her to do. She said, "Okay, I won't." And then she said, "I'm not going because they're racists and bigots and they're promoters of apartheid, and they're Nazi-like."

Look Rashida Tlaib has been lying for a long time. Long before she ever got to Congress. What makes me sad, Alex, is her narrative is all over the news. Every word Donald Trump said was correct. She's anti-Semitic, she's anti-Israel, and it's an embarrassment if she goes. And you know what? I'm thrilled she's going to stay home, and she can spout her racism from her office in the Capitol building. You know, the office where she took down a picture of Israel and renamed it Palestine on her first day in office. You know, right when she got elected that night, she said, "I'm going to go to Washington, and I'm going to impeach the M.F'er." That's how she started her job in Congress. Really, really classy lady.

Alex Salvi: And, you know, you kind of mentioned that exhibit, for example, of her support of Palestine is very much so outspoken. And, you know, there's nothing wrong with that. It's okay to have, I guess, differing opinions based on wherever you may fall. But it's another thing to claim that there are dual loyalties. And that's something that, for example, a lot of people on the right got in trouble for saying that maybe Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were doing in regard to Palestine. You mentioned what Rashida Tlaib did, in addition, to wearing the Palestinian flag when she was sworn into Congress. But now you see people on the left as well coming out in necessarily and accusing Israelis or Israeli Americans, rather, of having dual loyalties or to the other causes within itself. I have a sound bite that I want to show you real quick. It's Ted Lieu yesterday coming after the US ambassador to the UN of Israel. I want to take a look at that clip.

Representative Ted Lieu: It is outrageous that the US government is working against having an American visit a relative in Israel. Ambassador Freeman, the US ambassador to Israel, actually, I think you should resign because he doesn't seem to understand that his allegiance is to America not to a foreign power. He should be defending the rights of Americans to travel to other countries and to visit their relatives.

Alex Salvi: So I mean, that right on its face is an example. It's an anti-Semitic statement. I mean, someone claiming that a Jewish person has a dual allegiance now to the United States, but rather to Israel. What's your take on that soundbite.

Barry Nussbaum: That congressman is sadly infamous for his wacky left-wing in this case, dumb statements. Ambassador Freeman did what he should have done, which is to say Israel is our closest ally and anyone that goes there that advocates for the destruction of the state of Israel ought to be barred. And Congressman Lieu then says, and it's really sad that you can't see your grandma. Israel said she could go see your grandmother and Tlaib agreed she would not advocate for violence and terrorism while seeing her grandmother and she reneged and said, "Now I'm not going to go." So if anyone ought to be quiet and maybe even consider another line of work, it's the congressman you quoted rather than the ambassador who's done a smashing good job re-establishing the ties on a strong, strong basis between the United States and Israel. He's done a terrific job, and I hope he doesn't go anywhere.

Alex Salvi: Yeah. And, you know, for our viewers, too, I always encourage you to go look up things for yourself. Look at Rashida Tlaib's letter to Israel beforehand, look at their response, and now look at what you are saying right now. That should lay out everything you need to know. But Barry, thank you very much for joining us.


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