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US Withdraws From UNHRC, The Cesspool Of Anti-Israel Bias

United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley explains why the US is withdrawing its membership from the misnamed, [...]

Iran & EU
Iran Begs Europe To Stay In Nuclear Deal

Days after president Trump decided to withdraw the US from the disastrous JCPOA, Iranian leaders are urging France, Germany and [...]

Felonious Lunk
Felonious Lunk – John Kerry Violates US Law With Iran…

John Kerry, the man that threw his US Navy medals away in protest of US military actions, and the man [...]

Iran Threatens Vigorous Enrichment
Iran To “Vigorously” Resume Enrichment If US Scraps Deal

Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif threatened that Iran would resume enriching uranium if president Trump decides to pull the US [...]

Peace Plan Postponed
US Postpones Presenting Peace Plan

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has gone on an anti-US campaign of insults and threats since December 6th, the day [...]

Haley Cuts Aid
Nikki Haley Plans Aid Cuts To UN Foes

When US Ambassador to the UN warned that she’d “be taking names” on what countries voted against the US on [...]

Israel’s Three Greatest Threats: Iran, Iran, Iran

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Mark Levin discuss the existential threat Iran poses to Israel, the Middle East and the [...]

Arab League
Arab League Picks US Over Palestinians

Despite verbal protests of the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and accompanying embassy move, none of the 21 [...]