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There Cannot Be Peace with The Palestinians Until They Renounce Killing Jews. Seems Simple Doesn’t It?


Jermain Botsio: Mahmoud Abbas, calls Trump a son of a dog and calls for resistance. It doesn't look like they're ever going to be to the position of coming to, you know, cooperation and doing the right thing.

Barry Nussbaum: The problem is the Palestinians are calling Trump horrible, named son of a dog. He also said son of a "B" if you know what. So it's translating into English while A "B" is a female dog, if you know what I mean. So they're calling him horrible, horrible names, and they're saying he should be killed. And they're saying that Netanyahu should be killed. And anyone that supports this plan should be killed. How do you sit down with people like that and make a deal that they're going to honor? It's a real problem. You know what I mean? I mean, many people have said that are very, very wise while that you negotiate with your enemies, not your friends. But you've got to hope that they'll honor whatever they agreed to. And with the present leadership, I sincerely doubt it. New leadership in the Palestinian Authority has said they want to negotiate a plan with Israel. It's going to take Mahmoud Abbas out of the way, maybe even elections. Imagine if Jimmy Carter was still president because he never gave up the White House, well, that's what the Palestinians are dealing with. Jimmy Carter, although he wasn't the best president, didn't leave office with a billion dollars. Well, Mahmoud Abbas is going to die with that much money because he's stolen it. And Europe doesn't want to give him any more money. The U.N. doesn't want to give him any more money. And certainly the United States has cut off the money. It's going to take a new leader from the Palestinians to step up and say, "I want peace." Or as Golda Meir, the great female prime minister of the state of Israel, the first leader in the Middle East in the history of the world, said "When the Palestinians love their own children more than they hate ours, there will be peace." And that's what it will take. Because every day in the media, look on Facebook, you've got mothers saying, I pray my child, who is 5, grows up and blows himself up at a checkpoint and kills an Israeli. Oh, my gosh, what kind of society is that? It's a death cult. That has got to change. And if it does change, I believe Trump's plan has at least a chance at succeeding. But until then, and unless that change in leadership happens on the Palestinian side I'm skeptical and not very optimistic. Sorry, but that's the truth.



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