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Trump’s Deal of The Century Really Is The Deal of The Century!


Brannon Howse: Welcome to the ATP Report with your host Barry Nussbaum. I'm Brannon Howse. Thanks for joining us. Well, this is a very important broadcast because President Donald Trump held a press conference live from the White House with the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and announced a peace plan in Israel. Joining us to tell us about all this and give his analysis is the host of the program, Barry Nussbaum of the American Truth Project. Barry, let's talk about this peace plan. It's been one that has been long in coming. What are your thoughts? Do you think this plan is good for Israel? What are your thoughts? Who comes out ahead on this deal, and who comes out behind, or is it an equal, fair deal?

Barry Nussbaum: That is such a monster, huge question. And I can answer it very succinctly. It depends on whether the Palestinians can convince their people to lay down the rockets, grenades, knives, kite bombs, and so on. In other words, this plan, for the first time, gives Palestinians complete control over their territory to be governed by them. However, there are preconditions for the first time since 1948 with the founding of the state of Israel, which we can go through in a few minutes in detail. But basically, they have to stop being terrorists, or there is no money that's going to change hands. Trump has offered a stupendous amount of money to the Palestinians to build a country, to build an economy, to build international trade, but the terror must stop. Bless President Trump for saying piece meaning piece of land comes with and only after peace, Brannan as you have so intelligently pointed out. You can't have one without the other. Israel has been doing nothing but giving up land and control since 1948 and has gotten no peace. In return for giving up a tremendous amount of land.

Brannon Howse: Well, what does the rocket fire now tell you?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, what it tells us, quite frankly, at least on the front end is it's a big "Go away." The leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has called Donald Trump every possible vile name in Arabic that he could call him since the peace plan was announced.

Brannon Howse: So, where does it go from here?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's talk about the plan because, without a good plan, there's no sense of even continuing the dialog. So here's what Trump offers Israel. First, immediate recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. In other words, that's where the Israelis are living now. These are the ancient lands of Israel. You noticed I said Judea. That's where the word Jew comes from. These are the ancient biblical lands of Israel from the Bible. Somehow, because they were conquered originally from the Israeli position by the Jordanian army after the war of independence and Jordan held onto it, it's now being considered by some as occupied territory. It's not. It's a liberated territory. And the Israelis have been building settlements there since 1967. So the first part of the peace plan acknowledges that. Here's one of the key ones. Part two is Israeli military and security control continues west of the Jordan River. That's important because, in areas patrolled by the Israelis, there is no terror. In the areas controlled by the Palestinians, there's almost on relenting terror. Step three, the right of return of the Palestinians goes away. Now, what this means is. In world history, there's always the opportunity to go back to where you were driven out, immediately after the cessation of violence. Well, a whole lot of Palestinians, hundreds of thousands left in 1948, expecting to come back and occupy Haifa and Tel Aviv because they were told by their leaders that all the Jews would be dead. They never came back. They've been in refugee camps since 1948. And now their hundreds of thousands have grown into millions. They can't come back. Next step, Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel, as Trump has already acknowledged. The next step, BDS must stop. It must stop. The Arab nations have already said they will support it. The Palestinians have said not. The next one, Palestinian Arabs will stop all claims against Israel in international courts. They're constantly lobbing legal challenges against Israel, that will stop. So that's what Israel gets. Here is what Trump has said the Palestinians must do in exchange. Number one, they must recognize Israel as the national home of the Jewish people. It seems quite obvious. The rest of the world recognizes that, but the Palestinians have not. Number two, here's a really obvious one, Brannon. They must cease incitement against Israel and all Jews in their textbooks, media, public statements, television. The Palestinian television is the most horrific Nazi-like stuff you've ever seen, where Sesame Street characters who are being produced in shows in Arabic for Palestinian children are taught to kill the Jews, starting for two-year-olds. And they're taught that in school and it's in the textbooks that's got to stop. Number three, Hamas and the other terror groups must disarm and give up terrorism. All violence must stop. Here's a key one, pay for slave must end. You and I have talked about this in previous shows, Brandon. The Palestinians are paying out over 100 million dollars a year to the families of Palestinians who have either tried to kill Jews or have killed Jews. The best paying job in the West Bank is to blow up a Jew. And if you live and you go to prison, you make more than the people in government. And if you die, your family gets rich, and your children grow up rich, and they buy you a new house. It seems kind of insane, but they must stop it. And if that all happens. I will tell you what the Palestinians will get. Are you ready?

Brannon Howse: Ready.

Barry Nussbaum: They will get a state which includes almost all of the West Bank, all of Gaza, and Israel will give them land in the Negev along the Egyptian border for manufacturing centers, trade, and so on. In other words, no Palestinians move, and they get extra land to make up for the Jewish settlements. Number two, they get their capital in Jerusalem, which is what they've said they wanted all along. And the United States will recognize that and build an embassy there. Number three here's a wild one, which I've researched it, and it seems possible. There's all this talk about the fact you can't have a country, Palestine, where Gaza and the West Bank are separated. There will be tunnels, bridges, and roads to connect the two territories. And engineers around the world have said, yes, it's absolutely possible it could be done in a few years. Here's the big news. 50 billion, that's billion with a B, will be given in economic development funds to create factories, jobs, farming, high tech tourism, hotels, ports, et cetera. They will create an economic powerhouse within a couple of years. Massive employment where now there's massive unemployment. No more refugee camps. All citizenship for all Palestinians. And what happens? You have two countries next to each other, economically viable, and politically viable.


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