The world is at war. Many date the start of that war to 9/11/01. The countries of the world that are not governed under sharia are under constant attack. Every single week new terror somewhere in western civilization takes place, causing death, and panic in the great cities of the world. Motivated through local mosques, the internet, and various terror cells, Islamic jihadists are working daily to destroy western society and replace it with a worldwide caliphate. While the western governments make excuses for Islam after each attack, and the media ignores the fact that the war is already in full force, the violence continues and is increasing.

Complete societal changes are taking place to accommodate for these attacks. The new normal is here! Our mission is to educate and inform about the magnitude of this growing threat.
The war against the freedoms and guarantees of our unique and so treasured American constitution has come to America’s shores. Ignoring or minimizing this threat has allowed the cancer of radical Islam to take hold throughout the American homeland. Attacks are taking place across America by murderers committed to the cause of raising the flag of the caliphate over the White House. Often inspired by radical anti-American sermons in their local American mosque, home grown jihadists are causing terror from coast to coast. Law enforcement for the most part has been instructed to respond to homegrown terrorism as if they were traditional criminal acts. Without an educated public and an empowered law enforcement community, in the near future no Americans will be 100% safe anywhere in our country.
Israel is the sole democracy in the Middle East. Not only are they American’s only ally in the entire Middle East region, they are on the front line of defending freedom in the world against the war raged by radical Islam. Every home-grown terror attack in the United States is descended from a similar attack in Israel where the government works 24/7 to defend its people against those sworn to destroy the Jewish state.

The U.S.-Israel relationship is built on an unshakable commitment to shared values and interests. America and Israel are sister democracies dedicated to the rule of law, human rights, and freedoms of speech and religion.

The United States has a long-standing policy which declares that Israel’s survival and security are important to its own national interests. The cooperation and close alliance between the U.S. and Israel must be protected and encouraged.

As part of the strategic partnership, America provides Israel with security assistance so that it can defend itself against perpetual security threats. In turn, Israel works with the U.S. government sharing technologies and techniques that greatly benefit both nations in the realms of defense technology, homeland security, counterterrorism and cybersecurity.
The United States has shifted its emphasis over the past eight years from an ironclad alliance with Israel, and a label on Iran as the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, to an encouragement of rapprochement with the world’s leading terror state.

The U.S. has given Iran $150billion+, and guaranteed their pathway to nuclear weapons, while practically abandoning the more moderate Arab states who no longer feel America will stand with them against terrorism. The Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) is the single worst foreign policy agreement ever made by the United States. It was forced on an America public and Congress who were in strong opposition to its implementation. President Obama abandoned American interests while emboldening the radicals in Iran who daily work to destroy freedom throughout the world. While President Trump called the Iran nuclear deal the worst in the history of American foreign policy, his pre-election promise to tear up the deal on his first day in office has not been fulfilled. As Iran continues to continually flaunt their violation of the U.N. and the JCPOA agreements by testing long range ballistic missiles, and antagonizing American warships, so far there has been no consequence for their belligerence. New cooperative agreements with the moderate Arab states and a possible new series of alliances in the fight against ISIS are on the near horizon.
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