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The Secret to The Success of The Trump Peace Plan!


Jermain Botsio: Barry, what is wrong with these people? Do you think this peace deal will go through?

Barry Nussbaum: If Saudi Arabia really steps up as the grandfather of the wealth in the Middle East and Egypt stands up as the most populated country in the Middle East, if those two countries get on board like it's been leaked that they're going to we may have peace for the first time in my lifetime, and in your lifetime. But I'll tell you something when it strikes close to home, it's really hurtful. A nice young man that my son went to school with in California, he moved to Israel, he joined the army, and is in intensive care. An Arab terrorist attacked him in Jerusalem. It's very common. It's very common because these people have no hope for the future. They have no hope for a decent job. They are promised a huge income for trying to kill somebody. Sadly, they've been going to school since four years old, and you've seen Sesame Street, where the characters kill Jews, and in kindergarten, there are plays where you dress up as a suicide bomber and the little boys and little girls in third grade are dressed up like jihadi warriors to kill the Jews. By the time you're an adult man, that's in your blood. And the U.N. has sanctioned these educational programs, has paid for the books, and doesn't do anything about it. That's part of Trump's plan. Stop promoting terrorism. Publicly renounce murder. Publicly renounce terrorism. Now, you and I, as intelligent American adults think, well, jeez, that's not controversial. That should be a no brainer. Guess what? It's rejected. Even the simple thought of saying, OK, there is a country of Israel, and we're not going to destroy it next week. I mean, doesn't that seem sort of normal to say? They can't get agreement even on that? So it might be, and this may be a little controversial for me to say on air, that the other countries in the Middle East plus Israel, plus, the United States may have to institute the plan and say whether you're buying into it or not if you want the money, renounce terrorism. If you want the money, then throw the books in the trash can. No more killing Jews on television shows and no more killing Jews in Sesame Street shows. No more billboards saying kill a Jew and get rich. No more pay for slay, and then the money will roll in. And at a certain point when there's enough money there and enough jobs there where Palestinians are making a good living, able to raise their children in peace, they will reject violence because that's no future. Look, I'm sure you've heard of the company SodaStream, right?

Jermain Botsio: Oh, yeah.

Barry Nussbaum: They make the bubbly water, right? It just got bought for several billion dollars by Coca-Cola. And the company used to have a factory in the West Bank. The Arabs made the same amount of money as the Jews. Very highly paid jobs. SodaStream has been boycotted around the world. Because it's Israeli owned now, it's owned by Coke. The Arabs lost their jobs when the factory had to be moved. They were so angry they were making more than anybody in the West Bank because the Palestinian Authority didn't want Jews to do well, and they certainly didn't want the narrative that if you do business with Jews, you'll have a decent life. Whereas when you're in Israel, and I've spent a lot of time there, Arabs and Jews live peacefully together. And they shop together, go to food stores together, and trade together, and they go to the same supermarkets, and they serve in the army and the Air Force and the Navy and the police and the government. It's the only country in the world like that. And if you're gay, you won't be killed. If you're in Gaza, it's the death penalty if you're gay, not a joke. It's the death penalty. They throw you off a building and let you die in the square. So the other people that might be tempted to turn gay make another choice. It's a horrific lifestyle, and they still have stoning to death. And if your viewers don't know what it is, it's in the Bible. They bury you up to your head. Just your head is sticking out. And they come by and drop rocks on your head until you concuss and bleed out in the sand. And that's one of the penalties for adultery. Adultery is getting raped by a man that you can't prove raped you. So they kill you as the victim. It's horrible. It's horrible, it's horrible, and yet that's the society that they are proclaiming as superior to Judaism, And, of course, Christianity.


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