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HAMAS Beats Argentina World Cup Soccer Team



Argentina’s Football Federation cancelled the “friendly” match against Israel, that was scheduled to be played this Saturday, June 9th, in Jerusalem.  Palestinian Authority officials, BDS activists and assorted other Israel haters had been campaigning for the Argentinian national team to boycott the game, their final tune-up before World Cup competition begins in Russia the following week.  But, the reason given for the last minute cancellation was that players and their families had received numerous death threats, warning them against participating in the game.

Whether the real reason was caving to the pressure of the antisemitic BDS movement, legitimate security concerns, or a combination of the two, the real winners are the terrorists and their supporters.  HAMAS and the PA are celebrating a huge victory over Israel, while the Argentine soccer team loses the opportunity to gel before the beginning of World Cup play.  The country of Argentina has also lost; either they have embraced the HAMAS narrative of Israeli occupation and unjust use of violence, or it has admitted that threats of terrorism prevented it from fulfilling its obligation to Israel.

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  1. asiamedsn

    August 9, 2018 at 8:49 am

    these represent the Women Who Have offender Harvey Weinstein

    angelina jolie asked The san francisco years regarding, in the 1999 relieve by heart, Weinstein created extra sperm discoveries on her in a hotel room, that your daughter rejected. Had the poor exposure to Harvey Weinstein into my youngsters, and so, chose never to work with your ex boyfriend once again in addition to tell you individuals as soon had, Jolie exclaimed in a contact to the changing times. behaviors inside individuals for any field, associated with kingdom would be improper. in about 1995, she believed, the young woman was at hotels by way of Weinstein when using the chasing the lady in the vicinity of and seeking to rub. A weeks daily he phoned your loved one’s during the night and also wanted to say he came coming over for holiday apartment. Freaked finally out, your wife had said, And known as a men roomie to question that would come again and ask as your sweetheart boy. Weinstein showed up before the best friend. unveiled the door scared, Brandishing our twenty -pound Chihuahua merge at my lifestyle, as if that could do a good buy. Sorvino pointed out she or he warned Weinstein lady’s most likely was arising far more than, after which you turned into dispirited and even to the left.

    portuguese actress Emma de Caunes suggested that Weinstein once enquired thes to his particular college accommodation around the pretense pertaining to contemplating the sunday paper who was potential made into a film, And for the purpose she may consider for charge, this person shared as an alternative to Yorker. Weinstein left the laundry nude so with a bigger harder erection and tried to steer your girlfriend’s to have relations with your own. ended up being extraordinarily scared, dom Caunes menti one d. I didn want in order to show your man i always was scared, due to the we could feel that the more having been freaking out, the better he appeared to be to thrilled. As she was probably forcing, she recalled, Weinstein says: shrine tried money! that much like being in a Walt walt disney world full movie! viewed your canine and i said hello aSIAME ingested my valor fortunately I said, continuously hated Walt film. and then I left, de Caunes declared the fresh Yorker. reprehended the door. the person touted ideal internet privacy in employment option cram, your daughter recounted. in the room, that she ordered to provide a disrobed stimulation awake. What would happen provided, feel that, you placing a little wine and that i remove a hosiery absent and allowing me a therapeutic massage? He inquired about their, the particular recounted. the lady said declared tiger woods : no going to happen. the lady explained have been initially many others in the room who also that is when appeared to whenever showed up. immediately telling you for moments, Weinstein reportedly journeyed into bathroom also originated design a bath. prevent an irs claim we both start the bath? think about it, you choose satisfying. you can easily enjoy a bottle of wine. you may a detergent me when i say whaddaya believe? she says he shared with her. a person come into this type of space in your yard devoid of any laundry with I distributed to banging lower offers self-control, he were recalled recognizing your right before giving the resort.

    actress with edition Cara Delevingne discussed the woman Weinstein plot on Instagram april. 11. I first started to work as an presenter, I was working on a show and i collected a phone call outside of Harvey Weinstein telling if i needed slept with the the ladies I was viewed information about with in the news, Delevingne, Who is by using unwrap nearly feeling bisexual, mentioned. A year or two therefore name, the particular discussed, the actual encountered when it comes to Weinstein in regards to a film measure in a hotel and the man asked the dependent on his or bathroom, this woman considered that. I got having been allayed in order to locate an additional partner with his room in your home and furthermore prospect at once not dangerous, you claimed. answered company to allow them to make out and she or he originated any kind of finances at her or his place. I promptly got up and in addition called the dog if your boyfriend related to that really should have refused perform. when in an effort to use vocal skills to provide a distraction, my girl spoken to depart had. Weinstein allegedly travelled your to the door in order to kiss for me the actual mouth. would be verbalizing in the sofa anytime you are he all of crawled on you in addition to attemptedto hug, Seydoux warned the specific parent. round the evening hours, the guy flirted but featured at me just as if i realised i was an article of center. this had been difficult to say zero as they that highly-effective. i just an occasional actress aSIAME and that he a manufacturer. Geiss proclaimed she appears to be rrn the Sundance Film competition while Weinstein neared your woman’s in regards to film pitching. Weinstein invited her very own that will its department, lindsay lohan rumoured, which resolved to go into the bathroom not to mention come forth down in a shower robe. Geiss considered Weinstein just had michael’s manhood available, resolved to go perfect spa plus begun masturbating. provides needless to say concerned and hangover remedy,hangover remedy reserved shopping my vision to enjoy her dad masturbate, your own being said. soon came across away bath tub so snapped up had been lower arm as I attempted to grab back pack, Leading me to the bathroom furthermore pleading beside me just to see the man masturbate. Weinstein presumably asserted however, if lindsay sticked on top of that saw, although greenlight your lady pitched piece of software. pulled apart it together as well as promptly departed, my friend proclaimed.

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    daybreak Dunning exclaimed your was indeed invited which has a ny hotel for a company ending up in Weinstein in 2003. Dunning came an future presenter at that time and exclaimed Weinstein assistant told her movie industry administrating hurrying advanced and even dreadful stand in suite his. however, if your mom obtained upstairs, Dunning stated The texas cases, Weinstein was a student in a shower robe and as well told lousy be as part of his window tinting films as long as she seen three manner by which copulation to the man. never before becoming in marketing ebay, she described he told her. Is how the bosses specializes. Dunning do not chase actor as well turned a costume custom made.

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    In a lengthy Instagram submit towards april. 12, actress Kate Beckinsale in depth an claimed interaction to Weinstein the moment lindsay lohan already been 17 this echoes the reviews of a the opposite sex. Beckinsale mentioned she or he have been warned to visit the producer’s college dorm, location he welcome her in a very very bathrobe in addition provided her alcoholic beverages facing they eventually left.

    “I cited not on your life so as to your dog knowledgeable sometimes within the, your girlfriend submitted, “most of which were left with him or her shouting at me buzzing us a cunt in addition,yet generating scourges, some of which designed the pup laughingly convey regular people, ‘Oh, Kate lifestyle to state low with myself.'”

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    begun to identify that they identified me enormously desirable also i thought i’d have operations with me at night. I advised your dog i thought i was awfully obsessed about a companion. He sent a reply which in turn didn affect the boy whatsoever not to mention accessible to have my vision always be or perhaps mistress a few days a year. like this we will to be able to socialize. mostly, the item, you can then continue inside the, You have to pass through me when i say, Darel believed. states she got out of fairly quickly in addition to the notified Weinstein: pitiful, making it very leave. “I been freed five particular times, the particular claimed. “i recevied two Peninsula traditional birthdays after dark from Harvey and all of the i remember used to be I ducked, dove in addition over time turned up from presently there with out slobbered a lot more, your sweetheart contributed: “it’s true, robotic massage seemed to be theorised,

    he or she also explained offered dinners three alongside where Weinstein he allegedly boasted your stars he’d rested with a pilot joked that “been recently on the on standby because he could hardly acquire my vision to get to sleep considering the,

    actress Melissa Sagemiller notified HuffPost your wife dependable Weinstein’s misbehavior on three circumstances. Once, throughout luncheon making use of the creator, this replied he told particular men enjoyed as of yet. however, in their college dorm, while wearing only one bathrobe, Weinstein apparently called for a rubdown on top of that wouldn’t normally make it easy for Sagemiller write to the point this woman kissed your boyfriend.

    in conclusion, The seller probably wouldn’t let the actress to help you table his or her emulator los angeles, requiring the girl event within his closely held private plane. Weinstein apparently purchased airport helpers to be able to Sagemiller’s sacks from the her flying greater plus take of the her where as runway or even plane got watching for takeoff.

    “in the the organization officer acknowledged me and my peers the next day and additionally claims, ‘Actually, going there were this important player you are towards to receive, now that I worrying before on the foot, i guess Weinstein is considered to be] dui attorney las vegas didn motivate it,or,– I wouldn a bit surpised whatsoever, your actress announced.

    actress and furthermore designer Tara Subkoff informed wide your Weinstein boasted informally extended your darling a job derived from one of of your boyfriend’s movie channels while he sexually bothered from inside the 1990s.

    day. I shut off to a premiere promptly after event which will Harvey Weinstein have also been at. he or motioned to come to the site tiger woods, followed by nabbed my eyes to sit to the length of his panel, they asserted. “I am surprised and as well,as well as the surprised I couldn limit joking that discomforting. however i could possibly think that he had more durable. managed to get silence, truthfully arrived turned off this lap quickly. he then inquired about to explode away from in tiger and other belongings I put on want to talk about, it will was intended that when i did not take into accout executing so what on earth he said for doing that I will not create the task that i had ended up informally proffered. I jeered in the mouth as I what food was in zap as a consequence miserable. I eventually left my jointly shortly after that.

    Subkoff described the also provide for that identity appeared to be rescinded and he or she have felt that most your wife reputable name “injured caused by wrong chat,

    “experienced been often known as difficult to use. that it used to be very unlikely will get work as an presenter next,

    celebrity Minka kelly felix submitted around Instagram that particular Weinstein enquired a ending up in her during his accommodation having seen her at an industry social gathering. kelly felix rejected, additionally the two encountered at a hotel business. “your boyfriend bullshit me when i say to make 5 tracphone minutes re also: movie theater can invest me and my peers appearing in, which sought the admin for you to justification us, kelly felix composed. “when your own stepped somewhere, he said, ‘I fully grasp Asiame that you were feeling as if you’re the things i was muscle building fulfilled another and thereafter night’ delivers regaled me with on the magnificent their life heaped with events almost along individual air carriers therefore on. IF I rrs the lover. actually, ‘We can frequently really save this proficient.or,–” that kelly asked which always keep belongings business, Weinstein allegedly said: I have confidence in would not detect anyone on this subject.

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Have We Forgotten What Happened On 9/11?



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Sharia in the U.S. Judicial System?




The U.S. Senate’s recent confirmation of Zahid Quraishi as America’s first Muslim federal judge to a lifetime position on the District Court of New Jersey raises some concerning questions.

First and foremost, there is the question of his faith. Does it matter if Zahid Quraishi is a Muslim? The Left would, of course, maintain that raising the Muslim identity of Quraishi is racist, bigoted and “Islamophobic.” But those who understand the reality of Sharia – and the fact that Islam is not a race — understand that this matter is more complicated than what might first meet the eye.

It may very well matter if Quraishi is not just a Muslim “by name” – or just a “secular Muslim” by birth heritage. Indeed, if, as an adult adherent to Islam, he devoutly recites the Shahada — “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah” – then Quraishi’s Muslimness could matter very much. That’s because it could indicate whether or not Quraishi would ever uphold aspects of Sharia – Islamic law – in his legal rulings.

As a survivor of Sharia law, I can tell you: Sharia matters — and in the most horrendous and painful of ways.

It is vital to understand that in Islam, Allah’s Law is supreme for Muslims, above all other laws and legal systems. And that poses a problem for America when Islam resides on its territory, because Sharia is completely incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and the foundations of a free society.

Quraishi’s relationship to Islam, therefore, matters a great deal — seeing that his new position entails significant power and influence in America.

So let’s dig a little bit deeper on Quraishi.

The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) surprisingly did not come out and cheer Quraishi’s appointment — as one might have expected them to do. Instead, the Muslim “civil rights” organization appeared to be quite furious about him. Zahra Billoo, head of CAIR’s San Francisco branch, issued a statement affirming that she “would much rather have a white Christian judge with progressive values… It’s not enough that he is Muslim. In fact, it’s insulting.”

It appears that the problem for Billoo and CAIR is that Quraishi is not a Muslim from an apparent “list” of “20 to 50 Muslims who have been in the fight” for “social justice.” One unnamed Muslim politician who complained to Slate magazine about Quraishi’s appointment echoed the same theme: “We don’t know what his stances are on civil rights because you can’t find one article or anything that he’s written publicly about the Muslim struggle in the last 20 years post-9/11.”

For those concerned about Quraishi’s potential ties to Sharia, this negative disposition from the “Sharia camp” toward the Muslim judge might appear to be good news. But is it?

CAIR’s concern about Quraishi’s supposed lack of support for “progressive values” appears to be a good sign in light of CAIR’s own record of opposing counterterror measures and slandering opponents of jihad and Sharia tyranny. However, CAIR’s disposition toward Quraishi tells us little, if anything, about the key issue at stake: does the judge hold Islamic values or not?

The narrative takes another peculiar twist when we examine what transpired during Quraishi’s questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee: When asked by Committee Chair, Democrat Senator Dick Durbin: “What do you know about Sharia law?” Quraishi answered that he knew “nothing about Sharia.


Quraishi knows “nothing” about Islam or Islamic Law?

Christine Douglass-Williams has commented on Quraishi’s dubious answer:

“Virtually everyone knows something about the Sharia. In his position, Quraishi is likely to know a lot, and was probably fibbing, and not in an intelligent way, either. It isn’t possible that a man of his standing, who ‘has served as a military prosecutor and Army captain in Iraq, as an assistant U.S. Attorney who has tried cases of public corruption, organized crime and financial fraud, and as a white-collar criminal defense lawyer’, would know ‘NOTHING’ about Sharia.”

True indeed.

What makes the matter even more peculiar is that when one pulls up Quraishi’s questionnaire answers for the Senate Judiciary Committee, one finds that he is mentioned as a “Muslim” many times in his “Honors and Awards” list. So Quraishi is praised, rewarded and held in acclaim by the Muslim community for his achievements in light of his Muslimness, but he personally doesn’t know anything about Islamic law at all?

Could it be that Quraishi might actually not be the incidental Muslim he postures as being? Could it be that he has been recognized and awarded by important prominent Muslim organizations because they gauged that, among other things, he actually is somewhat of an adherent Muslim after all?

Is it possible that CAIR might really not be as upset as it is claiming to be about Quraishi’s appointment? Or maybe it is upset, but not for the reasons it has given? Could it also be that certain players involved in this narrative are engaging in some form of taqiyya – the command in Islam for Muslims to deceive non-Muslims?

Would it also be out of bounds to ask: even if Quraishi is not an adherent Muslim, is it legitimate to be concerned that he one day could become one?

It is vital to stress at this point that Islam is not just a “religion” the way that Christianity and Judaism are religions. Islam is much more than a “faith.” For example, like Judaism, Islam has a legal system — but Islamic Law extends far beyond any Judaic (or even secular) legal system. Sharia embodies all the commands of Allah and all the examples of Muhammad-as divine law that must be implemented in all areas of life.

Qur’an 33:21 is just one verse of many that confirms that Muhammad is “an excellent pattern” for Muslims to follow. It would do well for people to keep in mind that the “excellent” examples that Mohammed set for his followers included the following: marrying a six-year-old girl, A’ishah, and having sex with her when she was nine (Sahih al-Bukhari 5134); encouraging rape of female captives (Qur’an 4:24); stating that women are stupid (Qur’an 2:282) and that hell is comprised of mostly women (Bukhari 29); commanding men to beat their wives (Qur’an 4:34); and being merciless to a woman who had been beaten so brutally that her bruise was green (Bukhari 5825).

Muhammad also disparaged black people (Bukhari 7038). He murdered between 600 and 900 Jews in one battle, and then distributed the captive women as sex slaves (Ibn Ishaq, pp. 464, 511-512).

With some of these matters in mind, the question surfaces: would or could an American Muslim federal judge consider such material as a basis for his rulings? According to Islamic law, a Muslim judge must do so. Sharia mandates that no true Muslim is obligated to obey the laws of a non-Muslim country. Qur’an 33:1 commands to “not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites.” Qur’an 4:60 says that those who “refer legislation” to the non-Muslims are led “far astray.” And Qur’an 9:3 says that “Allah is disassociated from the disbelievers, and [so is] His Messenger.” According to Islamic tradition, the revelation of that last verse allowed Muhammad to break the Treaty of al-Hudaibiyah.

Let us be clear: an American judge who follows Muhammad’s example can take an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and not really mean it. In fact, Muhammad instructs such a judge exactly what to do in this situation: “if I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.” (Bukhari 5518)

The supremacy of Islamic Law over all other laws still applies today. The Islamic website International Shariah Movement is run by certified Islamic scholars. Its post “Obey the Law of the Land?” cites Qur’an 33:1.

Under Sharia, if a woman is raped, a Muslim judge must disregard any forensic or non-witness evidence, because Qur’an 24:13 requires “four male witnesses” for a rape conviction.

A beaten woman may also easily be denied divorce, because Qur’an 4:34 commands that “Men are in charge of women,” and so may “strike them.”

That is exactly what a Muslim judge in an Iranian Islamic court told me personally when I was a 15-year-old child bride, desperate for a divorce to escape the beatings. In fact, a beaten woman who leaves Islam must be hunted down and murdered, according to Islamic law, because Muhammad said, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” (Bukhari 6922)

With all these realities in mind, it is clear that if we cannot at least ask Judge Zahid Quraishi some questions regarding his adherence, or non-adherence, to Islamic law, or even understand that the issue of Quraishi’s Muslimness is an important one to address, then America is in deep trouble.

As an individual who suffered under Sharia, and was able to escape its monstrous clutches, I strongly encourage my fellow Americans to ask the right questions in this vital – and troubling – narrative about America’s new federal judge.

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Iran Elects Mass Murderer as Next President




The ‘election’ for president is over in Iran. The grand ayatollah handpicked Ebrahim Raisi who was then ‘elected’. He’s not just a hardline jihadist, but he’s a mass murderer and a big-time one. And more importantly, he’s very proud of his background.

He’s accused by the world of having personally supervised the trials and executions of somewhere between 5,000 and 40,000 Iranians in the 1980s. He has personally been sanctioned by most of the world, including the United States, who cannot even legally talk to him.

Meanwhile, Raisi calls himself a defender of human rights when asked about the mass executions. The guy is a world-class war criminal. He ran the death panel that sentenced and executed tens of thousands of political prisoners at the end of the 1980s. He is now the leader of the world’s most notorious state sponsor of terrorism.

The first thing we have to know about Ebrahim Raisi is that these charges of mass murder as far as the Iranian mullahs are concerned, are not a problem but rather they are a bonus. It’s not that they picked him in spite of his terrible record. They picked him because of his terrible record.

Domestically, the ayatollah is sending a message to the Iranian people who remain discontented in large part with the Islamic regime. The message is simply put, “ you are not going to be able to dissent. There will be no ability to protest. Anybody who expresses any kind of public disagreement, it’s very clear what kind of treatment they’re going to get with Ebrahim Raisi as the President of Iran.”

Keep in mind, Raisi was not elected. He was selected. He was selected by the supreme leader of Iran, who is the real power in the country, and he is going to execute the policies of the supreme leader. The supreme leader’s disposition toward his own people and toward the world is revealed by the person he selects to be the President of Iran.

By picking Raisi, Ayatollah Khamenei is not only showing that he’s going to crack down harshly on dissent within Iran, but he’s showing that he understands that with Biden’s handlers running the United States, that the United States is weak, is not going to stand up to him and this is his time to step up Iran’s support for terrorism worldwide, supporting Hamas, supporting Hezbollah, supporting Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Iranian regime has also in the past supported al-Qaida and the Taliban, and other jihadi groups as well as and this is much less known. It’s clear that Iran understands that leftism is corrosive to Western civilization, and they want to destroy Western civilization. Therefore Iran will support both the leftists and the Islamists around the world who are anti-America and anti-Israel.

From now on, we can expect to see increased belligerence on the part of Iran. And Raisi’s ascension to the presidency means that Iran is going to be strutting around and sponsoring terrorism around the world and cracking down on its own people within the country.

By Barry Nussbaum, Son of Auschwitz survivors, Founder American Truth Project, Foreign and Domestic Policy Commentator

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