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Facebook Bans Imam For Mocking HAMAS


Stating the truth about sharia has gotten many Facebook users’ accounts temporarily blocked, and some permanently deleted.  The social media giant is silencing those who oppose the repressive Islamic laws and the accompanying jihad it mandates, usually by labeling posts critical of the belief system as violations of “community standards”.  Truth is no defense, facts do not matter; honest criticism is no longer acceptable on the media platform.  After years of banning non-Muslim “Islamophobes”, Facebook is now refusing to publish the page of the “Imam of Peace” for mocking the genocidal terror group HAMAS.  They have chosen to silence a moderate Muslim imam, to defend the image of a violent jihadist organization.  If it wasn’t for low and double, what “community standards” would Facebook have?

Read Article at Jihad Watch: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2018/06/imam-banned-from-facebook-for-mocking-hamas-and-peaceful-palestinian-protests



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  1. David Kelder June 8, 2018

    I will search for an alternative to FGacebppk.

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