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ASSASSINATION Attempt On Palestinian PM! PA Blames HAMAS, HAMAS Blames Israel


Ever since the December 10th deadline for the Egyptian brokered “Palestinian Reconciliation” passed without coming to fruition, the two sides have drifted farther apart, with some Arab observers saying the process was almost dead.  Today’s failed assassination attempt of PA PM Rami Hamdallah while visiting Gaza, all but puts the final nail in the coffin of “Palestinian Reconciliation”, with Fatah blaming HAMAS for the attack.  Not only does this make Peace between Gazans and the PA less likely, but it means Israel still has no Peace Partner to negotiate with, being HAMAS represents as many Arabs living in Israel as the PA does.  But as expected, HAMAS is blaming Israel for the assassination attempt.  And hatred of Israel is the only thing that ever truly brings the warring tribes together (even though some of the injured are being treated in an Israeli hospital).



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