HAMAS Chooses Destruction Over Reconstruction
HAMAS Chooses Destruction Over Reconstruction

The United States offered to make significant financial contributions for the rebuilding of Gaza infrastructure and economic development, but HAMAS, [...]

Barry Predicts War in Gaza

Barry Nussbaum and Graham Ledger discuss the increased violence emanating from the HAMAS controlled Gaza Strip, and the rising star, [...]

Burning Israeli Land Is “Freedom Of Expression”

After launching hundreds of rockets and mortars into Israel, HAMAS was pounded from the largest bombing campaign by the Israel [...]

HAMAS Blood Money
Gaza Begs For Terror Funding

As UNRWA is pleading for money to feed, educate and provide medical services for the residents of Gaza, HAMAS, the [...]

PA Bans Pro-Gaza Protest
Palestinian Authority Bans Pro-Gaza Protests

The Egypt brokered HAMAS-Fatah “Reconciliation Deal” signed between the terrorist leaders of Gaza City and Ramallah last October, was in [...]

HAMAS & Hezbollah
Hezbollah & HAMAS Training Together

The Iran backed Shi’ite terror group, that controls Lebanon, is training with the terror group that runs the Gaza Strip. [...]

Kedar, Iran & Gaza
Iranian Blood Money, Palestinian Blood

Dr. Mordechai Kedar is a world renowned scholar of  Arabic, Islam and Middle East issues, served 25 years in the [...]

ZERO Casualties
Israel Hits 65 Targets, Zero Human Casualties

On Tuesday, May 29th over 100 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel, from the HAMAS run Gaza Strip, injuring [...]