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HAMAS Chooses Destruction Over Reconstruction


The United States offered to make significant financial contributions for the rebuilding of Gaza infrastructure and economic development, but HAMAS, the terror group that “governs” the coastal enclave, rejected the offer, choosing instead to continue its armed struggle against Israel.  HAMAS leadership is proving yet again, that it is not interested in the welfare of Gazans, but in the destruction of Israel and terrorizing her citizens.  HAMAS is responsible for any “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza, if it were to simply stop launching rockets and mortars, and cease flying “fire kites” and “balloon bombs” into Israel, more goods would be permitted to enter the Strip.  But HAMAS prefers to fight a war it can’t win, forcing Israelis into bomb shelters night after night and calls for the murder of Jews, then cries to the world about the “criminal” Israeli government.  It is HAMAS’ hatred of Israel that causes the suffering of the average Gazan, allocating foreign aid for terror tunnels and weapons, instead of housing, schools and hospitals. (Not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars HAMAS leaders take for themselves.)

Read article at The Times Of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-says-willing-to-work-with-hamas-if-it-renounces-violence/



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