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Israeli Armor at Gaza Ready to Cross the Border!


Aimee Fuller: So, what we're dealing with today is finding out there's been a second night of violence after Hamas or Israeli forces delivered airstrikes on Hamas targets. President Trump signing this proclamation saying Israel has a sovereign right to the Golan Heights. So, there are all these issues all the time with Israel and who gets what. As we know we are so pleased to have Barry Nussbaum of the American truth project with us to talk about some of the events happening this week. And I know from what he's told me he has been on the phone with some of his sources in Israel today and they are very fearful that that war is close, and they told him a few other things Barry, welcome back to America Trends.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks Aimee. So good to be with you especially in this very important time as news is literally breaking while we were on the air.

Aimee Fuller: Yeah. What did you find out there?

Barry Nussbaum: There is a tremendous amount of armored car armored, corps personnel I should say at the border of Gaza right now amassed at the southern tip of Israel both armored personnel carriers and tank corps preparing to cross the border if necessary. I think Prime Minister Netanyahu who also holds the defense portfolio as defense minister has finally reached the end of his rope. Quite frankly I'm amazed that he had this much patience. Israel has crossed the border from the air in the last 48 hours using mostly helicopters and some jets as well to bomb infrastructure on the Gaza side. But to my great consternation Israel is the only country in the history of the world that calls up the building. They are about to bomb and says you have five minutes get everybody out. We don't want anybody hurt.

Aimee Fuller: Barry can you just say that again? It really is unheard of.

Barry Nussbaum: It's in the history of warfare both modern and ancient Aimee, there's never been a civilization at war who calls up the enemy and says quick evacuate. We're going to blow up your headquarters or we're going to blow up your communications center or we're going to blow up the office of the head of the intelligence service in Gaza. And so, what happens is these people get the phone call on their cell phones. They run away. They usually hide in the hospital or in the nearby schools the building gets blown up and it doesn't deter anything. Can you imagine a world war two if any country participating called the other side and said run away, we're going to blow up your headquarters we're going to blow up your factories, but we don't want anybody hurt? I don't think it would have dissuaded more violence. And what Israel is finding after months and months of kite bombs crossing the border, of firebombs, of mortar shells, of long range, and medium range rockets flying out of Gaza and the latest one flew, get this north of Tel Aviv hit a house with seven people in it all of whom were injured and thank God nobody was killed. It's a tremendous escalation and what Israel does in response is get on the phone says get out of the buildings. We're going to retaliate. And then they blow up empty buildings. Literally, that's how Israel responds. And to no one's great surprise it doesn't defer more violence.

Aimee Fuller: Talking to Barry Nussbaum of The American Truth Project. That's the AmericanTruthProject.org and Barry so we've had two nights of violence and the people you're talking to there. This could go on for days and days perhaps weeks. Is that what you're hearing on the ground.

Barry Nussbaum: Well there's the additional impetus by the present government of Israel to be more strong and forceful in their response. Because it's election season and southern Israel is infuriated with their own government for being nice. In other words, to tell the residents of southern Israel we'll just live in a bomb shelter and hope you don't get killed from the next missile, instead of going out and wiping out the people that are sending the missiles over the fences. I was just there last year and the proximity from Gaza to the surrounding communities in Israel is well like a three wood. It's really close. And what happens is if you've got three to four seconds to get a bomb shelter before your house blows up chances are if it's a direct hit, you're not going to make it. The Israelis in the south of Israel are fed up. They're urging their government to do something about it. And something about it doesn't include blowing up empty buildings. That's why for the first time in many years there is a mass of armor at the fence right now. And we know some people in some of those units that are waiting to get the order to cross the border or not stand by. It could come at any moment or it might be called off entirely. We just don't know.

Aimee Fuller: Well yeah, because if I recall over the weekend wasn't there a cease fire going on?

Barry Nussbaum: Well what happens is Hamas always starts it with missiles. They blow up a house kill some people start fields on fire infiltrate through tunnels. Israel strikes back and then Hamas does what they always do after a few buildings are blown up. They contact the Egyptians who say cease fire cease fire cease fire. Israel stopped attacking within hours and other 50 or 60 missiles were launched. And so, Israel bombed more buildings. As of right now as we speak tonight, it's quit. Whether it will be tomorrow, I don't know. There's a lot of troops at the border right now Aimee. The next missile I think is going to cause an invasion.


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