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Iran Attacks American, Is War Coming?


Aimee Fuller: Welcome back to America Trends, I'm Aimee Fuller. Iran has been taunting countries around the world for, well for years, but for the past few weeks especially. Doing some tit for tat with the United States of America, promising to enrich and make bombs that surpass what they're supposed to be doing regarding how much uranium enrichment they can be doing. In the past 24 hours, they allegedly tried to grab a British oil tanker. At least one. And Tehran is denying that right now. But we are so pleased to welcome back Barry Nussbaum of the American Truth Project, who keeps us up to date on so many of these things. Barry welcome back.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks, Aimee. Great to be with you, as usual.

Aimee Fuller: Founder of the American Truth Project and Barry how can people find you? Let's talk about that and then get back to Iran.

Barry Nussbaum: Super simple FindBarry.com jumps you right to AmericanTruthProject.org. People don't have to worry about spelling all those words FindBarry.com and you'll go to our Web site. You can sign up for free. You'll get all of our mailings that come out two to three times a week. It's always free. We never charge. And we're spreading the truth about how to protect America.

Aimee Fuller: Really appreciate your site. It is interesting to go to. Barry, what happened with this British oil tanker? What do we know for sure? And what are people alleging?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, what we know for sure is several weeks ago, an Iranian oil tanker was bound for Syria with what is a violation of the U.N. embargo on the exportation of petroleum products out of Iran. This is the U.N. now and member states that patrol in that area are obligated to enforce that embargo. The British commandos grabbed the tanker and impounded it. And Iran threatened to declare war on Britain over it. Instead of declaring war yesterday, late yesterday, apparently they tried with their commandos, a bunch of gunships surrounded a British tanker and tried to seize it on the high seas in the I believe it was the Strait of Hormuz. Right at the straits where it which is the narrow choke point where the Persian Gulf empties out in the south. And a British destroyer was following the tanker, pointed their guns at the gunboats, said back off and the gunboats ran away. So, Iran is certainly completely not backing down. These are all warlike moves, tantamount to a declaration of war. And every week it's getting worse. It's getting scary and the guns are out.


Aimee Fuller: So, what's going to be happening, Barry? I know that President Trump and our military have made their stand. Do you think the U.K. and obviously the USA are chatting about what should we be doing about this? There's got to be some diplomatic negotiations going on and how we both can handle them or is everyone just trying to stiffen their spine right now and get Iran to back off? And this guy. I mean, Iran it seems like every couple days is a new way. They're trying to, quote, jump bad with us.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, you're 100 percent right. It's literally half a dozen different war-like, if not war-ish actions. Keep in mind, they had their proxy Houthi rebel army fire missiles into the commercial airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They've blown up a couple of oil processing plants in Saudi Arabia. They shot down an American drone. They have literally buzzed our ships and our planes. And now they've gone after a British tanker. They have said they will declare war on the United States and Great Britain. They are not backing down. What's really curious as of this point, Aimee, is all of these actions I told you, if they were done against, say Russian shipping or Chinese shipping, Tehran would be in flames already. These moves by Iran are so blatantly war- like and in violation of international law. The restraint the United States is showing under President Trump is extraordinary. And after the drone was shot down, the story out of the White House, according to Trump, is they were within seconds of launching a huge retaliatory military strike on Iran. Don't forget, it's not in dispute that Iran shot down our hundred plus million-dollar drone. They're bragging about it.

Aimee Fuller: And this was about two weeks ago, right Barry? Just another thing they did.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah. I mean, if this was it, they shot down a Russian plane. You wouldn't recognize Tehran already. I think Trump's restraint has been like I said, something that nobody expected. He is being very, very cautious. And as of now, has said that the response will be tighter and tighter and tighter sanctions. Meanwhile, get this in the last couple of days the IAEA, which is the International Atomic Energy Agency for inspections of the U.N., has found nuclear material in a warehouse that Israel had uncovered when they raided that warehouse in Tehran a year and a half ago. So, the evidence is mounting, and Iran is literally saying, as you said earlier, they are going to enrich uranium until they make bombs. And it's not a secret. So, they've got a hundred and fifty billion dollars out of Barack Obama in exchange for not doing anything but promising a bunch of stuff and they breached the promises. They'd been building ballistic missiles, they'd been enhancing uranium, and now they said the deal's off. They're going to do whatever they want and don't count on them returning that money.

Aimee Fuller: Yeah. And all eyes around the world are on this because the Strait of Hormuz is very critical. It's a shipping channel between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, the area where several high-profile events that we've been talking about have happened in the past few weeks. It's where oil goes through. It means gasoline. So, world leaders looking at it. If you at home are wondering what do we care about Iran? Well, a million reasons, really, but also gas prices, etc. and our access to it. And just general, hey, they might be trying to nuke people. So, what else? Barry, there there's so much news coming out of Iran. And I know you're following all of it. I can see it on your site and on your social media posts.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah. The sanctions that that Trump and the Treasury Department under minutia have put in place are the strongest in world history. And according to tweets from the White House in the last few days, they're going to ratchet those up even stronger. At some point, and nobody knows what that point is Aimee, Iran becomes one hundred percent commercially and economically isolated from the world.

Aimee Fuller: And when that happens, you're going to see a catastrophic change from within that country.


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