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Trump’s Success in London Not Reported in U.S.!


Aimee Fuller: The California Democratic Party convention debating the we hate Israel plank written by an Arab Islamic. I don't think that the mainstream media picked up on this Barry, so why not just give us a little bit of information on it.

Barry Nussbaum: Well as you know Aimee the great percentage of the Democratic Party has lurched so far left, it's almost unrecognizable. I read the other day that. Normal Democrats today would consider John Kennedy, who is generally acknowledges the most popular Democratic president, they'd consider him a Republican today. The progressive left wing has gotten so far left that they literally had a half a dozen planks in the Democratic state platform to send to the national platform about how bad Israel is, how discriminatory there was, what I'm going to tell you is just outrageous Aimee. There was a plank that was going to blame the Pittsburgh shooting on anti-Semitism, get this caused by Israel and Donald Trump. Now, never mind the fact that the shooter hated Trump, was a white supremacist, and hated Jews. The plank was Israel caused it.

Aimee Fuller:  You can't make this, can you?

Barry Nussbaum: It's like Mad magazine. You know and you're thinking Barry is making this up. No viewers, viewers of this show please google it. It's really there. That is what they wanted.

Aimee Fuller: You think they're reading an article from The Onion or something.

Barry Nussbaum: It it's satirical like it's Saturday Night Live. Thank goodness it was defeated and the people that wrote it most of whom had Arab names were furious that their party would not see fit to blame a massacre of Jews on, get this, Jews.

Aimee Fuller: So, Barry, to the normal person and what it was a plank and what does it mean and what happens now?

Barry Nussbaum: Well you know it's the guiding political force of the party in California. All the progressives were there Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker, and Mayor Buttigieg and so on, all condemning Trump condemning capitalism, advocating for social programs and socialism, and you see the result of their programs walk down the street in San Francisco or Los Angeles and you're stepping in it. That's what they want nationwide. And we'll see what happens as the plank moves to the Democratic convention coming up soon.

Aimee Fuller: But real quick, going back to the London thing. Barry, you and I were chatting during the break about how fair and neutral the British press which is sometimes they're very hyperbolic. You know, they've got all these fancy headlines and they shout their headline. It's almost like the National Enquirer sometimes they're sort of known for that some of the biggest publications. But they've been pretty fair to President Trump. Perhaps even more fair than the United States of America mainstream media.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah that's a really good point. Aimee. If you read the British press and compare it article by article, subject by subject, with the American press you would swear you're talking about a different year and a different trip. BBC, The Times, the major news sources coming out of London, are all fairly complimentary of Trump's visit of his support for the royal family, of his support for Brexit, of his support for a stronger trade alliance between the UK and the United States. He got props for causing NATO to come up with more money. Remember that threat last year which paid off handsomely for the United States in terms of contributions. And yet you read the mainstream media and you would think people were literally in the streets shooting at our president. It is so different as if to say it's a different story from a different time and yet it isn't. And as Trump often says don't believe, it's fake news. You need to check other sources because it seems, as best as I can tell, Trump did a wonderful job in in London and later up north. and he is commemorating D-Day and doing so to great support for American troops both now and then they gave their lives to protect us from the Nazi hordes during World War 2. So well done for the president and apparently well-received in the UK notwithstanding the American press saying it was a horrible failure.

Aimee Fuller: Indeed, as you say under these darts from the mainstream press in America. He and Melania going there, and you know some of those headlines were made up before he even landed there. Melania would be on the cover of every magazine in America especially the fashion ones Barry, if she were a Democrat, I mean c'mon.

Barry Nussbaum: No question no question. She's a classy lady. People make fun of her she speaks more languages than ninety-nine-point nine nine percent of the American population and they think she's stupid. Oh, my goodness.

Aimee Fuller: Yeah it says more about them than her. So, we did have a victory in federal court. A federal court that allowed President Trump, you can't take money from here and put it toward the border wall. And so, he's trying to keep us safe. We had one of the worst months for an influx of illegals and the month of May than we've had in some 12 years. So, you know he's telling Mexico we're going to put tariffs on you unless you try to stop some of this migration up here. It's a security crisis. And moreover, the whole world can agree it's a humanitarian crisis. We can't process all the people it's standing room only children can't even lie down.

Barry Nussbaum: I liken this to what I mentioned a minute ago Aimee, when Trump threatened NATO saying do what you're supposed to do or we're pulling out. Everyone thought oh my gosh he's insane. The sky is falling. NATO will collapse. Instead what they did was you're right. And some of them have quadrupled their contribution to their own defense. He's doing the same thing with Mexico Aimee. It's a felony to enter Mexico illegally. They used to lock people up for ever for doing it and now they're waving their laws and giving them safe transit to the United States southern border. All Mexico has to do Aimee, is make a decision we're going to close our southern border. And this crisis stops, Trump wins again.

Aimee Fuller: Barry, you're right. Don't discount the art of the deal. Barry Nussbaum with the American Truth Project can't thank you enough. We'll see you next time.


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