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Barry Explains Why Iran Wants War of Armageddon!


Aimee Fuller: Barry Nussbaum is with the American Truth Project. He has a high profile when it comes to world affairs and talking about things like these and a connection with Israel. Barry, I'd like to brag on you a little bit. First, let's talk about your connection with Israel if we could.


Barry Nussbaum: Well, I as you mentioned, my connections there run deep for my goodness, twenty-five years in both military intelligence, political sources with the anti-terrorism educational school, which actually is attended now by our daughter. So, I have constant interaction with Israel on a daily basis. And as I often say, Israel is the canary in the coal mine because they're on the front lines in defense of freedom in an area where there isn't any freedom outside of the state of Israel. And unfortunately for Israel, when Iran tweets or does a press release, death to America and death to Israel, basically start out and end every communication. And Iran has been very, very, very clear that they intend to unleash their terrifying secret weapons against Israel and destroy their country within 20 seconds. That's directly from both the President Rouhani in Iran and the supreme dictator Khamenei. They're both saying the same thing. And at the later part of that sentence and, oh, by the way, we're going to destroy the United States as well. So, look, you never know what someone is capable of doing until they do it. But as many great philosophical political leaders over the years have said, if someone says they're coming to kill you, believe them. And that goes all the way back to the Bible. In the Bible, it said, if your enemy is coming to kill you, rise up and slay them first. You don't wait to lose half your family. That's the big question that's facing us right now. You know, before the break, we were talking about sanctions and quite frankly, the worst of those sanctions have yet to come. I think it's going to have to do with the Bank of International Settlements, which is going to cut off Iran's international currency exchanges, which means they can't trade with anybody in the world. And then they're going to have a tough choice because the very wealthy and powerful are the IRGC, the Army Special Guard Corps in Iran. They control all the wealth, they control the businesses, and they surround and protect the leaders. The people in the streets are hungry. They're mad. They don't want war. They want to be associated with the West. They've had it with radical Islam. At least the Shia insane version that's being propagated by the supreme leader. They want to be part of the rest of the world. Netanyahu talked about it all the time, that Israel's beef is not with the people of Iran. It's with the leadership of Iran. So, will there be a revolution? Some scholars in Israel say that will happen. Meaning they'll overthrow their leadership, which would be great. Some people say the United States, the CIA and our proxies should be able to help that resolution and bring it into the 21st century of civilization. And the third alternative, obviously, is there is some sort of armed conflict and we literally bomb the Iranian navy out of existence or destroy their air force. It could happen in a matter of hours and there would be nothing left for them to export terror other than the billions and billions that are left over from Obama's legacy that they've exported all over the world. There's no secret. And they brag about it, that they spent that money that Obama gave them on terror. They didn't spend it on their people. They didn't spend it on infrastructure. They didn't take care of the people at home. They're exporting terror on a regular basis and enhancing uranium.


Aimee Fuller: And yes, as you say, Iran hate people of the book, Israel, the United States of America. And this posturing, the threats they've made, because the sanctions are really, you know, they're hurting them, obviously. How much of the posturing do you think is real? I mean, how well off do you think they are when it comes to this Iranian enrichment?


Barry Nussbaum: Well, I had a very interesting conversation some years ago with someone I can't name, but he was very high up in the CIA. And what he said to me was that the reason the CIA is so worried about Iran is they have a unique view of Islam. They are apocryphal in their belief system, meaning if they start a war and they die in that war, they go directly into paradise and they don't go into the sort of holding pattern on the way to heaven. And they believe that they will bring about the messiah returning, which is sort of the descendant of Mohammed, to come back and create the caliphate over the world.


Aimee Fuller: Right. Make no doubt about this. This this this fight, this tension goes back to Old Testament times.


Barry Nussbaum: Oh, they believe if they can bring about Armageddon, this is literally what they believe Aimee, this is what was explained to me that they will be part of the ruler I guess you'd call it the empire of the world under the Koran and the word of Mohammed and the caliphate flags will fly around the world. So, they're not afraid of death. They're not afraid of dying. They want to be martyrs. It's automatic virgins and automatic entry into paradise. And that's what worries our intelligence. Because if you are anxious to die, it kind of reminds me of the suicide bombers coming out of Japan in World War 2. They took off knowing they weren't coming back.


Aimee Fuller: It's a commitment like no other.


Barry Nussbaum: Exactly. And how do you stop that? The only way and the American battleships and aircraft carriers knew this Aimee in World War 2. They had to shoot down and kill the pilots. There was no other way to stop them. They were the divine wind, right? They were the kamikaze. And their purpose was to die for the emperor. Well, there are people in Iran that believe that, and they have millions of followers. And if they have the ability and the mechanism to inflict that kind of pain on the west what I was told was we expect it will happen. So, at some point, either there's a government change from external or internal factors or a combination of the two, or they just wake up and say, enough is enough we've had it. I don't feel comfortable that that's going to happen. Look, these sanctions have been in place for a long time and Trump has ratcheted them up to the moon. And what did they do? They attacked a British tanker and were going to seize it with gunboats. I mean, that is so brazen, so outrageous. Like I said, if it happened to any other country right now, there would be bombs falling in the capital.


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