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PA Tells Nikki Haley to “SHUT UP!”


The fork tongued spokesman of the PLO says they are open to negotiations about a two-state solution, as long as the destruction of Israel is a precondition for entering them.  Their demands are a state based on “1967 borders”, with “East Jerusalem” as its capital AND the “Right of Return” for millions of “Palestinian refugees”.  A “Palestinian State” based on those parameters would ensure the destruction of Israel both geographically and demographically.  Israel defeated the occupying Jordanians in a defensive war in 1967, liberating Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, why do Palestinians act as if they can dictate the terms of negotiations from a position of strength?  Did thousands of Jews give their lives defending their ancestral homeland so foreign politicians could create a 57th Muslim majority country?  It is time Israel reminded the world that she won the war, and will dictate the terms of Peace, not be dictated to.

Read Article at The Times of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/erekat-slams-us-for-pushing-palestinian-coup-tells-nikki-haley-to-shut-up/



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  1. George February 4, 2018

    Formally incorporate gaza, samaria and judea into greater eretz israel as spoils of war under international law. Recognize the arabs living in these jewish lands as joRdanian citizens and issue visas or residency cards accordingly.

  2. Michael Dar February 4, 2018

    Can someone please explain to me why those who call themselves “Palestinians” nowadays should be entitled to have a state at all? After all there never was a Kingdom, a nation, a country or a sovereign state called “Palestine” in history. nor was there ever a race or specific ethnic group of people called “Palestinians”. Not a single one of the many invaders and temporary occupiers of the land in history ever mentioned or witnessed the presence of suc a people!

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