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Huge Israeli Military Response Expected After Elections!


Jermain Botsio: This comes from the Jerusalem Post and it says no cease fire as IDF pounds Gaza all evening. Reported cease fire between Israel and Hamas did not go into effect Monday night as the new barrage of rockets hit. You know the south there. Barry it doesn't look like there will ever be in my eyes any peace until that region rids themselves of Hamas or any other crazy regime that's there. Who are who are trying to kill them? I mean there's no other way except to read these people from that land read them from that region. That's the only way. What do you think?

Barry Nussbaum: Imagine if we were living next to each other and you'd go to work in the morning hey Barry and I'd say hey screw you Jermaine I'm going to kill you and all your family while you're at work. You get in the cargo and I wonder if that is serious. And then the next day it happened and three days after that it happened and then I would throw rocks at your house with death threats on the rocks and you'd be away from home and I'd set your house on fire. After a while, no matter how saintly you are, no matter how much you want to turn the other cheek, you're thinking I think this Barry guy wants to kill me right. Well that's been going on since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip. Their charter, they're binding document that everybody swears allegiance to Jermaine, calls for the elimination and destruction of the state of Israel and everybody in it. That's how they operate. So even a truce means nothing. A cease fire means nothing. They will not quit ever until they are removed. However, that has to happen because these are people that don't believe in elections. They had one. They won. They killed all of the opposition that they could find. Anyone who demonstrates against them gets imprisoned tortured and or killed. They round up people every week torture and kill them in public. Shoot them on video and put it up on YouTube so they have a full iron clad control over their people. And Jermaine they can't make peace because their own people will kill them because that's all part of their religious and political dogma. At some point I don't know what that point is. I'm an American. I'm not over there. But the Israeli government and the Israeli army are going to say enough's enough. You've been telling us every week for 12 years you're going to kill us. We believe you. You've been killing us and now there's going to be a consequence. Here it comes we're opening the fence we're sending in the tanks and you know what's going to happen? The world is going to be outraged Jermaine because Israel is having military action taken against poor peasants who only have rifles grenades and short-range rockets. I'm telling you. And then the U.N. will demand that Israel leave them alone. And I hope Israel just takes the phone off the hook. It doesn't take any calls until they eliminate all the people who are murdering Israeli Jews.

Jermain Botsio: Yes. It's got to come to that. It has to. It has to at the end of the day. I mean that's what it comes down to because if they don't it's their life. And I don't think a lot of people in this country really understand the terror that Israelis are live in everyday deal when your crazy regime like that.

Barry Nussbaum: If you would if you drive down the street and stroll like I did and I was one of my videos I remember I was looking up at the apartment buildings and the playgrounds and it looks like every building is pockmarked you know where chunks of the stucco or the limestone have been blown apart. And I don't mean like three or four I mean hundreds of those. Those are rocket strikes where the rocket explodes, and the shrapnel goes everywhere because the shrapnel is intended to shred anybody that gets hit by it. I mean if it can shred the walls of cement buildings and blow out every window within a block imagine what it would do to a human body. Well hundreds of rockets have fallen on this road. And if people have machine guns at the fence and shoot up in the air towards the road the bullets hit the buildings. Jermaine, I mean get what I'm saying. That's what they live under. I can't believe these people live under those conditions. It sounds insane when we're talking about. Imagine if it was happening to Minneapolis or Seattle from Canada or San Diego from Tijuana. You know what I mean. The U.S. Army would go in there and flatten.

Jermain Botsio: They would annihilate them.

Barry Nussbaum: And they should do their job as the military is to protect the sovereignty and safety of our citizenry. The only country that puts up with it because of the pressure is Israel. And after Tuesday. Mark my words that will change.


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