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Why Are Muslims Raping Non Muslim Women in Europe?


Brannon Howse: Girls ladies in Europe have gotten into the taxicab of a Muslim man in Europe. Only to find themselves being raped. And I’m not talking just occasionally. I’m talking an epidemic. Not just raped but the pictures are so graphic of them beaten to a bloody pulp. By the way, many of them are blonde. Why are they partial to blondes and why are these Muslim taxicab drivers raping these women who get in their cab? What is this a sign up for Europe? Is that coming to America? And by the way, I think it was a judge over there that told these women quit getting in the cab with them and they went around started trying to hire more women cab drivers so women would feel comfortable getting into a cab. What is this all about in Europe? Why are they raping blondes? Why are they raping anybody? What does that say about where they’re at in Europe? And is that coming to America?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Well, first of all, it’s called the gang rape, the rape game sorry. Again, open the book of Quran. Verse after verse after verse after verse on chapter four chapter five, chapter three chapter nine. You’ll see over and over the words sex slaves. Who are the sex slaves? Sex slaves or non-Muslim women. And on Chapter twenty-four and chapter thirty-three it is warned to Muslim woman to lower your eye, your gaze, look down as a Muslim woman you’ll look down you look at the floor and you whisper so your voice isn’t heard fully. And you wear your hijab. Chapter Twenty-four chapter thirty-three. Now, it ends by lower your eye and wear your hijab so you will be known and not be abused. You do the opposite. in the mind of a Muslim man, you’re automatically a target. You look them in the eye. You’re not wearing a hijab. The complete opposite of the order of Mohammed, Allah to Mohammed. So, you will be raped. Also, again, you read Quran and you read hadith of Mohammed every time Mohammed went to war when he conquered, they killed all men captured all woman. and those women were trophies for his army for his soldiers as sex slaves. They are at war with us in Europe. They are way ahead of the game. So, every time they conquer an area, they start raping their sex slaves being non-Muslim European woman or girls. And yes, they will obviously try to hire female drivers to make woman safer, feel safer instead of arresting all those rapists and make a woman feel safer because we don’t want to hurt their feelings because we don’t want to provoke them. So, they don’t go blow themselves up. You know we have to be careful. As Trevor said we let them run us. We stand down and not provoke them. We don’t hurt their feelings so we can stay safe. What kind of war is that? No, let’s retaliate. It bothers you if I’m a non-Muslim not wearing a hijab looking you in the eye? Get out of my country. Go in an Islamic country where women are going to wear the hijab and look down. pretty simple. No, we’re going to have to go hide. very soon. When you say they’re hiring female drivers if you look into any Islamic country here’s how the system works. Every boss the back of the boss half the half back of the bosses the female proportion and the front is a male portion. Wherever you go there’s a separation of man and woman because under Islam if you’re not halal to each other you’re not supposed to be in the same area. They’re doing the same thing. Let’s force the government to separate the female passengers from male passengers. Sharia again.

Brannon Howse: Well no wonder you’ve got eleven fatwas on you, Anni.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Talk too much?

Brannon Howse: Well we’re glad you’re bold.


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