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Cong. Rashida Tlaib Said: “Paying the Bills You Owe is Like Living Under Military…


Hello, and welcome to ATP's, Really Dumb Things They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

ATP's favorite dumb person, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, is pushing for legislation, get this; that would let people who fail to pay their water, electricity, or broadband bills off the hook. Cancel all their water, electricity, broadband debt, and all their bills.

The squad member tweeted: Stop the shutoffs.

The Palestinian-American legislator likened the act of shutting off the water over unpaid bills to living under what she calls military occupation.

Let me translate for you. Bills that people have but decide not to pay or can't pay when someone asks you to pay the bill. That's the same as living in a dictatorship. I hope you realize this lady is a member of Congress.

Seriously, she is dumb, she is crazy, and you need to know about her.


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