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Iran Threatens To Eradicate Israel From Syria And Lebanon


In a recent speech, IRGC deputy commander, General Hossein Salami threatened that Iran would eradicate Israel with its troops already operating in Syria, and with its terror proxy Hezbollah from Lebanon.  In his speech, Salami stated: “All the problems of the Islamic world stem from the existence of the false, counterfeit, historically rootless, and identity-less regime named Israel.”  He continued by saying Hezbollah, with its 100,000 plus missiles, could destroy Israel by itself, and that it was only a matter of time till they “flattened the heart of Tel Aviv into dust.”

Why are France, Germany, the UK and the EU foreign minister doing everything in their power to appease this genocidal regime in regard to the JCPOA and sidestepping the new US sanctions?  Are they happy to make a quick buck while Iran finishes the job Hitler didn’t?

Read Article at The Times Of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/top-iranian-general-forces-in-syria-lebanon-awaiting-orders-to-destroy-israel/




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