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Iran Threatens to Dismember and Kill British Ambassador!


Graham Ledger: Page Six, now. The Iranian terrorist regime is moving forward. The United States must now deal with the reality that, yes, U.S. troops were wounded during the missile attack on an Iraqi airbase last week. Now, this is not insignificant. Those are our guys that Iran targeted and wounded. However, rest assured that this president is keeping score. Joining me now, the founder of the American Truth Project and Daily Ledger contributor, Barry Nussbaum. Barry, this is why when these reports came out last week in the mainstream media is reporting, it was being echoed by various sources, some of them surprise me. Some of these conservative sources, they were echoing this crazy notion that Iran missed our guys, missed the targets on purpose. This is why that's so dangerous to have that kind of reckless reporting and reckless thinking because it's also giving Iran way too much credit. Is giving Iran and out, and we should never, ever do that.

Barry Nussbaum: You know, it's really interesting, Graham. First of all, you're right. And today, the Grand Ayatollah/dictator for life/murdering thug who runs the country of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, was not only bragging about the attack, he was promising much, much more. If you ever had an inkling that this president was not the same as the last president, God helps Iran if they do it again. I think you're totally right. You're poking a bear with a stick, and the bear is awake, and it is going to take the stick and your arm, if not the rest of you, with it. If Iran does anything more, they just don't get it.

Graham Ledger: Ok, and apparently our allies in Europe don't get some things because this bothers me, Barry. And that is France, Germany, and Great Britain finally, they're there on with the sanctions. It took you long enough. You know, the only people abiding by the JCPOA, that's the Iran nuclear deal. The only people abiding by it was France, Germany, Great Britain, because we know, of course, the United States withdrew. But we also know Iran was not abiding by it. How do we know this? Well, we have this thing called the canary in the coal mine. It's Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. And this week, the word is, and I believe this, that Iran could be nuclear ready before the end of this year. This is crucially important, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: Look, Netanyahu went to the U.N. two years in a row with Mossad evidence that was incontrovertible, that Iran not only never, ever slowed down, they had a covert enrichment program going the whole time of the JCPOA.They had a covert missile development program, going the whole time of the JCPOA, exportation of terror around the world in violation of numerous U.N. sanctions and resolutions, and everybody ignored it. And this morning in the speech I was talking to you about Khomeini said because Great Britain is now going to get on board with the sanctions they should go grab the U.K. ambassador cut him up into pieces, dismember and slaughter him as a message to Great Britain. By the way, it wasn't the Khomeini speech. It was one of his minions, which he approves of. So finally, the UK, Germany, and France are getting on board with the truth. Iran cheated for years, and they can go nuclear any time they decide.

Graham Ledger: And with rhetoric like that, how do you negotiate with terrorists? And we know the answer. Ronald Reagan had the answer. You don't negotiate with terrorists. They only understand one thing. In the end, something's got to give and Barry, you know what, it's the election year 2020, but if Benjamin Netanyahu is correct, and if what we're seeing recently in these outbursts from Iran something's got to give. It may give this year during the election year. We shall see. Barry thanks.


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