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Facebook Won’t Ban Pages Calling For Murder Of Jews!


Jermain: Ladies and gentlemen, in the letter, sent Thursday – and reviewed first by The Jerusalem Post – Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), it says that the head of legal strategies Maurice Hirsch claim that Palestinian terrorists carried out attacks in 2018 were “influenced by Fatah’s glorification of murder and its promotion of violence” on its Facebook page.

Why do you think Facebook is engaging in this type of BS?

Barry: Wait, I’m so glad we’re talking about Facebook today. Every conservative that I know, all of them, have had trouble with Facebook. You tell the truth. You report the way things are. Literally Jermaine. Your posts disappear or your followers are gone, or you get shadow banned or, the ultimate, you go to ‘Facebook Jail’.

There’s nobody I know of that tells the truth about conservative values that hasn’t been sent to prison on Facebook.

So that is happening every day. You know it. I know it and your viewers know it. But God forbid somebody calls for the murder of Jews on a daily basis on Facebook? If the page gets criticized for calling them out? Facebook does nothing!

Now, what this article that you’re referring to Jermaine talks about is the fact that there are a number of hate groups calling for the murder of Jews in Israel. They are calling out for suicide bombers. They are calling out for shootings and for bombings. They want stabbings, I’m not making this up look it up, it’s on Facebook, at least it was yesterday. I haven’t checked today.

Not one or two but dozens and dozens of Facebook pages supporting Hezbollah (a world terror organization), Hamas (a world terror organization), Islamic jihad (a world terror organization).

These are groups openly glorify murder, mayhem and mass violence! Their Facebook pages are still up and there still being followed by tens of thousands of followers! They’re still there. Look at the ISIS recruits on the web! They get people from Facebook. It is insane.

So, the answer to your question obviously is two-fold.

First part: it has to be brought to Facebook’s attention on a big scale is shaming Facebook. Facebook doesn’t seem to have a problem with this content. Ask Mark Zuckerberg at the very top. Ask somebody 55 levels down sitting at a computer in a room somewhere deciding what the content should be. (It’s probably to ask the latter. Most of the people at the top are very liberal progressive (socialist) one-world-order.

I hate that the United States monitors us so you and I are the enemy Jermaine. We both know and Islamic jihad and Hezbollah and Hamas become freedom fighters at least in the minds of those that are deciding what content is OK to push out there.

My hope is Facebook will keep their promise to take a look at these hate groups.

Look at this quote “they had no idea the content was there”. I don’t believe that for a millisecond, they know your content three seconds after you put it up.  

Facebook sure knows my content and yet they don’t see the videos of suicide bombers posted on Facebook saying goodbye to their families!?

“I’m going to blow up a security guard at a border crossing in Jerusalem?” I’m going to walk into a synagogue and kill Jews; Goodbye to my family?” They post these videos and then, after the guys get killed, they post the martyrs fund raising campaign on Facebook?!

You know, the Facebook equivalent of a Go-Fund-Me to raise money for these poor freedom fighters that died liberating Jerusalem. Hey man, that’s why it’s one of our issues people need to know the truth! And that is the truth and, like I always, say go look it up! You’ve got two hands. Type it in Google find out whether I’m telling you it’s the truth.

Jermain: Absolutely, so we need to make sure that people know what the real truth is, and the real truth is ladies and gentlemen they are silencing conservatives and they are pushing anti-Semitism on Facebook, that’s what the real issue is.

Barry: Jermaine before you move on, I want to add a personal note to what you just said. I am appreciative of you mentioning that part of the article for those that don’t know, Fatah is the ruling party in the West Bank. And President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority is the leader of Fatah. He’s the guy that came to the White House representing the Palestinian people.

President Trump said to him if you don’t stop the “Pay for Slay” policy where you pay people who try to kill Jews and you give the money to their family and if the guy gets caught and get sent to prison you pay him for being in prison more than you pay employees of the Palestinian government.

If you don’t stop paying people to kill I’m going to cut off your money. Abbas lied to the president and said he would stop it immediately. He went home and, on the Palestinian website on Facebook and said “We will never stop paying the martyrs! We will always have that as the biggest part of our budget”

What did Trump do? He cut off the money. Here is where it gets personal. I would love it and I would appreciate it if your viewers googled a man named Ari Fuld, Ari was killed stabbed in the back in a falafel stand last year by Palestinian that’s said he got the idea from the Fatah website that said go out and kill somebody. Make money for you and your family. Your survivors will get rich! Ari’s attacker has already been paid by the Palestinian Authority.

The man who was killed and (you can see the video of the stabbing. It’s all over the Internet) was my friend. I had lunch with him a year ago in Jerusalem. I’m very sad that he’s gone now because a killer got the idea from looking at the website. That website that still there.


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