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BDS/Anti-Semitism Videos

The Anti Semitism Of Ilhan Omar Continues Without Consequence!


Jermain Botsio: In this article, ladies and gentlemen, by the AmericanThinker.com, it says Ilhan Omar lied to Jewish voters in her district. Newly elected Representative Ilhan Omar from Somali Heritage, who replaces Keith Ellison, has reversed her position on the boycott divestment sanction movement that seeks to delegitimize Israel. And now that she is safely elected since she has cited no reason for changing her mind, she has been lying. What do you think about this here? She changed her mind just like a light switch, right? And she gave no reason why. Why do you think she's doing this is the first question?

Barry Nussbaum: I don't think there's any question Jermain, Ilhan Omar is an Islamist, which means they believe that the American way of life, democracy, representative government, equality for women and most importantly, equality among religions is not only distasteful but unacceptable under her version of literal Islam. So going back to her campaign, as was pointed out by a hundred writers, she appeared before numerous groups in and around Minneapolis during the campaign saying no, I'm against BDS. It hurts Palestinians as much as it hurts Israelis, which is true and actually disproportionately hurts Palestinians. They lose the most jobs from the BDS movement influence in especially the West Bank territories. Right after she was elected, she came out saying she's in favor of BDS and literally changed overnight. Now the reason why it's not a surprise, Jermain, as she has been saying horrible, anti-Semitic things for as long as there has been social media going back to her famous quote that the Jewish people have hypnotized the world to be in control of the world, and she prays that Allah lifts the veil and people can see the truth. So this is, in other words, the entire nation of Israel is bad. Then, the quotes got really, really sick over the last several weeks. And this is what has landed her on the front pages of newspapers and in places like here right now every single day. Jermain, she has said some literally horrible things like, "People in Congress that vote for any sort of cooperation with Israel are having dual loyalties." In other words, they're more loyal to Israel than they are to the United States. Which means when four hundred people vote for a resolution on terrorism aid to Israel to fight, say, the Islamic State, does that mean every member of Congress is disloyal to the United States? She's accusing those representatives of being treasonous. And then it gets worse when she gets asked about it. She says it's all about the money. It's about the Benjamins, and that APAC is laying out to these representatives. In other words, they're being paid off. She says this in the press. Now, when you do something like this, besides alienating everybody in your own party, at least the ones in your own party that have some sense of awareness, it is literally using one of the most infamous, long-lasting anti-Semitic tropes in world history. Now, that's what was said in the Middle Ages to justify programs to kill Jews in the villages of Eastern Europe, that they're more loyal to the Torah than they are to, say, Austria or Poland or Russia or wherever they lived. It's what Hitler used in the 1930s, almost word for word. Those are Joseph Goebbels, his propaganda minister's writings, which is Jews are more loyal to their own people. They're not really Germans. They are our enemy. And she's repeating the same thing. So all of these things come out. She's obviously said them. The Democrats are horrified, the Republicans are mortified, and so they go to her privately and say, "Will you apologize? If not, we're going have to condemn you in public." Now, that seems reasonable because here's my thought for all of your viewers to listen to today. If everything she said, you took out the word Israel and you put in, say, African-American or Asian American or Mexican American or gay American, people would be up in arms, and they would be running her out of the Congress. That and by the way, as they should Jermain if the word was African-American instead of Jewish or Israeli. But instead, she gets away with murder. Why? Because the left-wing of the Democratic Party has literally gone over the edge with anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism within that wing of the party Jermain is now acceptable, and it's horrifying. It's disgusting. And I'm really sad to say, you and I have to talk about it because the Democrat Party wouldn't fix it. They let her get away with it.


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