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Omar’s District Is #1 In American For Isis Recruits While Iran Endorses Her!


Jermain Botsio: Ilhan Omar is making the assertion that hey Jews are running the government and they’re paying, through these quotes unquote these PACs right, these lobbyist PACs, these super PACs, these lobbyist positions. And what she is saying is that with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is ranked one hundred and forty seventh, she’s saying that that PAC has the most, think about this, the most influence over any other PAC especially the one that is pro South Korea which is at the tune of 70 million dollars. I mean Barry am I missing something here. Well you know there’s a huge disconnect.

Barry Nussbaum: She’s just making it up Jermain. You know we went through this list, you and I, and he’s every lobby group you’ve ever heard of for every country, every employment group, every special interest group, everybody spends more money than APAC. I mean if as she says it’s all about the Benjamins there’s one hundred and forty-six organizations that spend tons and tons and tons and tons more. APAC barely made the list. This is part of the, look I’m going to make this up, I’m going to say something horrible, I’m going to say it all the time, eventually people will believe it. That was what Joseph Goebbels used to teach in Nazi Germany. Make up an outlandish lie. Tell it constantly suppress opposition to that lie and eventually it’s accepted as the truth. Bingo. Jermain that’s what we’re watching. And here’s an interesting stat for your people. There are four hundred and thirty-five congressional districts in the United States. Anybody care to guess, we should have a little contest, out of four hundred and thirty-five districts guess which district sent the most volunteers to fight for ISIS. In the whole country.

Jermain Botsio: Don’t tell me please. Ilhan Oman? Please don’t tell me.

Barry Nussbaum: It’s your district rep. Ilhan Omar. It is the number one, get this, the number one congressional district in the United States from which Islamic terrorists volunteer the most. Woot woot woot.

Jermain Botsio: Now they went and basically took an aggregate of all the countries and the influence that they bring through lobbying, right? And even in this article here fact for fact Barry, they’re saying that the largest portion at the tune of 62 million dollars goes to Seoul in South Korea. I mean it’s right there. So, you’re absolutely right when you say that she is flat out lying. Right. Either she is she is a dummy, right? She is she’s just retarded, and she can’t read well or she’s willfully lying to the people which is very apparent. So that she can push an agenda of anti-Semitism which it looks like that’s what she’s doing.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah pro South Korea lobbying is 70 million, pro Japanese lobbying fifty-one million, and Toyota seven million, and pro-Israel lobbying from APAC is under 5 million. So, they’re South Korea’s 12 times Israel’s lobby. Japan is 10 times Israel’s lobby and Omar comes out with an outlandish completely fabricated statement. You and I finally talk about the facts and when you look at the facts you go Well how can someone say something so blatantly untrue. Well she did it. And what does it do? You know it is an interesting fact. Do you know the international newspaper that supports more terror than any group in the world is in Tehran? And that’s the national newspaper of the Khamenei regime. And they came out and applauded Ilhan Omar for what she said and consider her an American hero. Now get this. When the worst terrorist regime on the planet, Iran, endorses you right? and says high five we support your 100 percent should everybody in your district run away? Come on Jermaine. I mean that’s how bad she is that Iran loves her.


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