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Omar’s Congressional District Goes Radical!


Jermain Botsio: As you guys can see here, you see the people with the AK 47? It says Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis community has the largest number of male foreign terror recruits in the US. It says extremism in the Somali community of Minneapolis has long been a concern of the American counterterrorism officials as both Islamic State and al-Qaeda ally Al Shabab have alarmingly being successful at recruiting from this area. What do you think about this here in terms of the recruiting out of Minnesota? And why don’t you think people here in Minnesota can’t see the danger?

Barry Nussbaum: When people start out caring greatly about their neighbors and whether it’s a religious thing you know they consider themselves spiritual, or good Christians, or Jews, or whatever that’s fine until the people you’re supporting start taking away from you, when you can’t walk down the street safely. I’ve seen videos of parts of Minneapolis for example that. Jermain, I mean architecturally it sort of looks like America. But when you look at what the streets are like and who’s out on the streets you might as well be in an Arab town run by Islamists. I’m shocked. The Somali community in Ilhan Omar’s district is the most radicalized congressional district in the United States of America. And it’s not just that people come over here with those beliefs. It’s that they’re being preached to on a regular basis in the mosques in your community, right? And it’s in the Koran that part of the way you can fight for your religion is to wage a jihad by population. You don’t necessarily invade with a big army and start killing people. You can just migrate, and you bring enough people, they get involved in the process, and as you said your main you end up being at least a voting block that can put anybody into office you want to. That’s how she got elected in a district that the last person that was there was Keith Ellison who was until he became your attorney general in between apparently beating up his girlfriend periodic.

Jermain Botsio: You can’t make it up Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: He was the most radical anti-Israel member of Congress Jermain and so what happens? He steps down they pick another more radical to take his place. And that’s how she got elected. I just hope, I truly do, that enough people in your community are offended enough to say hey she doesn’t represent what we believe. But part of the problem is who gets to vote Jermain. I don’t understand. In America it’s harder to get a driver’s license, or buy cigarettes, or buy beer, or get a checking account, or get a welfare check, than it is to vote. And in other words, you could walk in and say you’re Bozo the Clown. With virtually no I.D. and a Bozo the Clown is on the voting roll your voting. Doesn’t mean you’re a citizen doesn’t mean you’re here legally. Doesn’t mean that you’re about to vote for the abolition of the United States all of which scare the hell out of me. And it should scare your viewers, but quite frankly you get enough people as you said Jermain flooding into a community, and they get organized enough to vote and they get registered. They’re going to vote for Ilhan Omar no matter what she says because she represents the way they think. And the way they think is the American way is not compatible with their religion. And a woman outside uncovered even if it’s ninety-five degrees is not compatible. And a woman with her sexual organs not mutilated is not compatible with their religion. So, either the people that love their country and love the way things used to be in Minnesota get organized and go to the polls or they’re going to be overwhelmed and policy is going to change. It’s the way things work in a democratic republic. Get involved, organize, get your candidate to run, or suffer the consequences. And so far for a number of elections in a row Jermaine in your district…

Jermain Botsio: I know, I know.

Barry Nussbaum: It’s bad and getting worse.


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