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President Has the Right to Recognize Israeli Control of Golan!


Jermain Botsio: President Trump recently got in trouble. Well he's always getting in trouble, but he got in trouble for this tweet and the tweet is after 52 years It is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights which has critical strategic and security importance to the state of Israel and regional stability. Absolutely the truth there now a lot of people are saying that he does not have the power to do this. And a lot of people say that he cannot do this. Why is it important for him to recognize the sovereignty of Israel in regard to the Golan Heights and what's going on here with these people getting mad?

Barry Nussbaum: Well it's a great question Jermaine. Let me start with the second question first on Article 2 of the Constitution. Not only does the president have the authority. He's the only member of government that has the authority to recognize foreign governments because it is the lynchpin in understanding that foreign policy starts with who were you talking to and who were you recognizing. So, when the president says the capital goes from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, well that's where it goes. That's his decision as the executive. If he says I'm recognizing territory in this place or that place, there's nothing anyone else can do about it other than call him bad names. And in the case of the recognition of the Golan, they are historically and legally wrong. It's the president's sole authority to do so. The people that are attacking, especially the Europeans as an example, literally and I mean this word for word kowtow to what they believe the Arabs want them to do whether it is right or whether it is wrong. Perfect example. When Trump said he was about to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move the embassy there, he was making an important statement for a number of reasons. Number one it's U.S. law since Bill Clinton was president that the capital has to be recognized as Jerusalem and the embassy has to be moved. But every single president Republican and Democrat has refused to do so. Having said that the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas came out and said Not only does the president not have a right to do it Jerusalem is not even Jewish, it's Palestinian territory and always has been. Well it's just made up bologna. The New Testament in the Old Testament take place there. I mean you know there's archaeology supporting that historical, religious, and cultural attachment of the Jewish people to this territory for three thousand years and every week they dig something else up. Palestinian as a name always referred to the Jews in the Territory until about twenty-five years ago when the name was appropriated by Arabs who lived with in the West Bank and they became quote unquote Palestinians. It's not a cultural thing. It's a made-up historical thing. So, President Trump is well within his authority. He did the right thing. It was Syrian for less than 20 years and it's been Jewish for three thousand years and quite frankly under international law I should make this point, a lot of people say well you have to return captured territory unless it's in a defensive war. Israel was invaded. They captured the territory and they are rightfully not giving it back. Why. Well it was historically theirs and was before 1948. Many many many times throughout history. And number two the Syrians were trying to murder all of them from the Golan Heights. So now there's no violence there. The Druze, the Arabs, the Jews, Agnostics, the Baha'i, everybody gets along perfectly and there's no strife. And everybody there wants to be an Israeli citizen when given the chance to vote on their own future. Isn't that interesting. And I've been all over it. I've been through the Arab villages and I've been through the Jewish areas and I've been to the border from one end to the other and I can tell you on the Israeli side, it's wonderfully peaceful on the Syrian side, there's shooting and killing each other every day. And when I was there, I was watching it. They were shooting at each other and I could see it from the other side of the fence Believe it or not.

Jermain Botsio: Crazy crazy crazy. And that's why they want to take down Israel. That is the main reason why. And one thing I know is that a lot of people are very excited about this. A lot of people are very happy. How is Israel taking this? Are people excited over there about this?

Barry Nussbaum: The recognition of the president of the two major things he's done in an administration of late which is the move of the embassy to Jerusalem and the recognition of the Golan as part of Israel. I mean, he may be the most popular man in the state of Israel today. When I mean the man, I mean President Trump because he's recognizing the reality of the way things are. Without all the Arab and anti-Semitic propaganda. Especially that the last administration took as gospel for their policy. What President Trump has done is not only the right thing to do, I mean legally the right thing, morally the right thing, historically the right thing, but it's made him extremely popular in Israel and the people there are big Trump fans. I assure you.


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