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PA To Continue Paying Terrorists


Earlier this year the United States passed the Taylor Force into Law, which is meant to cut funding to the Palestinian Authority if it does not cease its policy of paying monthly stipends to imprisoned murderers and dead terrorists’ families.  Less than a month ago, Australia stopped all direct funding to the PA because of this incentivization to murder Israeli citizens.  And just this week, Israeli passed a law that allows the government to withhold customs duties transfers to the PA, equal to the amount it spends on its ‘pay for slay’ program, which was approximately $330,000,000 last year, and budgeted to rise this year.

Even after these moves meant to end the despicable practice of rewarding the murder of Jews, the PA has defiantly announced that it will continue paying the blood money to prisoners and “martyrs'” families.  A spokesman for the PA stated that it’s a “responsibility” and an “obligation” to do so.  Giving money to the Palestinian Authority is tantamount to funding terrorism.  When will the European countries, that continue to help pay for this policy, demand that the “government” in Ramallah stop paying for the slaughter of Israelis, or face defunding?  When will the world realize that Israel’s “peace partner” is actually a death merchant?

Read article at Israel National News: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/248516



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