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Iran Commits Acts of War but Response Is Just Sanctions!


Jermain Botsio: Iran attacked, several oil tankers last month. I don't believe that this type of situation will stop until there is a strong response in that area there. And right now, there is an Iran or the Houthis proxies that attacked oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, fired missiles at the airport and terminal in Riyadh. I'm sorry with the pronunciation. You know, I’ve got to work on it, you know. But can you speak a little bit about this here while I pull up this Washington Post article for the Crown?

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, absolutely. So, as we mentioned a minute ago, the Houthi rebels in Yemen. There's a civil war there. Saudi Arabia backs the government and the rebels are backed by Iran. So, it's basically Sunni versus Shia. Which are the same two teams as Saudi Arabia being Sunni and Iran being Shia, both Muslim, but they hate each other. And Iran fights through the rebels and arms them with all kinds of weapons of a fairly destructive nature that they wouldn't have if it wasn't for Iran. You know people say all the time where did Iran get all these weapons? Well, Barack Obama gave them to them? There have been so many of these incidents that two and possibly three tanker bombings, the drone attack that blew up the United States' very large drone.  Several, oil processing facilities in Saudi Arabia were bombed, including a pipeline and then the most audacious attack of all, they sent missiles into the commercial airport in the capital city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. So, Iran is becoming crazier and crazier. Each one of these incidents that you and I have discussed over the past minutes, Jermain, are all acts of war. They're beyond terrorism. And as we talked about in the first segment, if this was done against Russian interests, do you think Tehran would be on fire today? I do. Do you think there'd be Russian bombers over Iran right now? Oh, yeah, I do. And would the nuclear navy of Russia be in the Persian Gulf sinking Iranian ships? Oh, you bet you they would. Why? Because they don't take those sorts of things well. We, on the other hand, the United States simply ratchets up the sanctions. And so far, the only response has been British commandos seizing a ship that literally should have been seized for violating U.N. oil sanctions against Iran.


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