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“The Squad” Supports Attacks on U.S. Government Law Enforcement!


Jermain Botsio: AOC, Ilhan Omar, the rest of these crazy folks they refuse to condemn domestic terrorist attacks at Tacoma ICE facility. Now, there was, you know, a big hoopla about what was going on there. There was also another ICE attack with some protesters. They took down basically the ICE flag and raised the Mexican flag. Crazy stuff. What do you think about this? These women now are showing us that. Hey, we don't support our law enforcement here in this country. How big of a deal is this?

Barry Nussbaum: It could not be any bigger. When the founders put the country together the purpose of borders of a national government is to protect the people on the inside from the people on the outside. In other words, you have a definable, secure, defendable border. That's what makes you a sovereign nation. Every one of these four has announced publicly, Jermain, that they are against ICE. They want it disbanded. ICE is the Immigration Customs Enforcement. This is the group that works enforcing the laws passed by Congress to defend the border. To say we don't want anybody on the border means we want open borders. I want your viewers to be aware, all four of these ladies are U.S. congresswoman. Incredibly powerful, incredibly powerful, calling for the borders to be opened. And they make no secret about it. In fact, in the case of our friend Ms. Omar, she likens the Border Patrol, the ICE people to Nazi Germany as if criminals are out to perpetrate mass genocide. I've got news for you; I've been to the border. I've seen what it's like. And without those guys and gals patrolling on the border, we would be overrun. And a vast number of the people coming to this country are murderers, are drug dealers, are human traffickers, are the most despicable criminals you can imagine. They've been picked up a half a dozen times, set back across the border and back they come again to commit more crimes. Whether it's trafficking in young girls who are raped repeatedly, whether it's bringing in drugs, bringing in weapons, their gang members. My God, they're the worst of the worst. I want triple the number of ICE is on the border to protect us, not none.


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