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Abbas Won't Allow Embassy Move
Abbas: We Won’t Allow Any Country To Move Its Embassy…

Mahmoud Abbas, the man serving the the 13th year of his four year term as president of the Palestinian Authority, [...]

Saudi King Slams Trump
Saudi King Slams Trump’s Jerusalem Policy

A few weeks after his son, and heir to the throne, Mohammad bin Salman’s trip to the United States that [...]

Religious Intolerance
Jordan Protests Jews’ Right To Pray

As part of the Peace Treaty with Jordan following Israel’s victory in the Six Day War, the Jordanian Waqf was [...]

Peace Plan Postponed
US Postpones Presenting Peace Plan

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has gone on an anti-US campaign of insults and threats since December 6th, the day [...]

Haley Cuts Aid
Nikki Haley Plans Aid Cuts To UN Foes

When US Ambassador to the UN warned that she’d “be taking names” on what countries voted against the US on [...]

Arab League
Arab League Picks US Over Palestinians

Despite verbal protests of the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and accompanying embassy move, none of the 21 [...]

Jerusalem Tunnel Tour

Join Barry Nussbaum and IDF Major Amit Grinfeld on a tour of the Jerusalem Tunnels.  

Nikki Haley Bashes UN at AIPAC

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley excoriates the UN and its various agencies for the blatant anti-Israel bias that [...]