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Christian Barely Escapes Death Sentence …Flees to Canada


Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Asia Bibi or Asia Bibi as some people called her which made her way to Canada, I believe on May 9th she arrived or May 8th. Great! Many people are celebrating. Which I actually said there is not much to celebrate because don't forget Canada is the country that rewarded millions of dollars to the ISIS member in Canada. Canada isn't so much of a safe place for Asia or anyone else any other ex-Muslim for that matter.

They don't have Second Amendment they don't have any amendment they just have Sharia. So yeah, we might think publicly she's safe. but at the end of the day she is not safe. But also, another thing I want to mention here. She wasn't freed because Pakistan's government decided not to follow Sharia. Asia Bibi's case the blasphemy case in Pakistan was overthrown because first of all the witnesses started contradicting herself. So that was one problem. Please stop saying she was freed. In a way that she was freed because Pakistan law system is not Shariah anymore. She was freed because lack of evidence. Blasphemy laws are still in place. If there was enough evidence against Asia, they would kill her. And now she is in Canada which is a mini Islamic country anyways. And guess what. Pakistan has both Sunni and Shia people and they all wanted her dead. Remember they were standing next to each other like brothers trying to kill her.


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