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Missiles Target Tel Aviv, IDF Blows Up Empty Buildings in…

Alex Salvi: Page Six now, our international headlines. We're continuing to learn more information about the deadly shooting in New [...]

Koran Still Teaches Follow Islam Or Die!

News Reporter: That is the village of the Baghouz, ISIS’s last stand and apart from sporadic gunfire all you can [...]

The Congressional Ladies of Islam and Their Not So Secret…

The phrase “Unholy Alliance” is one we’ve been hearing for a while, specifically since the Iraq War. At the time, [...]

Normalizing a Sin
Normalizing Ties With Israel Violates Islam

The Council of Religious Scholars and Lecturers, headed by Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, a Yasser Arafat appointed imam at the al-Aqsa [...]

The Solutions to the Iranian Threat

Iran only respects a “credible threat”, not a paper tiger. Barry Nussbaum and the esteemed Dr.Mordechai Kedar discuss the Iranian [...]

The Arab Mentality – Dr. Mordechai Kedar

Arab, Islamic and Middle East scholar, Dr. Mordechai Kedar joins Barry Nussbaum to offer insight to the differences in mentality [...]

Why Arabs and Muslims Will Not Accept Israel as The…

Dr. Mordechai Kedar offers insight into the Atab-Israeli conflict like very few men can. Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem [...]

Saudi Women
Saudi Cleric Says Women’s Brains Shrink To 25% Of A…

In the Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for women to drive a car. It is the only [...]