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Homegrown Terror

Biden Helps Islamic Network of Kidnappers



Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I am Anni Cyrus. I’m coming to you today with so many different emotions running through me, so bear with me as I try to get through this.

You know, sometimes you feel like it just won’t get any scarier or more terrifying or disturbing than it could be? But yesterday, it did for me, and for, I would say, every single American out there. Let me get to it if you haven’t heard yet. Yesterday, a group of four people were indicted in America, in an American court, for plotting the kidnapping of an Iranian dissident, Masih Alinejad.

She is an Iranian American. A very important note here, she’s an American citizen. Okay, let’s very quickly look into this. So Masih Alinejad has been a very, very outspoken person in the media historically. She is a journalist, and she has been speaking out against the Islamic Republic of Iran regime’s behavior, and she has been trying to hold them accountable.

Based on all the evidence out now four people, four men Alireza Shavaroghi Farahani, Mahmoud Khazein, Kiya Sadeghi, and Omid Noori, have been indicted. It looks like they have been planning this kidnapping since 2018. All four of them leading you on, all four of them work for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime, Farahani is the head of the network.

It’s a network and Farahani is the head of the network. Do you know what kind of network it is? You guessed it. It’s the kind of network, a mafia or a gang that goes and kidnaps Iranians who are speaking out against the regime in any shape or form and then drags them back to Iran to stand trial. The latest victim of this mafia was Ruhollah Zem, who they ended up executing.

He was hung back in February of 2021. Now, this is scary, especially for people like me. I’m so very grateful that Masih is safe, at least for now, but I can’t even imagine how she’s feeling right now. But let me tell you where this gets even scarier. Number one, the very first question I have is, how is it that four Iranian operatives find their way to America and operate in detail with the surveillance of her house, her neighborhood, her family members?

They put together a plot, and we are all just (Anni whistling), who? This could possibly go back to, you know, why we need closed borders and a better system of letting people in. That’s just a biased personal opinion of mine. But here is where the second part of the interesting facts comes in. So, there’s a fifth person involved named Niloufar Bahadorifar. She is an Iranian who lives in America, in California.

Guess what? She’s the one who provided the money. She supported this network that is planning to kidnap an American citizen. She provided financial support. Let me take you back to your lovely, moderate, nice neighbor. I guess you never know who they are. Now, all of this, some of you could say, “Well, you know, it’s Iran. We all know their regime is crooked, and they have murderers for Presidents.”

But here’s where it gets so disturbing that I don’t know which side makes me sick to my stomach more as an Iranian or as an American. Just in case if you didn’t know, the same day, these four Iranians were indicted. They were indicted for trying to kidnap an American citizen: the Biden administration, the same day, the Biden administration waived certain sanctions on Iran’s oil transfer.

I’m going to read this part for you, and I’m going to let you see it on the screen. So, the waiver signed by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken allows the transfer of Iranian funds and restricted accounts to exporters in Japan and the Republic of Korea. According to notifications sent to Congress by the State Department, the wavier allows Iranian money that had been frozen as a result of American sanctions to be freed up without violating the law.

What is happening to our nation? What is happening to our country? What is happening to our beautiful America? As I said, as an Iranian American, I don’t know how I feel today. I’m going to be very honest with you. I haven’t slept since yesterday. I can’t wrap my head around the idea that my motherlands regime is sending their goons to snatch people like myself, pardon me, as I’m a little biased, and it scares me more than maybe a random person, to take them back to Iran so they can stand trial and be killed.

Or is it more disturbing that my now home, America, is run by such ruthless people that they reward this regime? They couldn’t wait for a couple of weeks to see where all these indictments go? Right? They couldn’t wait to see. No, they didn’t need to wait to see. They know. They know that every penny, all the way from one dollar to billions of dollars handed to this regime, is going to fund terrorism. Because, yes, a plot to kidnap an American citizen who is a human rights activist exposing the monster regime of Iran is terrorizing.

So, I’m going to leave you with this. Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Iranians, my fellow Americans, my fellow humans, I need you to get involved. I need you to take action. We have got to save our beautiful nation before it turns into where I come from, that I call motherland, the hell known as the Islamic Republic of Iran.

One of the easiest ways you can get involved is to support us and join us here at the American Truth Project. All you got to do is either use our text alert system, text ANNI, A-N-N-I and send it to 88202. You will be signed up for free or go to our website, American Truth, and you can sign up via the email system. You get all of our materials, my videos, Barry Nussbaum, founder of ATP’s videos, that he does every day. You get all of our articles, everything.

We have the call to action. And last but not least, we are a 501(c)3, which means we always need your donations to continue doing what we do. While you’re on our website American Truth you can consider making a 100% tax-deductible donation. On that note, keep your eyes open, follow the news with the Iran deal and the Iranian goons who are here to snatch American citizens simply because we are practicing our God-given freedom written in our Constitution in the First Amendment. Stay Safe, and goodbye.

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Homegrown Terror

Anni Cyrus on the infiltration of Sharia into American Courts




Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. Before we bring on a very special guest. I want to remind all of you out in ATP Land. If you haven’t done so already, please take out your cell phone. Do us a favor, and text the message truth T-R-U-T-H and send it to 88202. You’ll be signed up for free in about three seconds for all of our ATP content, and it will come right to the palm of your hand in your cell phone, absolutely free.

So, I’ve got a surprise for you. Let me bring on Anni Cyrus, National Director of ATP and former child bride survivor from Iran, to talk about Islam with me today. This is going to be a good one. Hi, Anni.

Anni Cyrus: I, Barry. Yes, it’s going to be a tragic one, but a good one.

Barry Nussbaum: So, let’s just jump into it. You did a show the other day on your radio that has gotten some incredible responses. We thought it would be the best thing to follow up with you and me together because this is really important news that our viewers need to understand. It’s significant.

So, let’s talk about it. The Senate just confirmed a lifetime appointment for a Pakistani American Muslim federal judge. Who is he, and what can you tell me about him?

Anni Cyrus: Well, that’s a good question. I can’t tell you exactly who he is because there’s just so far you can go back to reading about him. Somewhere it stops, but that’s a different issue with him. He is Judge Quraishi. He was born in America to a Pakistani family, which are practicing Muslim, and he was raised a Muslim.

He practices Islam, and he was very proud to announce the history he made by being the first Muslim judge. Now, let me tell you why I have a problem with that because if being a federal judge comes secondary as pride, and being a Muslim is your first priority to be happy about, then you are telling me that you are very proud of your Islamic faith. That’s my very first red flag with him.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let me jump into the conflict you’re referring to because I guarantee the majority of people watching today don’t understand that conflict you’re referring to. As I understand it, Allah and Mohammed are quoted as saying that followers of Islam cannot follow the laws or instructions of the nonbelievers if those instructions or laws contradict Sharia.

So, question one, Anni, is that true? Question two, which is much more important. What will this new judge do when the American laws he is sworn to uphold and interpret contradict his personal religious beliefs, and, as I understand it, its non-negotiable instructions?

Anni Cyrus: It’s very correct. Yes, you know me. Let me bring up Quran and Hadith. Many verses, many Hadiths, but I’m going to just give you one because we don’t have too much time. You open Quran to Chapter 33, and the very first verse says, ‘Oh, Prophet, fear Allah and do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise.’

Right there, who are the disbelievers? Non-Muslims. Now, if our audience wants to understand why disbelievers are non-Muslims, they can go to and look up Anni Cyrus. I’ve done many videos explaining it.

Then we go to Hadith, where Mohammed said, “Narrated by Abdullah,” “Prophet Mohammed said, A Muslim must obey his leader, the law of the land, and the rules unless those rules are against Allah’s rules. If any of those laws and rules creates disobedience toward Allah, then that Muslim should not obey the leader.”

That one is on al-Bukhari, Book of Judgment, which is book 88, Hadith #258. Put those two together, no matter who you are, if you claim to be a Muslim, you should not follow any laws that go against Allah and Mohammed, which is Sharia. To answer your second question.

There are two possible scenarios. Judge Quraishi will follow Sharia and disobey our Constitution. Scenario number two, he will follow our Constitution and earn himself a fatwa to be killed under the law of Sharia.

Barry Nussbaum: That second answer, I mean, it sounds so silly, but it’s true, and you anticipated my next question. I was going to ask you to explain why this judge has no choice but not to follow U.S. Law. He’s got a death penalty hanging over his head.

Can you explain what that means and what is there in Sharia that could be in the back of this judge’s mind? If he has to render a decision where he’s in conflict with Sharia vs. U.S. Constitution? Oh, my God, which way do I go?

Anni Cyrus: Well, I’ll tell you what, before I answer that, Barry, let me say this. You said if there is a conflict. I guarantee you there will be conflict because here are a very few of hundreds of possible conflicts. Under Islam, under Sharia, there is no such thing as freedom of religion.

Our First Amendment gives us freedom of religion, right there, conflict. Suppose this judge is ever in a position to make a judgment between a Muslim and non-Muslim. By Sharia, he has to side with the Muslims. That goes against us, and that is discrimination. If he ever has to make a judgment between Islamic law, being Sharia, that applies to freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or anything that would say or discriminate against Mohammed and Islam he will have no choice but to side with Sharia.

If he doesn’t in Quran and in the Hadith, it says, if any Muslim ever turns their back to Allah, Mohammed, and Sharia, they shall be killed. The exact term is to be beheaded. The punishment in Quran for someone who turns away from Islam is beheading.

Barry Nussbaum: Lovely, now let’s get heavy with a history lesson about my favorite American president, Thomas Jefferson, and this is really important because I’m going to tie it together with one of your favorite new people, Rashida Tlaib. In 1786, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson met with the Arab diplomats from Tunisia, who were in the process of waging war against a brand-new American country.

They would seize ships, grab the sailors, imprison the ones that lived, and sell them back to the United States or sell them into slavery. So that’s how they made a living. And the United States before it launched a war on the Barbary pirates, that’s what they were called. They met with the ambassador and wanted to know why they were doing this.

Thomas Jefferson just could not understand why they would be attacking a country that had done nothing to them, and Jefferson wrote extensively about this. He just couldn’t understand it. So, what happened? Well, the ambassador basically told Jefferson it’s their duty under Islam as being instructed by Sharia to wage war on all of mankind who don’t believe.

In other words, they were sinners, and it was their right and duty to wage war upon them wherever they could be found and, ‘make slaves of all they could take prisoners.’ And every Muslim who was slain in battle was sure to go to paradise. So, my first question. That was 1786. We’re in 2021. Does Islam still believe what that ambassador told Thomas Jefferson?

Anni Cyrus: Do you want better, Barry? Since fourteen hundred years ago, Islam is the same. Fourteen hundred years ago, Mohammad told his army of Muslims that we’re going to walk through Medina and we’re going to walk through Mecca and anyone who’s not a Muslim who is not willing to convert to Islam, we will kill them, or we take their wives and daughters as sex slaves.

We take their properties and money, and we’re going to make them convert to Islam. Fourteen hundred years ago. Four hundred years ago, four days ago, four minutes ago, and four hundred years from today, it’s going to be the same.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, here’s the big question of the day. I think I know what you’re going to say, but I have to ask, for our audience. Rashida Tlaib is very vocal and upfront about the fact she is not a Christian. She’s a practicing Muslim. When she took the oath of office to be a United States congresswoman, she did not take the oath on the Bible.

She took the oath on the Quran and not just any Quran. She took the oath on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran. What Rashida Tlaib did not understand, because she apparently is not a historical person or has no value with the history of the United States. The reason Thomas Jefferson kept the Quran on his desk was he felt that this was an enemy of the new country, that unless they rejected the Quran, they would never be Americans. So, what does it mean when Tlaib swears in on the Quran instead of the Bible? Is it because she’s really making a statement that that’s where her loyalties lie?

Anni Cyrus: Well, before I directly answer you, which, you know, we have the same answer. When you said Tlaib is not a big fan of history, I would like to add something. Rashida Tlaib is a huge fan of made-up history. If she didn’t know anything about history, I wouldn’t mind. But she’s a big fan of made-up history that she spreads every day.

And you know what I’m referring to. A Palestine history that is made up. That’s a different note. Yes, Rashida Tlaib is very openly a practicing Muslim. I might add a side note people if Rashida Tlaib lived in an actual Islamic country, she would be hanged because she doesn’t wear the hijab and she speaks loudly.

Both crimes under Sharia to be punished. Anyhow, she specifically took the oath on that Quran for two reasons. One, yes, she is going to obey Sharia regardless. She has done it to this day, Barry. Every time she said no to something was because it was anti-Islam. Every time she tried to push in a new law, it’s pro-Sharia.

And I think the other part of it was actually to disrespect our history by taking an oath on a Quran that was kept in that library to remind us of what we’re not supposed to do. And we ended up exactly doing that very wrong thing, which was giving power to Islamic Sharia, practicing people who hate us, and our Constitution ordered by their prophet and their Allah.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, that explains a lot because so many people cannot figure out why she just seems to hate America and why she seems to have a different agenda. And I think you just put your finger on it. It’s because she looks to another guide, then we do. We have the United States Constitution. She has the Quran.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly, and if anybody would ever listen to you, Barry, or me and read the Quran, they would see that more than fifty-one percent of the Quran is an explanation on how to deal with non-Muslims.

Here are the ways you deal with them in the Quran: make them second-class citizens and bury them under Islamic taxes until they don’t have the money to pay anymore. Then give them an option to convert and if they don’t kill them. That is how the Quran is. Fifty-one percent of the Quran.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, that explains a lot, and it’s an explanation that I think is the underlying cause for her, what seems to be irrational statements on a daily basis and the pushing of a narrative that I think she’s making up as she goes along. Anni, thanks so much for coming on. We’ve got to continue this discussion. There’s so much we need to educate people on and tying it together with current political events that make no sense all of a sudden start making sense.

And it’s not good news, but we need to be arming our people with knowledge because knowledge is power. And ignorance of this, the underlying motivation for people that don’t like you, don’t like me, don’t like America, and certainly don’t like our way of life. Now, it makes more sense. For those of you out there ATP Land, I want to admonish you one more time.

Please sign up, get all of Anni Cyrus and me and everybody else, all of our guests, for free on your phone by simply texting the word TRUTH to 88202. For Anni Cyrus, I’m Barry Nussbaum. Thanks for joining us on ATP Report.

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Ilhan Omar’s Family Wants A Communist Revolution In America




Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. Our wonderful guest back today is an investigative journalist and congressional candidate, Laura Loomer, joining us from across the globe. Welcome back, Laura.

Laura Loomer: Thanks for having me.

Barry Nussbaum: So, let’s begin by talking about the daughter of your favorite Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar. I’m referring to Isra Hirsi, her 18-year-old daughter, who fancies herself a climate activist and a communist. She has just added the communist hammer and sickle to her Twitter bio, and she’s openly calling, get this, for a communist revolution.

She co-founded the US Youth Climate Strike and has gotten just fawning coverage from the press. So, this self-styled communist revolutionary also writes her mom’s tweets in some cases, and she espouses communism that killed well over one hundred million people in the last century. So, is her mom a communist, too?

Laura Loomer: So, what’s interesting here is what we see playing out is what’s called the Red-Green Alliance or the Marxist Jihadi Alliance. And so, you see Marxists and communists, they form, and they have been forming these deep ties and alliances to these jihadi Muslims like Ilhan Omar because they share the same end goal, which is ultimately the downfall of Western civilization and the erosion and destruction of the American constitution and American values. And so, it’s no surprise to me that Ilhan Omar, who is a jihadist and of course, we know that her daughter shares her jihadi views and sentiments because she herself has posted tweets in the past praising Muslim Brotherhood officials and also advocating in support of the violent rioters in Minneapolis in Antifa and BLM many of whom are Somali radical Muslim migrants.

And this isn’t the first time her daughter has had some controversy with regards to her own Twitter account. If you recall, during the BLM riots in Minneapolis, when rioters and domestic terrorists were threatening to burn down the police station. Her daughter actually tweeted and called on comrades to bring supplies to the anarchists who were trying to burn down the Minneapolis police department. And so, I would say that just like her mother, she’s a Marxist jihadist.

Barry Nussbaum: So, Laura, explain this to me because I’m just too dense to follow. How is it possible that people like you and me know about this, and it’s not in the press? She literally wants to destroy America, not dissimilar from her own mother. She’s calling for a communist overthrow of the United States government, and the press just loves her.

Laura Loomer: Yeah, well, of course, the press shares the same values as Ilhan Omar., right? Just last week, what was the press doing? They were cheerleaders for Hamas, just like Ilhan Omar. We found out that the Associated Press and Reuters and Al-Jazeera, and other media entities were actually sharing office space with Hamas’s terrorists.

When I went to Minnesota, I confronted Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, and I asked them to condemn Hamas. They refused to do it. So, it’s no surprise that the media is going to be praising not only the Jew-hating, Hamas-loving, terrorist-supporting congresswoman but also her spawn who espouse and share the same radical Marxist jihadist viewpoints. And what I find to be really funny about this whole situation is that apparently, right? Apparently, the Ivy League institutions of our country, they have so much animosity towards white people.

They have so much animosity towards conservatives. But if you’re a Marxist jihadist like Ilhan Omar’s daughter, where is she going to be going to school? Well, she’s going to be attending Columbia University. And an interesting fact about Columbia University that some people may not know. In 2015, and I’m sure it’s only gotten worse since then.

David Horowitz’s Freedom Center released a report about the most anti-Semitic universities in the country, and he found that Cornell and Columbia were some of the top two most anti-Semitic colleges, universities in America. So, it’s no surprise that the Jew-hating Muslim congresswoman’s daughter will be attending an anti-Semitic school.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, we, you, and I, will keep mentioning it. So, speaking of Hamas, Laura. In the month of May, I know this number is staggering, Hamas launched over 4,000 explosive rockets into Israel, targeting exclusively civilian populations to create the maximum amount of damage, deaths, and terror.

So, after they were starting to run low on rockets, well, they started demanding a cease-fire to the war that they started unilaterally. Israel agreed. And now there’s a cease-fire. Here’s what I really don’t get. Maybe you can explain it to me. Hamas starts a war. Israel defends itself and strikes Hamas military targets in Gaza almost exclusively. Now the world is lining up to send boatloads of cash to Hamas.

So far, over a billion dollars in aid has been pledged. Including a very big pile of money from Joe Biden’s White House. Why is the world responding like this? Literally, giving gifts based on terror created by the terrorists?

Laura Loomer: Because they want to see the eradication and the destruction of Israel, and so Joe Biden, of course, it would be very radical, right? It would be extremely radical for Joe Biden in his position as the illegitimate installed so-called President of the United States to call for all aid to Israel to be cut off because traditionally it’s been a bipartisan agreement to give aid and assistance to Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East.

One of the first things that Joe Biden did, of course, upon assuming office was he eradicated the travel ban to radical Islamic countries and then immediately reinstalled aid to the Palestinians, which was something that was reversed during the Trump administration out of respect for the Tailor Force Act because the Palestinians were using American aid to reward and give stipends to the family members of terrorists who murdered American citizens and Israelis.

And so, what this is, is it’s just a way for the Democrats and global leaders to without overtly saying we are going to give money to Hamas, right? Which you cannot do. Because Hamas is recognized as a designated Islamic terrorist organization in our country, they’re just going to give this aid for development purposes.

But we all know it’s not a coincidence the aid is going to go towards purchasing more rockets. And when you do the math of the 4,000 rockets that were fired into Israel, I wonder what the mathematical breakdown is?

How many rockets can you purchase with 235 million dollars? Because it’s not a coincidence that Hamas was able to fire 4,000 rockets directly after receiving 235 million dollars in aid from Joe Biden.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, the analysis I read out of Israel says those rockets cost at the maximum, the long-range rockets, Laura, $500. So, 200 million divided by 500, you get a gazillion rockets.

Laura Loomer: Well, we know that it’s not just going to end with firing rockets out of Gaza into Israel. Of course, the leaders of Hamas just released a statement the other day saying that they have 10,000-foot soldiers on the ground in Israel.

So, they’re talking about how they have Hamas’s terrorists who have infiltrated Israeli society, Israeli communities, and who knows what they’re going to do. But they clearly aren’t just going to stop firing rockets from Gaza into Israel.

Barry Nussbaum: So, Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005. And one of the talking points that the famous people were parroting as if it was a fact. What do you expect? Gaza is occupied territory. There’s not one single Jew living there. Not one single Israeli soldier. Not one single Israeli inside the territory, except for a couple of dead bodies of soldiers that Hamas refuses to return so they can be buried with the rest of their families in cemeteries in Israel.

Why in the world is that a talking point, not ridiculed in the press? It is the opposite, literally the definitional opposite of occupied territory. It’s been abandoned by Israel to the Hamas government.

Laura Loomer: Well, the press is inherently left-leaning. Right? And we know that the Democrat Party, as President Trump has famously said, ‘Is the party of Jew-haters and Israel-haters.’ We know that the press in America is a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party. We know that they are terrorist sympathizers.

And now, thanks to what just happened in Israel, with this conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, we learned, and we have evidence that American and foreign media entities that constantly demonize and falsely accused Israel of being an apartheid state or call Gaza occupied territory, they were literally sharing office space with Hamas’s terrorists.

And then they denied it. They denied it. And then, when there are calls for an investigation, the secretary of state said there wasn’t any evidence. Well, how do you rule out the evidence if you’re not even going to do an investigation? And so, it’s beyond just ignorance at this point in time.

I’m sure a lot of these people have been to Israel, if they haven’t, they can go for themselves and see. That there’s no such thing as apartheid or occupation when you have Muslims serving in the military in Israel. When you have Muslims serving in the Knesset, right? When you have Muslims integrated into society, working alongside, educating their children with, and participating in society with other Israeli Jews.

But, you know, it’s far more sinister than that because they are quite literally sharing space and breaking bread with terrorists. As we just learned two weeks ago.

Barry Nussbaum: Absolutely. So, in a similar vein, discussing the United States foreign policy, Iran is now enriching uranium to levels that only countries building nuclear weapons use. In other words, there is 60 percent enrichment, where if you’re using uranium for civilian purposes, you’re at two to three percent.

So, Iran is enriching uranium at 20 times civilian uses. So obviously, they’re building nuclear weapons. It’s no longer a secret, and nobody disputes it. So why in the world, if you have any idea, is America begging Iran to come back to the JCPOA so Iran can be removed from the sanctioned bad boy list and start receiving billions in funds coming in, starting with a big check from Joe Biden’s White House? Why are we doing that in the face of our weapons program?

Laura Loomer: This goes back to what I described as the Marxist jihadi alliance, okay? These people are working hand in hand to destroy Western civilization, to destroy American values, and to eradicate Israel. Those are their top three goals. And their fourth goal, of course, is to establish a global Islamic caliphate. But what does Joe Biden do?

Well, he gives the Palestinians 235 million dollars in aid. Right? He ends the travel ban to radical Islamic nations, opening our borders so that these radicals can come here and further destabilize our country. Now, another one of the first things he did upon assuming office was called for re-engagement with Iran and re-negotiations, as you just said.

The only reason to engage with people who chant ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel,’ and I’ve stated on numerous occasions; their plan to use nuclear weapons or nuclear technology to eradicate Israel, to kill Jews, and to kill Americans to help them complete their goal. And it’s very sinister what is happening right now. And this is something that Barack Hussein Obama did, right?

As our first Muslim President. He himself obviously had a lot of sympathies towards these Islamists and the Marxist jihadist alliance. He really catalyzed this concept of civilization, jihad. Which we’re watching unfold in our country right now. And the Joe Biden administration, as I’ve said numerous times before, is just a third term extension of the Barack Hussein Obama administration. And we’re watching it before our eyes.

Barry Nussbaum: Laura, thanks for coming on today. Where can people follow you and learn about what you’re doing?

Laura Loomer: Well, people can go to my website,, that’s I’m also running for Congress in Florida’s 21st congressional district, which is the most Jewish district in America. And if people want to learn more about my campaign, they can go to Laura Loomer for You won’t be able to find me on social media because I’m banned everywhere. But you can go to my website and send me an email.

Barry Nussbaum: For those of you out there in ATP land that haven’t yet subscribed to our text message alert system, please do that now. It’s very simple. Just take your cell phone, type the message TRUTH, and send it to the number 88202. You’ll be signed up for free. You’ll get all of our content on your cell phone absolutely free, including everything we do with Laura Loomer. For ATP Report, thanks for joining us. I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Convicted Terrorists Are Ok to Lecture at Colleges!




Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. We are very honored to have as our special guest today, a very famous Rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, who is known as America’s Rabbi.

He has a new book out, Holocaust Holiday, which I’m very pleased to announce, tells the story of the Holocaust from a first person’s perspective. The Rabbi actually took his family there. You’ve written three dozen books, which is extraordinary. Welcome, Rabbi. Let’s start off. Tell us about your new book.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Well, Holocaust Holiday details, a trip with my kids, my wife, my children to dozens of sites of mass extermination. Auschwitz, Birkenau, Sachsenhausen, Mauthausen places that just bring to mind unspeakable horror.

The idea was that my kids should be exposed to these places, even our eight-year-old daughter in order that they should understand, never again. It must be never again and that the six million cannot be forgotten. Some of the stories are just very poignant like our eight-year-old daughter, whose birthday is July 3rd before the Fourth of July saying to us, “Mommy, please, whatever you do I don’t want to spend my birthday at Auschwitz.”

Wow. Your eight-year-old daughter said something like that. So instead, she spent her birthday at the Lodge Ghetto, not much better, where 275,000 Jews died instead of 1.1 million as in Auschwitz. That book is out in a month and we’ll see. It was a harrowing journey and, but I hope it’s an inspiration.

Barry Nussbaum: Unbelievable and I would encourage all of our listeners and viewers around the world, please go get this book. It documents the history of not only the Rabbi’s family but my family as well, especially in regard to Auschwitz. Thank you for doing that. So BDS is on fire across America, on college campuses primarily, and it seems to be beaten back frequently.

But it’s one step forward, two steps backward, three steps sideways. There’s a story out now about Leila Khaled. She was one of the prominent leaders of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. She was one of the hijackers in 1969 of TWA Flight 840. She would have blown the plane up. She rolled a grenade down the hall of the plane and but for the Israeli commandos who happened to be on the plane, she would have brought the plane down and killed herself.

She was convicted of half a dozen charges. Astoundingly, she was let out of jail in a prisoner exchange. Now she’s a hero as a freedom fighter, Rabbi. And right now, they’re debating her coming to American universities because she has an alternative reality to tell and under academic freedom, that should be, okay?

What do you make of it when somebody that’s a convicted murderer like her, literally, is just someone to debate on a college campus instead of being in prison where she belongs? What is it today that makes it okay for someone that wanted to kill hundreds to be on a college campus?

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Well, think about the irony of us discussing this on the table with Derek Chauvin who was found guilty of second-degree murder in George Floyd and third-degree murder and manslaughter. Can you imagine if in a few years-times if he were to be released? If he was suddenly lecturing on university campuses? The uproar?

Barry Nussbaum: It’s the same thing.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Well, she’s so much worse because that was premeditated murder. She was a terrorist whose entire purpose was to murder people. It’s unthinkable that Derek Chauvin would be welcomed as some kind of hero. And it’s unthinkable Leila Khaled would be welcomed either.

The difference, of course, is that Jewish life is so often trivialized that if you murder Jews, you kind of get away with it. And I think that responsibility falls upon our community, that we allow this to happen, that the Jewish students at campuses around the United States are not protesting. This outrage is itself outrageous and has to be reversed.

Barry Nussbaum: Absolutely. It’s disgusting beyond words. And in my same opinion about disgust, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who was elected for a few year-terms and he’s still there, never left, probably stolen billions from the Palestinian Authority, lives like a king are, in my mind, a murderer.

He’s been paying ‘Pay for Slay’ Palestinians to slaughter Jews for decades. He seems to think that’s a great idea. He gets invited to J Street’s convention a couple of days ago and makes his speech about how Israel is a military dictatorship and needs pressure from the United States to change its policies.

He’s welcomed with open arms. How is it possible, Rabbi, that J Street, who supports BDS, has a terrorist as a keynote speaker and the Jews, some of them support him and non-Jews support him and them, J Street as if it’s just a political dialog?

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Well, you know, one of my favorite TV debates that I’ve ever done was against the head of J Street on CNN. It was a morning show and they’re an interesting organization. They’ve outdone themselves this year at their convention because not only did they have Mahmoud Abbas, as you said, he runs a kleptocracy.

It’s not just about how he approaches himself, but his sons, Yasser Toric. They’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars. They control the cigarette trade. They control all construction. He’s actually not good at stealing because Yasser Arafat was a billionaire and he’s only worth hundreds of millions.

That’s a shame that he’s not like that around it. Arafat died one of the richest men in the world, but Abbas needs to we want to see him be more effective in pilfering the international aid that goes to poor Palestinians. That makes him a rich man. But J Street has outdone themselves this year because, you know, every speech you read about was like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders calling for the end of aid to Israel.

And I think they’ve done a very effective job of having a convention that has condemned Israel thoroughly and completely. It just goes to show you actually just how out of touch J Street is because we would never believe that a day would come when the UAE or Morocco or Bahrain would be more pro-Israel than J Street, but that day has come and, you know, enough said about it.

I’m sure that Arab countries look at these conventions and they kind of wonder what is up with the Jews that they have all these conventions that are condemning their own. But I find that it would be laughable if wasn’t so tragic.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let’s talk about how bad it really got, Rabbi. They gave their peace prize to Jimmy Carter, maybe the worst president in American history in regard to the Jewish state, who thinks the Jewish state is as bad or worse than South Africa at the peak of their apartheid movement.

I mean, that’s an abomination that I can’t even describe and relatively compare to anything else. And yet Carter was there, and he gets the prize for being such a great peacemaker. He hates Israel and is no friend of the Jews. Does this organization truly want to see Israel destroyed or not a Jewish state anymore? Or what’s your take?

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: I think you need trajectory. You need to look at their relevance to the American people as opposed to just their irrelevance to the Jewish community. Jimmy Carter wasn’t the worst president in American history vis a vis Israel.

He was simply one of the worst presidents in American history period. He was utterly repudiated by the American people. He lost in the landslide to Ronald Reagan. He is routinely ranked by American historian’s top two or three worst presidents.

I should really say the bottom of the list. You know he’s there with Warren Harding and with ah, I’ve got to think of some of the others, Millard Fillmore and all these forgettable presidents and his legacy is Ayatollah Khomeini coming to power and not being able to foresee the rise of Islamic terrorism.

His legacy is the American Misery Index. So, you know, I kind of feel sorry for Carter because I think he was always a well-intentioned man. He wanted what was best and yet what could he do? He failed as a leader and president and I think it’s really nice of J Street to try to rehabilitate him. When no one else seems to really want him.

Barry Nussbaum: Well on that subject, Rabbi, you raised a point in an earlier discussion you and I had that American Jews don’t seem to be comfortable with really defending their brethren, both here in the United States and overseas, their extended families in Israel. Why in the world is it?

I used to do network shows every week on a major national network, and I used to get asked the question all the time. It became so embarrassing for me because I couldn’t explain why Jews wouldn’t stick up for Jewish issues and they were more progressive than they were Jewish as if that’s a competing religion.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Well, look at the Mormons versus the Jews in terms of even just philanthropy. So, something like 90 percent of all Mormon philanthropy goes to Mormon causes and 10 percent will go to other causes. That’s also a function effectively, of the tithe, et cetera.

The Jews are the exact opposite, 90 percent of all Jewish philanthropy goes to non-Jewish causes. Now, I love the fact that we’re generous and we care about all of God’s children. I love that Jewish philanthropists and Jewish charity goes to African American causes and Latin American causes and Catholic and Christian.

But you kind of have to wonder why we are not more of a priority to ourselves, and that has to do with the deterioration of Jewish identity in our time. Where does Jewish identity come from? It comes from the Jewish religion, Jewish observance. It comes from Israel. It comes from Jewish pride. It comes from Jewish history.

Given the forgetfulness about things like the Holocaust, 68 percent of Americans never heard of Auschwitz, according to the New York Times. Given the high levels of assimilation, given how many Jews are just not connected to Israel, we do see a deterioration of support. Now, there are good things that are happening.

Birthright Israel is connecting hundreds of thousands of young Jews. But the best thing that’s happening is that Israel is really forging its own way right now. Israel used to be seen as kind of the poor Jewish cousin to American Jewry. That’s not the case anymore. Israel today is a technological superpower.

Thank God it’s an agricultural superpower. It’s becoming a diplomatic superpower, and it’s a coronavirus superpower, thank God. It’s done better than most countries in the world. American Jews better wake up to the fact that they’re thinking, well, Israel really needs us, and if we kind of frowned on Netanyahu’s policies or his government, we’re not going to support Israel. It’s the exact opposite that is kind of true.

Israeli Jews are looking at American Jews and they’re saying, you know, we’re going to be around in 50 years, God willing. We’re not sure how strong your own communities and the United States are going to be in 50 years, that you’re disappearing through rapid rates of assimilation and the deterioration of core institutions of American Jewry.

That’s something that we really have to focus on, whether it’s rebuilding synagogues, temples, you know, of every denomination, but just instilling a strong Jewish identity, but especially getting American Jews to feel connected to Israel because Israel’s the ancient Jewish homeland and if you don’t have a home, then you’re very humanity is compromised.

Israel gives every American Jews great pride. And that was Herzl’s original vision. It wasn’t only that there would be a place for Jews to leave from European anti-Semitism, it would be that Jewish know-how would prove itself in building a state that would be a wonder and a miracle to the world. Which is what Israel has become.

Barry Nussbaum: Are you one of the Rabbis for Jewish leaders of major reputation that believes, this is my theory, that for many American Jews, their religion has become progressivism under the slogan of Tikkun Olam to heal the world instead of Jewish values and as the basis of those Jewish values, Zion, and the return to Jerusalem?

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Well, it’s the reason why we call our organization The World Values Network. We believe that universal Jewish values are the mainstay of Western civilization. It’s not even Judeo-Christian values, although we, of course, value the incredible friendship we have with our Christian brothers and sisters in general, the evangelical brothers and sisters in particular.

But it’s not even Judeo-Christian values. Jewish values proceeded even that universal Jewish values, values in the Torah. So many of my Christian brothers and sisters are now looking to discover the Jewishness of Jesus and understanding the life that he lived as a Jew in order to deepen their own affinity with Christianity.

I wrote the book, Kosher Jesus, for that reason. But whether progressivism is any religion or not is kind of beside the point because it’s not about whether Jews have abandoned Judaism in favor of supplanting of something else. It’s really about whether we can reconnect them with tradition.

That’s one of the reasons, as a Chabad rabbi, that I so value the legacy of the Lubavitcher. Who believed that getting the Jewish community throughout the world to do just one mitzvah, you know, or to light Shabbos candles? We Jews, when it comes to our tradition, are good at certain things.

We’re good at circumcision because 95 percent of Jewish boys, were good at Passover, which is celebrated by 90 percent of Jews. We’re terrible and other things. And then we go to Rashida Yom Kippur services like probably 70 percent of us vowing to never go again except for those three days a year. But we’re terrible at other things. You know, we’re only now discovering what Hanukkah is.

It’s almost and we see it as like a Jewish Christmas, which is not. It’s really a great festival of Jewish liberation and how the Maccabees fought to be free, and which is now captured by the state of Israel as it fights to be free. And the menorah is a universal symbol of Jewish freedom and sorry, of religious freedom, religious liberty.

But we’re just rediscovering so much of our tradition. But Israel, Israel is a critical part of it because the rebirth of the Jewish people in their ancient homeland is that this great prophecy that the Jews would return. And it’s almost like our Christian brothers and sisters really get it. They look at scripture, they look at the Bible and they believe these prophecies and they say, “Wow, it’s happened.”

And the Jews are more like, “Oh, I don’t know.” You know, we’re almost afraid to ascribe the divinity to our scripture the way our Christian brothers and sisters do so readily and do so easily. I mean, we have to kind of learn something from them in doing just that.

In taking seriously the words of the prophets about a return to Zion and taking seriously the words of the Bible that through Israel and through the Jewish people, the whole world will be blessed.

Barry Nussbaum: Well said. How can people find out about what you’re doing?

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Oh, well, we need everybody’s support and help. So, the World Values Network. Go to Worldvalues.US, go to One of the things that we’re really good at. So many organizations in general and Jewish organizations in particular, focus on what I call bricks and mortar philanthropy.

So, their money goes, and they put up beautiful building schools and they’re all necessary. Our money doesn’t go to that. Our money goes to national media campaigns to promote Jewish values and protect the state of Israel and stop genocide.

Those are our three priorities. Promote universal Jewish values, make America a stronger nation, families, everything. Number 2, defend Israel and stop the demonization of Israel and go on the attack against Israel’s enemies in the media and finally stop genocide. Remember the six million but stop all genocides and all human rights abuses in the name of never again.

And we raise millions and millions of dollars from people all over the world in large donations, small donations. And like I said, we are one of the largest full-page advertisers in the history of the New York Times for advocacy ads. And we’re very excited about it.

Barry Nussbaum: Good for you. I encourage all of our viewers to go check him out. He’s a wise man. You’ll learn something. And for those of you that haven’t subscribed yet to our text message alert system, take out your cell phone, text the message TRUTH in the message box, and send it to 88202.

You’ll be signed up. You get all of our shows like this one with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach absolutely for free on your cell phone. For Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, I’m Barry Nussbaum. Thanks for joining us at ATP Report.

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