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Katie Hopkins: Insane COVID-19 Rules Just Got Crazier!



Katie Hopkins: I wanted to bring you a brief update from Europe and let you know the latest craziness that is going on in batshit bonkers Britain. We’re just emerging from lockdown, a formal lockdown into a new tiered system, much like you good guys in America. None of us really know what the tiered system will be.

It seems to be lockdown in all but name, and much like in certain states of America, politicians are making up rules as they go along. I’d like to give you a few examples if I may. We’re getting told what will remain open when we come out of lockdown. For example, shisha bars, which are places people go to smoke those long pipe things, can remain open, but they must not serve shisha.

So, the shop can open, but it must not serve shisha. I would say to all of us, of course, one of the things we need to keep asking is, this helps us not spread COVID how? How is it that shops can open but not sell the thing that they sell? Other rules that the British state wants to impose on its own people for what is a mild seasonal flu pubs, bars, and restaurants in some tiers will open, but you’re only going to be allowed to order a drink if you order a substantial meal.

They’re now going to define for regular British people, people capable of, you know, functioning, going to school, having a job, having children, being married, they’re going to tell us what a substantial meal is so that we are allowed to order a drink in a pub, a bar or restaurant.

It is not a packet of crisps, and it is certainly not a plate of fries. That’s the government now defining what we have to eat in order to be able to have a drink. That’s happening right now in the U.K. Again, how does COVID know if someone’s only having a snack versus having a substantial meal?

I know America can seem crazy, and you guys are going through the worst of times, but I don’t know if it is reassuring to know that the same is happening here in the U.K., where we’re only going to be allowed to order a drink in certain areas of my country if a meal that we order is considered substantial enough. I mean, the craziness never ends.

Just like I’ve seen your monsters are pushing over their Thanksgiving safety. I saw, I believe, California Governors and others, Michigan, I believe, pushing these Thanksgiving safety rules. I don’t know if you’ve had a look at them. You’ve seen it before. I think no singing or shouting. One person serves the food, no potluck-style gatherings. Guest should bring their own food and drinks, keep pets away from guests.

I mean, really, can you imagine the state, the American government, or rather Governors of states telling you what you were allowed to do inside your own homes for Thanksgiving? Of course, it’s no coincidence that precisely the same is running in the U.K., where we’re being told what we’re going to be allowed to do for Christmas. Families will be allowed to meet at Christmas, government confirms.

I mean, it’s a wonder, isn’t it how we managed to survive this stifling oppressiveness where they are absolutely coming for things that we used to rely on being able to do. You know, the reason we have Thanksgiving, the reason we have Christmas, apart from being a celebratory affair or a religious festival of significance, the reason we have these things is because we want to come together to fill each other up.

We know best of all, our side knows that when we’re together, that’s when we feel better. It’s almost like the state Governors like the government in the UK, England, Scotland, Ireland, and elsewhere don’t want us to come together. Don’t want us to feel better because it is easier to batter us down. If I may, I will throw to a clip, which I’m hoping we can show you.

Just yesterday in the U.K., we are unsure if it’s 72 or 76. Either way, a 70 plus elderly lady stood with a sign outside parliament peacefully on her own, just stood there. I think she may have had one friend with her asserting our freedoms that she did not want to be locked down.

That she would rather live her life and the police came along, as you’ll see in this clip, and the way they handled her was horrific. I mean, if that was my mother, they spread-eagled her, the humiliation level in itself was terrible. Then they threw her into the back of a police wagon and drove her off, citing COVID regulations.

This speaks to the duality, the double standards of policing going on. There is a different policing for white people in the U.K. For example, if you’re Black Lives Matter, you’re allowed to gather in your thousands and protest. If you were a little white, elderly lady who stood politely with a sign, you get treated in an embarrassing manner and thrown in the back of a wagon.

You’ll see in the clip as well that an MP, a member of parliament, an elected representative, watches this and is outraged himself. He can’t understand how this can possibly be happening in the U.K. today. That elderly ladies can be bundled into the back of wagons and driven off effectively kidnapped by the state for speaking out against the narrative.

Of course, I suppose the message is what happens in the U.K. tends to happen in America eventually as well. But of course, it is not all doom and gloom. If you would like more updates from me midweek, then please do text. You can text absolutely free on 88202. So that’s in the United States. You can text 88202 absolutely free in partnership with the American Truth Project.

We will send updates just like this straight to your phone. Of course, you know, we should always say it is not that we need to agree. I don’t think that has ever been the ambition of any of us and certainly has never been the precursor to debate. This is about hearing truths that, of course, otherwise you aren’t allowed to hear and securing networks of our own that we can look after as we all seek to hold on to each other through these tough times.

Remember my three keywords as we go through this sea of madness that we’re all swimming through. We have to resist, we have to defy, and we will prevail. We will build islands of sanity, and together we will prevail.

So do join us at ATP Report and do text the letters KTH. That’s the letters. KTH, my name Katie Hopkins. Text KTH to 88202 to get more updates like this to your phone absolutely free.

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Katie Hopkins Report

Europe Bans Covid Vaccine




Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. It’s another Katie and Barry show with the beautiful, brilliant, and talented Katie Hopkins joining us from sunny southern Mexico. Hi, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Thanks for saying those nice things. Yes, it’s great to be here in Mexico because the people here have to work to eat. They’re still out there out and about very different than locked down Britain.

Barry Nussbaum: I bet. Speaking of Britain, there is a massive controversy on the European continent, and it concerns a difference of opinion between the UK and the EU.

There are incredible numbers of reports coming out of Europe relating to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine causing, literally, brain clots, seizures, and deaths, and the EU has a different opinion than the UK. Let’s start with this. What countries are involved, are upset, and are now restricting the use of the vaccine?

Katie Hopkins: Well, the list Barry is, I think, shocking in itself. I’m just going to read you through the ones that we know of for certain right now, Austria. Austria, actually, we should pause on because Austria had three women under the age of 45 all have very serious and traumatic clots after having the vaccine.

One of those went on to die, two had to go to the ICU. Austria was really the starting point. Okay, the list of countries that have now suspended it Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Cyprus, Sweden has all banned the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Barry Nussbaum: Wow because it’s causing clots in the brain and seizures in the brain. Is that correct?

Katie Hopkins: Yes, it’s a sort of a deep vein thrombosis, which some I don’t know. My mom, for example, had DVT in her little legs because of her veins. So, it’s clotting in veins, but then at a very serious level, clearly causing the death of certain individuals. There are different stories going on, Barry.

In Germany, the Minister of Health has come out and said that the incidence of clotting after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine is three or four times higher than it should be, i.e., in a normal population. That seems to be the story that’s coming from these countries that have suspended it.

However, official data, AstraZeneca, the British government are all saying, “No, no, no, that’s nonsense. There’s no more incidence of clotting than you would expect.” Which one do you believe?

Barry Nussbaum: I don’t know. I mean, neither one of us are doctors, but when you have almost the entire continent of Europe and countries on the other side in the British Isles all saying no more use of the vaccine.

This is not a rumor. This is not something minor. This is not something statistically, numerically inappropriate to base a country’s policy on. This is some serious stuff.

Katie Hopkins: I mean, it really is, and the other thing, Barry, I really feel we lose track of this. We get so far down these rabbit holes, right? No, take the vaccine. This population is that. This population is that. There are this many clots in this many people.

The real conversation, I think, or at some level, is, were you more at risk from COVID, or are you now in a worse position because you had the vaccine? What I mean is we’ve gone a long way away from 99.7% of people who could have COVID and have no serious side effects and be perfectly fine.

So why do you then find yourself taking a vaccine and then having a vaccine that ends up in the example of Austria with you either in intensive care or losing your life when for a 45-year-old woman, COVID was typically not going to have any impact on you whatsoever?

I mean, it is just gut-wrenching, and it’s gut-wrenching for me, Barry, that the British government is still pushing this vaccine on people as we speak. People are receiving this vaccine as others suspend it, and Boris Johnson says, “Oh, they are just being kind of childish about the fact we voted Brexit.”

He says, “It’s in retaliation for Brexit.” I mean, are we talking politics here, or are we talking medicine and health? Which is it, you know, or is it crossed?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, you know, that’s a really interesting comment because I think your insight is right. It’s spot on when you have them, well, I guess you’d call it the people’s reports pouring in from country after country after country.

And finally, the Governments across Europe are saying immediate emergency halt to all inoculations using this formula. Then the UK is off in a field by itself, saying, “No, no, no, it’s just politics.”

When country after country after country after country after country, which you listed. I can’t even believe the list. It’s growing daily, are suspending the use of this. It’s not politics. They’re trying to save lives. Right?

Katie Hopkins: Right.

Barry Nussbaum: The vaccine presents a risk to the population that is worse than COVID. In other words, in the eyes of the legislatures, the ruling parties, the governments of these countries, or all of the above, say you’re more at risk from the vaccine than you are from getting a very bad flu, which happens to be called COVID-19.

Ergo, take the risk of the vaccine away if you get COVID, well, you have a better chance, and you’re not going to get a brain tumor. That should be really, really disconcerting, don’t you think?

Katie Hopkins: Absolutely. I think and geographically speaking, if I see this from a British perspective, we have Ireland who is just rubbing shoulders with us. It’s the little island next door to us. Ireland is saying, “No, we don’t want it. We won’t have it.”

So, our closest neighbor, part of Great Britain, is saying “No,” and yet England is still persisting. One of the things I always want to ask politicians at this kind of juncture, I’d love to be in front of them, in their face, you know, and ask them, would you give it to your child? You know, and I don’t mean the baby or something.

That’s outrageous. But I mean to your twenty-four-year-old son? You’re thirty-five-year-old daughter? Would you give them this vaccine? Because I really wonder about that. Do politicians preach this out to the people but then protect their own? Are they making sure that their family members don’t get this particular sort of vaccine because it’s high risk?

And why are people prepared to take these risks with their own lives? Do people value their- do we brainwash them so completely that they lost all sense of what is good for them and what is bad? I think the answer to that clearly is, yes, we did. You know, people have been brainwashed, and it really has worked.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, let me ask you a question that I ask everybody this, and nobody gives me an answer that is logical, at least in my perception. Maybe such a wise woman as yourself will be able to answer for me.

If everybody is getting the vaccine, right? And you believe it works. You don’t want the vaccine, right, but everyone else has it. Why are people so mad at you for not getting it? In other words, if you get on a plane and you’re the only one on the plane without the vaccine, and everyone else has it, then they’re immune, aren’t they?

Why do they want to force it on you? Why do they not want you to travel? Why do they not want you to be able to interact with businesses? Why do you have to be segregated if a vaccine works? Then it works, and if it doesn’t, well, then it doesn’t and don’t get it. Can you explain that? Because I don’t understand that concept.

Katie Hopkins: Right. It’s an absolutely bonkers notion when you start to pull back to any arguments the left has used historically to fix my body, my choice. You know, that then gets ripped up when it comes to this scenario because this is something, they do want you to believe in.

Actually, on my plane journey here to Mexico, I read this pamphlet off of leaflets that someone sent to me from inside our socialized health care system. It was essentially a script for how you persuade people at different ages that they should have the vaccine. So, it was basically like the sort of a way of convincing people that don’t want to have it why they should have it.

It gave horrible examples of how your grandchildren will be more proud of you if you have it than if you don’t, kind of emotive coercive manipulation techniques for persuading people to have it. So, you know, you add that kind of scripting that’s coming from inside the NHS to a vaccine with proven detrimental health side effects, and suddenly this is real evil that’s happening in front of our very eyes.

I think you and I would both say it wouldn’t be something we would be going anywhere near. But then, of course, people say, “Well, I want to be able to go on holiday. I want to be able to go to a bar or restaurant.” They start to, you know, British people are already accepting there’s going to be a vaccine passport.

Are you going to be part of the in-team that has got it, or are you going to be left on the outside? That’s the sort of conversations people are having, I guess.

Barry Nussbaum: So why? If you know or can explain it to me, do I have to get it? If you got it and you’re immune, and I can’t infect you, why do you care if I have it?

Katie Hopkins: I think it’s this weird sense that if you don’t, you might persuade someone else they shouldn’t. Then if they persuade another two people, they won’t either. Then all of a sudden, our system of ultimate compliance and state control will fail. I think that’s where masks have been such a good way for the states to be able to test.

Can I get people to comply? In the British example, every single time they’ve realized, yes, we can. We can take this from them, and they’ll say nothing. We can mask them, and they’ll say nothing. As long as we keep paying them, they’ll do whatever we say.

It makes me very ashamed, Barry, that that is certainly what’s gone on. And that sense of coercion from your neighbors is absolutely strongly felt in the UK.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, thanks for explaining it to me. It’s horrifying if that is the right answer because that is really scary because it’s a very slippery slope to totalitarianism when that kind of logic is accepted by the majority of our citizenry.

Katie Hopkins: We wanted to tell you one other thing, Barry, sorry to dive in. I just saw it on the news. I think it’s been pushed out hard. A professional sort of celebrity cellist has had his vaccine saying, get this for his scripted narrative. Had his vaccine, he was so overwhelmed with emotion and joy at having the vaccine.

He got in his cello and started playing a cello concerto in the room where he had his vaccine, and the media just happened to be there to film it. So, vaccines make you play cello concertos. Okay, good, good. Just normal. Fine.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, and that was just a coincidence that they showed up with camera crews.

Katie Hopkins: Oh, just pure chance, Barry, pure chance.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks, Katie. I sure appreciate your time today, and I appreciate your insight; and I hope you’re wrong, but I don’t think you are. Sadly. So, thank you for Katie Hopkins today, and thank you for me, Barry Nussbaum, for joining us on ATP Report.

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Katie Hopkins Report

Is the Royal Family Really Racist?




Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. It’s the Katie and Barry show, which means Katie Hopkins is here with us today, but in North America, no longer in Britain. Hi, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Nearly in North America, proper, yeah. But as it happens here, where I am in Mexico, my Wi-Fi is actually better than at my home address in the UK. Who’d have thought it?

Barry Nussbaum: Exactly, way to go, Mexico. I want to ask you about something that seems a little bit silly, but it’s all anybody’s talking about in the United States, with the exception of Biden falling asleep on camera.

That is your royal family and the big blow-up with Oprah that happened a couple of days ago. You were telling me that you actually know Piers Morgan, and let’s start with that. He walked off the morning show on live camera, and you have an inside scoop. Why did he do it?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, absolutely. Piers and I were kind of brother and sister, so to speak, on MailOnline. He was the lead columnist, and I was the female lead columnist. We go back a fair old way. He invited me to his highly sought-after Christmas party. I have to add that I did not go.

But Piers Morgan is, you know, he knows the game he’s playing. He’s a brilliant, brilliant media operator. You may love him. You may hate him, but he is such a sophisticated user of the media. He walked off because he had been deluged by criticism, and Piers doesn’t take criticism well.

More complaints through the official regulator Ofcom than ever in any program in history. Forty-one thousand complaints. Meghan Markle herself complaining to the show, which would have terrified the producers. I think, and I believe he was told he had to make an on-air apology and a written apology.

He refused, and so he walked off. Now, of course, he’s being lorded in many quarters as a kind of ambassador for free speech. Whereas really, the row was about the fact that he said he didn’t believe Meghan Markle’s mental health story.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, you know, I watched the Oprah thing, and without knowing the background and without having anything verified, anybody can say anything. Once it goes out into the public, it becomes, well, semi, if not completely factual in the minds of the vast majority of viewers.

I mean, the biggest question from America’s perspective right now is you have a lady in the royal family who left the royal family with her husband, who was in line succession to be King someday, possibly over, among other things, a claim by her and her husband that the royal family is racist. What do you make of it?

Katie Hopkins: This is the thing, Barry. You’re a media operator. You know how this works. If you were Oprah, what’s the one thing you want out of Meghan for that interview? You want some scoop about color and the royal family.

You want something on that because you want that to be the explosive issue. What’s the most and the easiest way to detonate a hand grenade in a room in America right now? It is to whip up the Black Lives Matter movement, and Meghan Markle is a sophisticated expert at segmenting people according to victim status and weaponizing it.

he did it when she spoke about her miscarriage. Very sad, but that has a certain amount of sort of power to her. Then it became mental health. We saw this with Oprah. She said she was suicidal but that no one cared. So now she’s got mental health. Then, they questioned Archie’s color. They said he would be too black. Now she’s got the Black Lives Matter ticket, as well.

She basically lined up every victimhood status you can have, and she made it- you can’t criticize any of those things as Piers Morgan learned to his cost. My personal opinion, Barry, has been that she is a manipulator. I completely agree with Piers’ opinion that she’ll make up anything to advance herself.

My biggest question of all to make is, and it remains unanswered, is why on earth did she marry into that family when it’s perfectly obvious it’s not a normal setup? No one goes into that thinking it’s going to be like, oh yeah, a regular mom and dad, you know, a regular grandma. She’s the Queen. It’s different. Get over it.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, look, we really don’t know. I happen to personally have a great aversion to unnamed sources. I just hate it, and the one thing she did was she unnamed, the one unnamed source. Which is it didn’t come from the Queen or her husband.

This leaves out, well, everybody else in the family, plus the firm with an unsubstantiated claim of, well, racism. We don’t know what we don’t know, so it’s very hard to opine. I want to respond to something you just said about manipulation.

I saw about two dozen Instagram posts that she put up long before she was in the royal family. Very sexy, provocative poses with various guys in various situations. She looked like an Instagram media darling. You know, hey, look at me, I’m at a party. Hey, look at me, I’m at the beach. That kind of thing, you know.

Those posts, I understand, were swept away when she entered the royal family. But people capture that stuff. Like they say, the Internet is forever. It seems to me she knows very well, based on her background, how to get press. Does that seem accurate to you?

Katie Hopkins: I think that’s entirely fair. This history of manipulation is there. The history of being in front of cameras and wanting to be in front of cameras and wanting attention is absolutely there. Right back from when she used to, you know, she was a perfume model for a while.

Where she held the bottle of perfume looking pretty. When she was an actress, she was white. That is on her CV, that she is a white actress. She’s just learned now, of course, that it’s much more valuable for her to be definitely very black indeed.

Then there are other stories that are far darker, like her wearing Princess Lady Diana’s perfume to her first date with Prince Harry. From a female’s perspective, one of the things men relate to, you can always smell your mother.

I can smell. I know what my mom smells like. You bring in a new girlfriend who now smells like the mother I no longer have, you’ve got someone there who is a next-level operator in terms of being able to manipulate people.

The thing is, she does it all the while, Barry, with this face on. I really want to get hold of her little cheeks and go (shaking cheeks) a little because she does it with this ‘I’m so pious face,’ and you know, that face is acted as well. That isn’t a real face.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, someday we may know the truth, Katie. But we may never know because the royals have circled the wagons, so to speak, and the firm that runs the royal family, the non-royals, who are the support staff, permanently have circled the wagons.

We may never know. I do want to ask you one quick political question in regard to all of this. You know, I was reading that the royal family began having its powers limited by the people outside the royal family going back in the 15th and 16th century first with the House of Lords and then the House of Commons and then the royal family having great power.

But now, it’s mostly limited and mostly ceremonial. We seem to be going in the opposite direction in the United States. Where we don’t have a royal family but now the legislature is being bypassed dramatically by the White House which is being led by somebody who obviously isn’t leading but is being manipulated by unseen forces.

Do you find it ironic that Britain seems to have tried to give its people more power while at the same time powers are being limited of the people in the United States?

Katie Hopkins: It’s really strange. That’s such a great observation, Barry, and I hadn’t really thought about it that way but it’s absolutely true. You know, the Queen and her family are very much figureheads. Someone we look to, and actually the really sweet thing is she’s seen, well, I don’t know, 20 prime ministers, maybe more come and go.

It is always a sort of, it reminds you of the pecking order of things when a new prime minister arrives, and it’s all kind of puffed up and feeling very powerful. The Queen sort of pats him on the head and goes, yes, yes, you’ll come, and you’ll go. But you’re right.

We have that power pushed away from the monarchy and back to the people. It is almost as if Biden has gone into some weird position as King, where no one can touch him, no one can talk to him. You can’t ask him questions. He’s put himself behind a massive wall.

He lives in his castle, and he sends out his minions, and we don’t see him or hear from him. It reminds me of those presidents that, you know, in Algeria, their president is supposed to be dead but pretending to be alive. You know how long before that happens in America as well? If Biden died, would anyone tell us?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, certainly it wouldn’t be the press, Katie, because they’re not allowed to talk to him. Thanks for coming on today all the way from Mexico. We appreciate you very much.

I want to remind our viewers who haven’t yet subscribed to please send the message TRUTH to 88202. We’ll sign you up. You’ll get all of us for free on your cell phone always. For Katie Hopkins. I’m Barry Nussbaum thanks for coming to ATP Report.


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Katie Hopkins Report

Katie Hopkins: No Jab! No Job!




Katie Hopkins: Hello from me. Katie Hopkins here on behalf of ATP American Truth Project. If you aren’t already a family member here at ATP, why not text us? It’s absolutely free in the USA. You just text the word TRUTH to 88202, and we can send all of our content straight to your phone. Absolutely free.

I want to bring you four key points from Europe as part of your daily briefing from me here in the cloudy and gray UK. The UK is enduring one of the harshest lockdowns still that there are. We have the sixth harshest lockdown on the planet according to academics from Oxford University and the second harshest lockdown in Western Europe.

I don’t know why I’m smiling. We’re behind Cuba, Eritrea, Honduras, Lebanon and Peru, and Ireland. Of course, many of those places are no strangers to military coups and indeed breed lines. It’s just something here in the UK we’re not that used to. I believe here that lockdown isn’t the destination. It’s not the endpoint.

Lockdown is just a mechanism to forcing vaccines on us through the back door, as it were. We’re just finding out that there is now going to be testing for all our children as young as seven to be able to go back to school.

I’ve got letters from parents saying if you don’t test your child, you don’t get to send them back to school. So, I mean, it’s sort of like blackmail. It’s certainly coercion. If you want a school place for your child, you have to have them tested.

We have no jab, no job. New job contracts coming into place that if you don’t have the vaccine, you can’t be employed by this employer. I’m certain that here in the UK we’re going to see vaccine passports very soon, meaning that if you don’t have the vaccine, you become a kind of social outcast. You become incredibly isolated.

The other thing I want to talk to you about is an unbelievable police campaign here in the UK. I’m just getting an image of it for you, where Merseyside Police had this on a van in a city center as part of their communication campaign to get people to record and to call into the police with hate crimes that they feel that they’ve been threatened with.

“Being offensive is an offense.” This was an actual communication put on a van in a city center in the UK. “Being offensive is an offense.” Now, Merseyside Police have tried to walk that back a little bit but let’s not forget, this is kind of a reality in the UK. I have been interviewed under caution for being offensive.

Of course, this had to get through layers of sign-off, didn’t it? Someone had to sign off on this and they surely did. This is the dark path I’ve been warning. Do not become like this in America, and I think you guys can feel yourself falling pretty, pretty fast.

I want to bring you to point three, an update on the Royals. There’s been a right royal ruckus here in the UK. Try saying that if you can’t pronounce your R’s. Sadly, we have Prince Philip love his heart in the hospital and he’s not doing at all well.

You have the Queen still being solid and standing firm and telling Harry and Meghan that their new publicity-based life is not compatible with royal duties and she’s stripped them of all their patronages. It’s very sad to see Prince Harry looking a shadow of his former self.

I think we’re going to see that horrible Oprah interview with Megan and Harry very soon. But amazing to see our Queen still standing very firm. I wanted to just waft across your attention, the French elections, they’re going to take place in April 2022. So interesting.

You have Macron a centrist leftist. You have Marine Le Pen, who is France’s very own Trump. She’s been around for decades now and endured. What we’re seeing is Macron on the center-left, taking more and more hardline policies on the Islamist invasion of Paris because, of course, he wants to appeal to her voters.

He even resisted the last lockdown out and said, “No.” Because he knows that he needs to be popular ahead of those elections in 2022. So, it’s something to watch out for. Anyway, that’s it for your European roundup from me, Katie Hopkins here at ATP Report.

And do you remember if you’d like more of these straight your phone, text the word TRUTH to 88202, and I look forward to catching up with you very soon.


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