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Green New Deal…Dumbest Idea Ever!




Jermain: Ocasio-Cortez has this brand new deal that is being rolled out, right? Save America from AOC and the Green New Deal.

Now Barry, what is the Green New Deal? What is it? People are asking because they don’t know what it is.

Barry: Alright what I’m about to tell you is not a Saturday Night Live skit. SNL has already done Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I urge your viewers to go look it up. It’s really funny. it’s funny because it’s really accurate. This gal, the socialist young person from Brooklyn, New York, has got a plan that was introduced a couple of days ago. It is so insane I can’t believe anybody is supporting it!

But this plan, I can’t say it with a straight face. She wants to eliminate, get this all air travel, all cars, replace or recondition every single building in America. And, as part of the bill, give everybody money! Give everybody money whether they work or they not! Whether they want to work or they don’t want to work.

Jermain: I’m trying to follow it sounds crazy

Barry: OK so no cars, no plane, jobs for everybody, people that don’t want to work, well they just get money. Replace all the buildings to be energy-efficient and this will all happen within 10 years?

And the reason? This is the good part, not that that wasn’t good this is even better. If we don’t do this, according to Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, a real congresswoman, who serves in the United States Congress. She predicts the world could end in 12 years.

Jermain: You know Barry that seems insane. That seems like a dystopian future. It sounds crazy and one thing I want to point out the cost to decarbonized our economy they are saying is up to 2 trillion dollars! I mean some insane price and once we decarbonate what we’re going to use Barry? Are we going to be on bicycles? how are we going to travel?

Barry: You’re not going to be allowed to be on planes anymore because she doesn’t like them. She wants light rail everywhere. As you said cars suck so there shouldn’t be cars. She’s talking about this as if there’s technology for this and everyone sort of chosen not to do it.

Well, there’s no technology for this stuff, she is just making this up as fast as possible but you hear about it because the press covers it. She’s kind of cute and she’s cutesy and it doesn’t matter how stupid it is what she’s talking about, this is more money then there is and she wants to spend but has no idea where it would come from other than confiscation of all the wealth of the United States! I guess her and her friends want to change everything in the whole world and if we don’t do it, Jermain, in 12 years the world will end.

Jermain: it sounds crazy

Barry: Jermain, correction! It is completely insane. It doesn’t sound it, it is it.

I don’t know how you could get the nuttier and still have press cover you. It’s astounding that anyone puts her on television.

Jermain: What was so even baffling to me is how many people are actually taking this seriously. They are actually really taking this seriously Barry I wish you knew this was a joke but they’re actually really taking this Green Deal seriously and it was blowing my mind.

I thought you know I was in a time warp or something. What is going on? Are you giving money that people just for breathing? I mean what’s wrong with these people?

Barry: I actually I’d like to answer your last question. The answer is yes Jermain because she feels that people should have money whether or not they even want to work. In other words if you’re breathing, you get money. I don’t know where any of this comes from in her mind.

I think there’s a magical pile of money somewhere and then all you have to do is pass laws and then you get I guess some of the magical pile of money to fund programs that are completely stupid. When she ran for office, she was talking about monster tax rates that would literally destroy the economy!

She was talking about cradle to grave medical care and free education and forgiving student loans. You know this is the same person that when ICE came into her district to arrest a Nazi and deport him, her response from her office was ‘Abolish ICE’.

When MS13 gang member murderers were rounded up in her district by ICE, her office responded with ‘Abolish ICE’.  

When the budget was passed that opened the government, she voted against it because in the budget was salaries for ICE agents. Now, I guess it’s popular to misunderstand what agencies do like Kamala Harris (the senator from California who is a big supporter of Ocasio-Cortez and running for president of the United States) says that ICE agents are like the Ku Klux Klan.

In other words lynching and raping and murdering innocent blacks (one of the worst terroristic organizations in the history of the United States) and that’s what ICE is? Forget the fact that ICE is just enforcing immigration laws passed by the Congress of the United States. Rounding up illegal criminals, which is the law of the United States and deporting them per the law of the United States. They are like the KKK? According to Ocasio-Cortez, this entire agency should be disbanded and Immigration and Customs enforcement should cease.

Take down the borders. We’re open to everyone because that is the beauty of socialism! Whatever you have, you share with the person that comes in and wants part of what you have!

That is her philosophy and that is what she is selling. When you asked a minute ago with that laugh of yours, you mean people get money for breathing? The answer is yes they do! Because they deserve it!

Now here’s an interesting thing that happened this afternoon. One of the advisors who help Ocasio-Cortez write her stuff said, well the part about everyone getting money, even if they don’t have a job. Even if they refuse to have a job. Even if they refuse to work. That was made up by the Republicans so a number of news organizations went to Ocasio-Cortez’s office and got the press release again.

In writing, she says you get money no matter what.

I want to make this clear Jermain: not that you can’t find a job. If you refuse to work, her program will pay you anyway.


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