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Cory Booker Loves Green New Deal!




Cory Booker: We have to deal with this. Our planet is in peril and we need to be bold! That’s one of the reasons why I signed on to co-sponsored the resolution for the Green New Deal. And, there’s a lot of people now, that are standing with me, on the Green New Deal.

They may be like ‘Oh, it’s impractical, Oh, it’s too expensive’. Always finding a reason to be against all of this.

If we used that type of thinking to govern our dreams, we would have never gone to the moon.

God that’s impractical! You see that ball in the sky! That’s impractical!

We are a nation that has done impossible things before! My parents taught me to reach for the moon! To reach for the stars! Even if you come up short, at least you’re going to be hovering above the ground; Ready to try again.

We need to have dreams that other people say are impossible! We need to push the bounds of human potential because that is our history. When the planet has been in peril in the past, who came forward to save the earth?

From the scourge of Nazi and totalitarian regimes? We came forward!

Who came forward to save the planet from or continents from financial ruin? We came forward with the Marshall Plan!

Our history is standing up and saying ‘look, humanity is in crisis. America is going to be light in the hope’.

Jermain: He is saying that this Green New Deal Barry is just like going to the moon.

He’s making the correlation between how hard it was back then to fathom us going to the moon and how hard it is right now for us to fathom us getting rid of, you know, all the stuff that we have to make life very simple. Is he right and does he make sense?

Barry: Well, I guess in Cory Booker’s mind it makes sense. In 1961 when President Kennedy talked about us going to go to the moon before the end of the decade, it seemed impossible. But, the corollary ends there.

Jermain, both ideas seem very tough if not impossible. These ideas need great scientific achievements in order to make this progress happen. The difference is the space program created incredible scientific breakthroughs that changed life on earth for the better. As often told by NASA, the inventions that they came up with, all the thousands of scientists working in laboratories around the world to make this stuff happen, improved life on earth.

Cory Booker’s analogy fails there because the Green New Deal would, at least in the United States, destroy life as we know it. We would be in buildings that had to be torn down or completely rebuilt with new kinds of electricity, new kinds of water heaters and new kinds of insulation.

Trillions of dollars would need to be spent with no money to pay for any of this. It’s as if you just make a decision and cool stuff happens.

So the analogy is fallacious. Our trip to the moon was a tremendous success for the achievement of mankind for the human race, especially for American scientific progress.

The Green New Deal would destroy the American economy and transportation and energy use as we know it to the glee of the rest of the world.  

America would be gone and maybe, from a socialist viewpoint where “America is bad rest of world is good kind of political philosophy’, (I know Bernie Sanders feels that way. You know Khrushchev was one of his heroes. He went to the Soviet Union on his honeymoon that’s kind of the way he was and still is.

Maybe these new Democrats are the new Bernie Sanders. Whether it’s a Alicia Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris or Cory Booker. Maybe they aren’t as patriotic as you and me. Maybe to them, the American dream is a third rate country with virtually no transportation (all houses and buildings would need to be torn down) no jet planes, no cars. No cows that fart.

That would not be a good thing for me; I like things the way they are.

Jermain: Absolutely Barry and, what is sounds like to me, it sounds like a New (what I call a Control Deal). If people are not able to travel freely and they’re not able to make money Barry, you can control their life! And that’s what it looks like the Democrats are proposing through a lie of “Green Stuff” right? Everything has to be Green, green, green, green. Green is a lie, I learned that a long time ago.

Barry: I have some political irony to throw at you, I know this is going to sound weird but hear me out for a second.

Jermain: Alright…

Barry: The party on the left which, like I mentioned earlier in the show Jermain, everybody running for office in the Democratic Party. Everyone so far is off the left wing plank.

Government pays for everything. You have rights to everything.

They have no idea what the word “RIGHT” means. It’s just an aside, right comes from the constitution. It’s not in the constitution: free health care or free education or free transportation. These are not rights! They are privileges! They are gifts from the government! You cannot simply demand it as if the constitution gives it to you.

Like you said, it’s a favor, a political ploy. To name something a right and therefore you should vote for me because I’m going to make this a right when, in truth is a privilege. It’s a present!

You don’t have a right to Christmas presents. You hope for Christmas presents and, if somebody likes you enough, they give you Christmas presents. You can’t stand out in front of your house screaming “I have a right to Christmas presents! Bring me Christmas presents!”

People will think you’re crazy! Well I’m telling you if someone that says you have a right to free transportation or the world has a right for free transportation it is just as silly as a person crying because they don’t have Christmas presents. It’s not a right it’s a gift and gift is a privilege, OK?

Going back to when I was going to say before I interrupted myself, but I thought that was important. The way my mind works I can’t help it!

As the Democrat party becomes more whacked-out and proposals like this that are clearly socialist ideas are being supported by more and more people. Those who are actually running for president, you know, who makes it look normal and more mainstream?

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, they are way right of this goofball conversation. Nancy Pelosi, and I said this earlier, has already done it. She’s already making fun of Ocasio-Cortez for the Green Deal (or whatever she calls it) and shakes her head.

Honestly that’s the smartest thing I’ve heard her say in all the years I’ve been following her in and out of the speaker’s chair. The truth is Jermain, that this proposal is nuts and anybody that supports it by virtue of ‘Guilt by Association’ is nuts! This makes Nancy Pelosi look kind of mainstream.

You know what? It’s going to make her more popular because they’re going to say ‘Well Nancy is at least saying she’s not supporting knocking down all the buildings in America. She doesn’t support burying all the planes in a big pile and doesn’t want to pay people who can’t find jobs and refused to go to work.

At least Nancy is not doing that and maybe Hillary Clinton will jump in (because rumor has it she is going to jump in again. She’s going to say ‘Hey I’m not crazy like them! I’m just middle-of-the-road! I should be your nominee again). It might happen!

Jermain: I know and I’m telling you it is almost as if the play is set up for that! Right? You put all the crazy folks up front, right? Let them go have a good time and then as soon as everybody is like ‘Man these people are crazy! Hillary Clinton rises in on a little dark horse you know, she steps off and says well I’m not as crazy at those folks, come with me!’

Barry: Yeah! I’m a criminal but I’m not crazy, so vote for me!

Quite frankly, if I was Donald Trump or one of his advisers, I would tell him to shut up let these people talk. Let them show the American public how they’re ‘out crazy-ing each other’ and just let them go off to the side. I know he doesn’t drink but, I would say, have a beer! Celebrate the gift that is giving every day; the press glorifies this weird stuff.

The American public, as I often say, is much smarter than the media and most politicians give them credit for and when they go to vote most of the time they can feel a huckster. They can feel a fraud and they certainly don’t want their houses knocked down, their cars taken away and airline tickets to be illegal. These people that eat meat which is pretty much 95% of the country want to continue to eat meat, (farting or not) they want cows.


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