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Dr. Bill Warner Explains Jihad by Migration


Barry Nussbaum: Welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. We are back with our very special guest, Dr. Bill Warner of Politicalislam.com. Dr. Bill has written a number of books on Islam that you need to read. Please go to his web site and check it out. We want you educated so you know the background for the opinions that Dr. Bill is going to give us now. Welcome back, Dr. Bill Warner.

Dr. Bill Warner: Delighted to be here.

Barry Nussbaum: So, let's pick it up with Hegira, can you explain that to me, because it seems to be what's happening in Western Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States to a very big degree. Tell us what it means and what we should know about it.

Dr. Bill Warner: We should know, first off, that Mohammed's movement from Mecca to Medina he preached the religion of Islam for 13 years in Mecca and after that, they told him, says you have to leave. They found it to be an irritant in their community. He went from Mecca and Medina. Now, that is called the hijra, which means migration. Now, it's interesting, the hijra used is used to date the Muslim calendar. You would think if you're going to create your own separate calendar and since Islam is separate on everything, they would have their own separate calendar, that you would have it such that it was maybe on the day of the first revelation or the calendar would start on the birth of Mohammed or something like that. But the calendar starts the zero-day is when he migrates from Mecca to Medina. Why is this? Because the hijra was what led to success before he moved in Medina, he was a failure. I say converting 10 people a year is not a real successful career. So but then he became overwhelmingly successful and when he died, every Muslim, in that what we call the Arabian Peninsula now was a Muslim. So success came from migration but here's what migration led to.  After migration, he became involved in politics and jihad. Now there are eighty-nine versus in the Quran, which state that every Muslim is to pattern their life after Mohammed. So what does that mean? Well, it means after you migrate, you should try to make that country Islamic. So that's the deep background of the Hijra.

Barry Nussbaum: So, it's, it's basically jihad by migration.

Dr. Bill Warner: You got it.

Barry Nussbaum: So, I've heard a number and I mean a large number of Islamist talk about we will flood your country with our brothers and sisters and in the beginning there's just a few and then there's more and then all of a sudden there's a big number and you can look at Western Europe, France, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain. Where they're all experiencing that.

Dr. Bill Warner: Mm-hmm.

Barry Nussbaum: So, it's a coordinated plan going all the way back to the days of Mohammed.

Dr. Bill Warner: Everything goes back to the days of Mohammed. Look, Islam is a system whose purpose it is to move your society to the year 632. That was the day Mohammed died.

Barry Nussbaum: In other words. In the beginning, if there's not enough of us on the inside, we'll send enough there and a political revolution will take place from within.

Dr. Bill Warner: There's something else going to be interesting happen you ever looked at who these migrants are coming into Europe? They're mostly military-age men. Now, where these military-aged men are going to find wives for children to set up, most of who will be Europeans. So, the European women will become the agent of producing more Muslims. It's brilliant.

Barry Nussbaum: It's something.

Dr. Bill Warner: Either way population jihad leads to final jihad, that is once you have overwhelming demographic, demographic conquest is permanent. Let's put it that way.

Barry Nussbaum: Let's talk about the allies of the radicals, as it were. It seems to me that the progressive left has become the ally, at least in the United States of the Sharia promoters.

Dr. Bill Warner: This is true in Europe as well.

Barry Nussbaum: Does that make sense?

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, let's see the similarities between the left and Islam. They're both totalitarian. All right. They both want to take over the world and so they both hate the society they live in. So, the left sees themselves as the hammer and the Muslim, see themselves as the anvil, and between the two they'll bring our society down. The left hasn't done much thinking beyond this because if they did, they would know that they're buddies right now of the Muslims but that's only temporary. You remember Khomeini and the rise to power and when the shah of Iran was overthrown.

Barry Nussbaum: Sure.

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, you think, well, it was the Muslims who did that, but it was primarily the tutor party, which was the Communist Party in Iran. It took MOHAI, it took not Mohammed, it took him, Khomeini, five days after he rose to power issue death warrants to every Communist Party leader. So his good buddies were no longer his good buddies they were thrown under the bus. Well, there heads got removed.

Barry Nussbaum: So.

Dr. Bill Warner: This is the purpose, so they thought they were good allies, but they're only temporary allies.

Barry Nussbaum: So, in other words, the progressive and I mean, the radical progressives, the communists, the wildly anti-capitalist socialists, the ones that want to take down the border, that want free everything for everybody. They believe, and I think they really believe, that they are the allies of and the supporters of Muslim freedom and probably also believe that Muslims support their agenda when in reality what you're saying, I believe correct me if I'm not getting this right, that that alliance will last right up until the day a Khomeini like person would take power here and then everybody who is not a believer is on the enemy's list.

Dr. Bill Warner: That is correct. That is correct.

Barry Nussbaum: Wow.

Dr. Bill Warner: Now, let me point out something else here, though, the Muslims not only have friends on the left, they also have friends on the right. I know of conservative or evangelical Christians who are very pro getting along with Islam. So the key term here is apologist. Right? The apologist is Allah Muslim then you can be from the you can be a Jew, you can be a Christian, you can be an atheist and be this you can be a member of the right of the left so long as your advancing Islam you're an apologist but the left does have a certain predilection for this and it's even more true in Europe.

Barry Nussbaum: So, like we just talked about, those apologists are best friends right up until they're not needed anymore.

Dr. Bill Warner: Perfect phrase till they're not made it anymore.

Barry Nussbaum: So, you talk about the haters being driven out of business. What do you mean by that?

Dr. Bill Warner: Well, let's go back with my own personal history here. I've been doing this since 9/11. Now, as a process of just natural accumulation, I became more and more powerful on social media. Here's an example. It used to be if you Google the term political Islam, I own the top three screens. That is just me, me, me, me, me, me, me. Those all disappeared. Why? Well, there's a reason for this. You see the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is the high ethical authority in our society they're the ones who have a catalog of haters and I'm on their list. As a matter of fact, Barry, at one time I was considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be one of the top 10 bigots in the entire United States.

Barry Nussbaum: Quite an honor.

Dr. Bill Warner: But it is an honor, and I just, and I it didn't bother me. I mean, at first it's like what me? Really?  But then what happens is, is that they had it, there was a meeting done in Florida with Media Matters, financed by George Soros and Southern Poverty Law Center and others said it is not enough to attack these people with names we need to drive them out of business. Go back to Google around the top screens on search for political Islam. Two thirds those went away. My book, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, was the bestselling book on Amazon, on Sharia law, on Islamic law, disappeared. All the sudden, all these things went on YouTube.  Before Media Matters YouTube actually contacted me and said, "Bill, you don't know what you're doing and you're successful. Let us teach you how to be a better YouTuber. You'll have real success." So I went from them actually calling me, saying, you're really you don't know what you're doing, but you're great. And then boom, I was demonetized on YouTube.

Barry Nussbaum:  And is, is it still that way?

Dr. Bill Warner: Yeah.  So their purpose now is to drive us out of business. Now, suppose that some honor I mean, I do realize who I have for enemies and I have Facebook, Twitter, Google. I mean, these are major brands and they and YouTube and I've said Bill is our enemy. It is astounding that one person would be considered the enemy of these vast corporations and yet I am along with others. I mean, it's not just me I don't make this a pity party for Bill I'm just giving you these are my life examples. And Robert Spencer and I'm sure Jamie Glazov and everyone else has been attacked with these people. Here's the reason.

Barry Nussbaum: You're right and we all as witnesses to it, can affirm that what you're saying is the truth.

Dr. Bill Warner: It is true.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks for joining us. I'm ATP Report, today. Our special thanks to Dr. Bill Warner. Please go to his website Politicalislam.com and start ordering his scholarly books that are written in plain, everyday English so you can understand the background without the education. You don't know what you're dealing with. I also ask you to please take out your cell phones and text the word truth. T-R-U-T-H that's the message. And send it to 88202 so you can be subscribed to our text message service. It's free. You'll get our videos, publications, and essays on an almost daily basis. And all you’ve got to do is open your cell phone to see it. Thanks, Bill. And thank you, our wonderful viewers for joining us today. For ATP Report, I'm Barry Nussbaum.


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