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Biden Administration Will Ensure Iran Goes Nuclear



Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. Before I bring on our very esteemed famous guest, I want to remind everybody out in ATP Land if you haven’t done so already, please take out your cell phone, text the word TRUTH in the message box to the number 88202 and you’ll be signed up for all of our content. Absolutely free.

You’ll get it in the palm of your hand on your cell phone at absolutely no cost. Thanks for doing that. So let me tell you who’s on today, it’s Dr. Walid Phares, an old friend of ATP. He’s an expert in foreign policy and national security. He was the foreign policy adviser at Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. He was a foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump.

He still advises members of Congress and the European Parliament on the Middle East. He’s written a lot of books the newest one is: The Lost Spring, The Coming Revolution, and The Choice. He’s on Fox News all the time. He’s a professor, a total expert in Middle East policy. My friend Dr. Walid Phares. Welcome back, Doctor.

Dr. Walid Phares: Thank you very, very, very much for this invitation. And I know we should have done it earlier. We’ve been together discussing geopolitics for the last maybe two decades. So, I’m glad to be back with you.

Barry Nussbaum: It’s an honor to have you on. We’ll do it regularly. So, let’s jump right in. There’s so much going on in your area of expertise. As we know, Trump canceled the JCPOA based in part on the evidence that the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service smuggled out of Tehran, that proved massive cheating on the deal. Plus, in violation of UN accords, missile development that could deliver ICBM bombs all over the world. How bad was Iran cheating at the time and why didn’t the IAEA catch it?

Dr. Walid Phares: Barry, Iran was only cheating. It was not doing anything else. Basically, number one, as you just mentioned, the text they were cheating on the text. So, they were developing, still developing a number of technologies to apply a program to obtain the nuclear bomb by the end of the day.

But they were cheating also in a different manner. They were purchasing and developing long-range ballistic missiles. And you and I know you don’t throw roses with missiles like these. You throw nonconventional weapons and they were deploying them.

They actually send them to Yemen. As you know, they were also funding and training their militias in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. So, they were all over the place cheating on not just the text, but also on the context of that deal. And that’s why President Trump, at the time, made the good decision to withdraw from that deal.

Barry Nussbaum: So now Iran has announced and it’s been verified that they’re enriching uranium, Dr., past 60 percent and only two to three percent is necessary for civilian use. So, it’s obvious they’re making a bomb. Isn’t it obvious to the rest of the world that they’re very, very close to nuclear weapons at this point?

Dr. Walid Phares: It should be Barry. They are at a level that can produce now nuclear bombs, tactical nuclear bombs, or much larger ones, but they have a dual-use for what they’re doing. On the one hand, they’re telling themselves, okay, if nobody stops us, we’re going to get to the bomb, and then we’ll sign a new deal not to use that bomb. But also, they could use it as leverage.

As pressure against the Biden administration and here’s the problem there. The Biden administration and the Biden team are an extension of the Obama administration. The one that actually created the deal. Behind that deal, there is a lot of financial-economic interest. I mean, the companies that are going to invade Iran with engagements and contracts, first in Europe and now, of course, in the United States they’re putting tremendous pressure on the administration. Get us the deal.

Whatever the price is. So, Iran knows that. So, it is messaging the Biden administration as either you do what we say, and remove those sanctions. Come back to the deal, let us get the cash, or we’re going to continue to enrich. In either way, their calculations are that they are winning. They did not win under the Trump presidency, but they believe they are winning now.

Barry Nussbaum: Dr. Walid, I couldn’t agree with you more. And there’s a big name agreeing with you, which is the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken. He has said publicly that Iran could be mere weeks away from amassing enough fissionable material for a nuclear weapon. So, the Biden administration knows it.

They’ve gone public with it. Iran has announced what they’re doing. Who in the world thinks that with the deal or without a deal, they’re suddenly going to give up the program? They could literally be very close to making 10 or more nuclear weapons right now.

Dr. Walid Phares: Barry, I’m so glad you asked the question. I’ve been asked this question by the international media and now through you to the American public. This is what the Biden administration is trying to do. It’s a psychological guilt trip.

So, Secretary Blinken says if we don’t do anything, Iran will get the bomb. That’s what he’s telling us. So, you would think that we need to take measures against Iran to stop it. No, his conclusion is the only thing we can do is go and sign the agreement and therefore lift those sanctions. It’s a very twisted way of dealing with Iran.

Actually, it is, as I argued earlier, a result of this tremendous pressure by financial centers and those going to go into the Iran market on the Biden administration. So, the choice is given to us by the Biden administration, either Iran will have a bomb, or we will have to fund Iran. It’s like- Iran is like a pirate.

Barry Nussbaum: This is so much like the prime minister of Great Britain meeting with Hitler on the seizure of part of Czechoslovakia before the war. You know, the guy’s out of control, so let’s give him more stuff and he promises this time to be better. So not only is it Anthony Blinken, who is the Secretary of State.

It’s even worse when you go right below him and you find Wendy Sherman, the Undersecretary of State, the second person in control of the State Department. The negotiator for the disastrous North Korean deal for Bill Clinton. The negotiator for the disastrous JCPOA for Barack Obama.

Instead of getting kicked out of government, she got promoted and now she’s the one supervising the new negotiations right now in Europe. Is there any reason to believe the new deal won’t be a disaster like the last two nuclear deals that blew up in her face?

Dr. Walid Phares: Well, the first point, let’s be very clear. These are not individuals on their own. These are diplomats appointed by the White House and the White House, this administration, has already decided during their campaign.

It’s not a secret, which, in fact, is an extension of the Obama policy. That they’re going to go straight to the Iran deal. And these are public servants who are doing exactly what their administration is trying to do.

So, the blame is on the administration, not just on individuals. I do project Barry that they’re going to go back to the deal. They can’t flee it because there are a lot of pressures and there are intertwined interests. That was the case under the Obama administration. That’s the case now.

The problem is they’re going to sign the deal. It’s going to provoke a lot of confrontations in the Middle East. And at the end of the day, we may be witnessing another or multiple regional wars because not everybody in the region is happy that Iran will get nukes, will get ICBMs, has militias, and will get cash.

Neither the Arab coalition nor Israel nor even the Iranian opposition. So, this is not very smart what we’re trying to do right now. Instead of having negotiations, bringing in all the countries in the Middle East and see how to address this threat. We’re giving everything up to the Iran regime.


Barry Nussbaum: Everything you said points me to this conclusionary question. Why in the world is the U.S. going back into this deal with Iran? They were chanting, I checked, ‘Death to America,’ just yesterday. They’re still painting death slogans on their missiles, all about America and all about Israel.

They are absolutely convinced that someday Washington, D.C., is going to fly the flag of a caliphate. What in the world are we thinking? I mean, we the United States, to go kiss their tush, to get them to sign a deal that they’re not going to honor anyway.

Dr. Walid Phares: You know, Barry the teams that are engaged in this negotiation tasked by the administration, who, as I said and I continue to underline this, is an extension of the Obama administration, is influenced by an academic elite here on our campuses which is arguing that it is our mistake.

It’s our foreign policy error. We should redress all these injustices, you know, the woke culture, and so on and so forth. So, they are arguing that what the Iranian regime and their supporters are doing is just a reaction to what our foreign policy has been. You can see it argued everywhere.

So, their estimate is if we give them money. If we work with them. If we facilitate what they want to achieve, they will become more moderate with time if we pay the price of the injustice that we have served in the region. While it’s just the opposite. The Iran regime has been oppressing, first of all, the Iranians we know that, Barry.

We’ve discussed it many times. How many uprisings took place against the Iran regime and zero, nothing was said on behalf of the Obama administration. Nothing has been said on behalf of the Biden administration. They crushed the Iraqi youth demonstrating in the streets of Baghdad against the Iranian militias.

That happened with the Assad regime as well. And of course, in Lebanon, there were a couple of revolutions against Hezbollah and we abandoned the people of the Middle East. So, yes, if there is an ethical problem, a moral problem, it’s really on our side, meaning this administration and the one that created the deal, who should look into what they have done themselves to the peoples of the Middle East.

Barry Nussbaum: Extremely well said in your insight. I wish you were an adviser in this White House because, my goodness, do they need to hear the sane words of Dr. Walid Phares. Tell people where they can get in touch with you and follow what you’re doing, would you please?

Dr. Walid Phares: Well, thank you very much. It’s on Twitter at Walid Phares. You have to spell it W-A-L-I-D, Phares, P-H-A-R-E-S. Same for my Facebook page and obviously you could email me at You can get all the books I have and also I will answer if you send a question.

Barry Nussbaum: Fantastic and I advise all of our viewers out around the world, this is the guy that understands. He’s from the region. He’s a political scientist. He’s an expert, the rest of the world listens to. So should you. For all of you who haven’t. Do me a favor. Sign up for our text alert system. You know how to do it. It’s simple. It’ll just take you a couple of seconds. For ATP Report. Thanks for coming on today and joining me with Dr. Walid Phares on Barry Nussbaum.

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Middle East Policies




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Middle East Policies

Clare Lopez: With or Without the U.S., Israel Will Destroy the Iran Nuclear Program



With or Without the U.S., Israel Will Destroy the Iran Nuclear Program

Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. We have a terrific guest today. She’s going to be on in just a second but first homework assignment for all of you out there that haven’t completed this assignment. Please take out your cell phone, text the word TRUTH, T-R-U-T-H, and address it to the number 88202. You’ll be signed up for free for all of our ATP content, including today’s special guest, which happens to be a friend of the family, Clare Lopez.

As you know, Clare has a very impressive background in various roles, with the United States government overseas in the intelligence field at the CIA, the State Department, and other places. She writes, does videos, is the expert on everything about American policy, and is the founder of Lopez Liberty LLC. Hello. Welcome, Clare.

Clare Lopez: Thank you, Barry. Another great intro. Thank you very much.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, it’s all you, so it’s easy. Let’s start with the new variety of the month. I’m referring to the Omicron variant of the SARS-COVID virus. Especially now that it’s in the news and nobody says Delta anymore. That was so last month.

This month it’s Omicron. Apparently, it’s more contagious and less deadly. So, as you and I have talked about, as the virus mutates, as all flu viruses do, it becomes more contagious and less dangerous, but we’re panicking like crazy. My question to you is why?

Clare Lopez: Well, you’re right about the Omicron variant Barry, that it is a mutation. We are well down into the Greek alphabet by now. There have been previous mutations that nobody ever even noticed, Lambda and Mu. The original variant or the original SARS-CoV-2.

The Alpha no longer exists, but yes, viruses mutate all the time. This is their nature to mutate, and the more obstacles, read vaccines, are thrown in its way. The more the virus, anthropomorphizing just a bit here. Tries to, wants to evade those obstacles.

So, we are down to the O. The Omicron of the Greek alphabet, but also typically, as you say, the further along the variations go, typically with a virus, the more contagious, the more transmissible. You can see why.

Again, anthropomorphizing, but the virus wants more hosts to infect. At the same time, less deadly, less lethal, and happily, so far with this variant, Omicron, there are absolutely zero deaths of Omicron. There is one reported death out of Britain, as I understand it, of somebody who died with Omicron. That might have been a speck of virus on their PJs. Nobody really knows for sure, but one last bit on this, and it’s a bit of a question mark. That is, where did this one come from? Yes, they spring up naturally.

This is Darwin, natural selection. You know, selection or survival of the fittest, but we’ve been told it originated in South Africa. In fact, it seems that this variant, Omicron, originated next door in Botswana. It originated with a couple of visiting diplomats whose home country is never mentioned.

Now, if their home country were a neighboring Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, or, you know, another country in Africa, they would have said so right away, but they haven’t. So, the question hanging out there is, where exactly did this variant come from?

Is it purely a result of natural selection, survival of the fittest, or is something else going on as with the original variant? The Alpha, the first one of SARS-CoV2, which we know, of course, came out of the Chinese Communist Party, People’s Liberation Army weapons labs.

Barry Nussbaum: But Clare, I agree with everything you said. Actually, even the mainstream media agrees with everything you said, so that’s one of those rare occasions. The part I don’t get is that viruses run their course, as my late mother used to say, and you need to let it do that. Then it just went away, and she was right. That’s normally what happens. Why are we panicking over this? Why are they now talking about booster number two and booster number three? We have to conquer Omicron. We’ve got to do new shutdowns. Why?

Clare Lopez: Well, I’m going to refer to an excellent set of videos and interviews by a Belgian intellectual. I believe a medical doctor named Dr. Matthias Desmet, D-E-S-M-E-T. He proposes to answer your question that what has overtaken the entire world, or at least a good part of it, is what he calls a mass formation.

We might call it something more along the lines of mass psychosis, or even I’ve heard this term mass hypnosis. In other words, people around the world have been scared out of their wits by something that has no bigger a lethality rate than the annual flu. Then on the flip side, there are those, again, many places in the world, but especially we’ll say here in the United States.

At the municipality, the city, the state level, and certainly at the public health level in the United States that have used, have cold-bloodedly used this crisis to #1 make gazillions of dollars in profit from “vaccines.” Well, that’s air quotes “vaccines,” of course, they’re genetic therapies. #2 to impose power.

To exert power over the population and to shut down the economy. To ruin millions of small businesses. To keep kids out of school, losing class time for more than a year, and on and on we go. It is mandating a penalty of losing your job or getting jabbed. This is too theoretical.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah. I can tell you in just listening to you. The more I listen, the more I agree that this makes no sense, and yet we’re doing it. Speaking of no sense, let’s talk about Iran for a minute. The P5+1 is going full speed ahead, trying to put the deal back together in Vienna. Specifically, a JCPOA amended agreement. Except now while they’re talking, even though the United States is excluded from the room.

Iran is firing up more centrifuges than ever before, enriching more uranium than ever before. They’re literally on the cusp if they haven’t crossed the line into being able to manufacture half a dozen nuclear bombs. Yet what’s leaking out of the communications in Vienna, Clare, as you know so well, is Iran isn’t going to give up anything. They’re going to allow some cameras at the wrong sites.

They’re not going to allow inspections where they really should be, like Fordo, which is under a mountain. They’re running thousands and thousands of centrifuges, and it sounds to me like the only thing the various countries on the other side of the table are going to get is a new trading partner. Meaning we buy their oil, and we invest in their companies. Iran gives up nothing. Am I missing something here?

Clare Lopez: No, Barry, you’re not missing anything at all. So, here’s the thing about Vienna. This is, I believe, the seventh round of talks being held there. They include the P5+1, as you say, that is, the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, U.S., I’ll mention that in a minute, U.S., U.K., Russia, China, France, and the +1 Germany, plus the European Union represented there, too.

However, here’s the thing. The U.S. at Iran’s demand is not even in the room, is not even allowed to be in the same room as the others who are negotiating. Our Department of State meekly, Anthony Blinken, just said, okay, we’ll sit out in the hallway just as long as you promise to come out and tell us what’s going on now and then.

That’s what’s happening. They’re not even in the same room, but all of them piteously begged the Iranian regime to be allowed back into the July 2015 nuclear deal. But here’s the problem-

  1. Iran is playing games with them, slapping them all upside the head, and demanding that all sanctions ever imposed since the beginning of time be removed before they’ll even budge on these negotiations.
  2. I think this is more important. That is since 2015. We’re now in 2021, six-plus years later. The Iranian regime has so far surpassed the provisions in that nuclear deal as you were enumerating their Barry, in terms of numbers of centrifuges, the advanced models.

They were supposed to be the first generation allowed to be deployed, IR1, as they call them. They’re up to installing IR6, six generations on. So, newer, faster, better centrifuges. More centrifuges than were allowed under the deal, and then enriching uranium at greater volume than was allowed under the deal to a much higher-level percentage of enrichment, the deal says, 3.67%.

They are openly acknowledging now that they’re enriching up to 60%. You can make a bomb out of 60%, but the ideal is over 90% weapons-grade, and who knows how many warheads they’ve already made in places, as you say that the IAEA, that’s International Atomic Energy Agency nuclear watchdog for the United Nations.

Their inspectors are not even allowed to go to, and yes, the Iranian regime has smashed cameras in some of the places we know about. Never mind the places we don’t know about that, of course, they don’t have cameras, but now the places we did know about have had the camera smashed, broken by the regime, and they’re not being allowed to be repaired or replaced. This is where we are at.

Barry Nussbaum: So, Israel sees that, and apparently the Israeli leadership is the only government in the world that’s saying, hey, the emperor has no clothes, and we’re not going away. So, now their warnings to Iran and the rest of the world have never been more explicit. Defense Minister Benny Gantz, formerly commander of the IDF, the Israeli army, has made it very clear, so has Naftali Bennett, the prime minister.

Just as Bibi Netanyahu did previously, there will be no nuclear weapons in Iran, but the United States, a few days ago, denied long-range tanker aircraft, which could refuel dozens of Israeli bombers in the air. No one knows why. There was no explanation given other than the United States said no. Will Israel attack anyway, Clare Lopez?

Clare Lopez: Well, the first thing that we need to acknowledge, of course, is that Israel is squarely in Tehran’s bull’s eye. They are the first target. They are the ones most in immediate danger from this regime in Tehran, should it deploy deliverable nuclear weapons.

Now back to what we were talking about with regard to the deal and how far past the deal the Iranians have gone. It’s impossible to go back to that deal. It’s just not possible to do that, but meanwhile, of course, all these steps.

They openly acknowledged steps are being taken, and yes, the top levels of the Israeli government, Prime Minister, Defense Minister Chief of the IDF Chief of Staff, Kochavi. It’s a period of months that I’ve heard them make more and more explicit warnings directed right at Tehran.

We will not allow you to deploy deliverable nuclear weapons. I think the Israelis probably have the best intelligence about where the Iranian nuclear weapons program is. In my opinion, I think it is probably because the Israelis depend on an internal network of Iranians.

It is probably affiliated with the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq that keeps them informed on where the program is and how far along, but this is something that baffles me, and that is again, my personal opinion is that Iran has been building warheads for some time now.

I think, personal opinion, they probably have maybe somewhere in the range of five to 10, but under the international definition, it’s not officially called a weapon until that warhead gets attached to the nose cone of a missile, a delivery system.

Barry Nussbaum: And Iran has announced new ICBM missile tests this week.

Clare Lopez: There we go.

Barry Nussbaum: There’s your delivery system.

Clare Lopez: And one last point that you mentioned. I wanted to comment on it, and that was the Israeli request. It was a request for expedited delivery of midair fueling tanker aircraft that are already on order, and I guess they’re going to be delivered.

I think they said somewhere towards the end of 2024, but they asked for expedited delivery because they need them ASAP. That’s what was turned down.

Barry Nussbaum: Disgusting. Unbelievable. If we have a nuclear war or if we have an attack on the nuclear program. I hold the American government culpable for not standing against Iran’s regime and the open arrogance, making it very clear we’re building nuclear weapons.

There isn’t anything you can do about it. Then a middle finger comes up, and we, as you said, sent out in the hall hoping to be told what’s being negotiated. I’m disgusted. I really am. Clare, tell people where they can find out about you.

Clare Lopez: Well, certainly right here at American Truth Project, and you heard Barry give the cell phone text number, 88202, which if you put that into your cell phone, and text it to my name L-O-P-E-Z, you’ll get announcements, text messages for my specific videos like this one that we’re doing today.

Also, I publish at the Citizens Commission on National Security. I write at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s online, FrontPage magazine. Join Jamie Glazov on the Glazov Gang now and then. You can find me on social media too @ClareM Lopez on Twitter. Also, my name at Facebook, and Lopez Liberty on Telegram. One more before I forget, and that is The United West.

Barry Nussbaum: The ubiquitous Clare Lopez, she is everywhere. Thanks for coming on today, Clare, and thank you out there in ATP Land for joining us on a very special episode. Listen to Clare Lopez. Send Lopez to 88202, and push send. You’ll get all of her stuff absolutely free. For ATP Report, thanks for joining us today. I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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Middle East Policies

Anni Cyrus Explains Why Islamic Elected Officials Will Not Follow U.S. Law



Anni Cyrus Explains Why Islamic Elected Officials Will Not Follow U.S. Law

Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. We have a wonderful family member guest today, but before I bring her on, I want to remind all of you in ATP land. Please take out your cell phone; if you haven’t already done it. Text the simple message truth in the message box, and send it to the number 88202. When you push send, you’ll automatically be subscribed to our text message alert system. It’s always free. You’ll get all of our content like today’s show in the palm of your hand every time we release something, and you’ll never pay for it. Ok, hopefully, you did it.

Let me bring on Anni Cyrus. Anni Cyrus, as all of you know, is the national expert on what happens to a woman in Islam. She’s an escapee from the Islamic Republic of Iran. She has a story that is like no other. She has founded to Live Up to Freedom. She happens to be the editor of everything we do here, and she’s been with us since the very beginning. Welcome back, Anni.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: My pleasure. Thanks for having me back, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: Let’s start with what’s going on in the political news vis Islam in the United States. Hamtramck, if I say that right in Michigan, has a six-member city council; they were just elected. Every single one of the members in this Michigan small town is a Muslim, and the mayor is as well. They are now taking office in January.

It’s believed to be the first all Muslim administration in the United States and this town. Its officials now say even though they’re of the Islamic faith, all of the members have vowed their religion would not impinge upon their duties as councilmen.

So, here’s the question that no one but you and I seem to be asking, which is if all six of these council people and the mayor are really practicing Muslims. Doesn’t their religion, Islam require them to follow Islam over the laws of the land when there’s a contradiction? If they choose Islam over Michigan law or United States law, what happens next?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Well, let me start here, Barry. You said they have all vowed that their religion will not affect their job. If that’s the case, why is it so important for them to repeatedly say we are Muslim? Why is it so important to wear their religion on their sleeve? Why is it so important to say the first all-Muslim council in America? That right there tells me that their being Muslim has everything to do with what they’re planning to do.

Personal opinion or just a question. As far as me believing they’re not practicing Muslims, as I said they are. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t wear it on their sleeve. Now, because they’re practicing Muslims because they’re very proud of being Muslim they will follow what is ordered, and the order is you follow the law of the land until it goes against the words of Allah or Sharia.

We have discussed this many times in the past few years, you and I, Barry, that Sharia goes completely against our Constitution, which means our Constitution goes against Sharia. So, they will be put in positions where they have to choose. If they claim to be Muslims, then they have to choose Sharia. Therefore, let’s say if a woman is involved with an argument, and the man is involved, they’re going to have to take the man’s word over the woman because, well, under Sharia, a Women’s word is counted as a half of a person.

Barry Nussbaum: All right, let’s make the news even bigger and more horrible, shall we? Based on your answer. The election of Muslim candidates across the United States has just broken the all-time record, and here are some examples. Tania Anderson is a Muslim lady elected to the Boston City Council in Massachusetts. Etel Haxhiaj was elected to Worchester City Council in Massachusetts.

Abdullah Hammoud is now the mayor of Dearborn, Michigan. Amer Ghalib is the mayor of Hamtramck, Michigan, as we just talked about, and Azrin Awal is elected to the Duluth City Council. Shamar Haider is elected to the New Jersey state legislature. Omar Mohamed is on the Galloway City Council. Shahana Hanif is the New York City Council member. I mean, it goes on and on.

Now, I assume all of these elected officials, as is normal and customary in United States politics, will take an oath, usually on the Bible. Although I imagine these people will swear on the Quran to uphold the local law, the state law, and the National Constitution. How can they honestly do that in light of what you just told us?

If they are acting contrary to the laws of Islam they have to switch from the laws of the land to Islam. Now isn’t it true that when there’s a contradiction between the laws of the land and the words of the prophet or Sharia, they must choose Islam? What happens then if they make that choice?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Well, I can give you a very simple answer, which is, you just named 11 people. So, imagine 11 more Ilhan Omar’s and Rashida Tlaib’s Boom, you have the answer, but I’m going to expand a little bit just to make sure no one who’s watching this video would go on their impression in any shape or form that we have any problem with Muslims, we don’t.

The conflict here is the fact that, for example, when Keith Ellison was taking office, when Ilhan Omar was doing it when Rashida Tlaib was doing it, and when Hussein Obama was doing it. They all have said the same thing; they did.

When it came to it, Hussein Obama opened the White House door and let the Muslim Brotherhood in. When it came to it, Ilhan Omar forced Congress to lift one 108-year-old ban to let her in with her religious wearing hijab. When it came to it, Keith Ellison got away with beating his girlfriend because, under Sharia, that’s allowed. You see where I’m going, right Barry?

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, absolutely, Anni, but here’s the more complex question. If you remember, we talked about this several years ago. Thomas Jefferson was so concerned about the conflict philosophically and religiously between the Book of the Mohammedans, as he called Islam and the laws of the new land.

He said, ‘unless they walk away from that book, they can’t be Americans’ because he saw the conflict in the 18th century. What’s going to happen when they’re asked to choose? How will they choose?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Oh, they will choose Sharia. They will choose Islam. Remember, I say this with such confidence, not because I’m an Islamophobe. No, I say this because I decided to choose American freedom over Islam. Guess what? I got bounties on my head.

They want me dead for it. So, there is no other choice. If they choose to follow the Constitution, respect our freedom and liberties here they will put their own head out there, possibly being chopped off or doing what they did.

So, knowingly or unknowingly, they will end up choosing Sharia and Islam. Again, if this was like, I don’t know, 15 or 20 years ago, this would have been a guesstimate, but as I brought up examples, they have proven to come in, and when they are sworn in, they do use the Quran.

They come in, and they end up being practicing Muslims. Now, they will just get more powerful going back to Quran 47:35, where it says: “Do not call for peace when you are superior in numbers.”

Last year, in 2020, we had 89 Muslims elected to office. This year in November, we had 11. Comes 2022, CAIR is encouraging more than 200 candidates to run. It’s just a matter of time until they are superior in number than the blasphemy law comes in. Then the First Amendment will be revoked.

The second, and before you know it, as I called it in 2015, we will be saying, welcome to the Islamic Republic of America. I know it’s dramatically hard for most Americans to wrap their head around it, but I come from it.

The Islamic Republic of Iran was Iran by itself, known as Mini America, in the Middle East. Now, for the last 43 years, it’s the Islamic Republic of Iran. Very recently, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, right. So, that’s where it’s going to go. That’s what’s going to happen unless we all do something about it. I’m sorry to be brutally bringing bad news. It is the reality.

Barry Nussbaum: Anni, I can’t argue with your logic. Skipping over across the pond to Liverpool, England. A taxi driver is the hero of Great Britain after he witnessed a jihadi in the backseat of his taxi. Get this, assembling a bomb! He slammed on the brakes, jumped out, locked the door, and the bomb detonated. It killed the terrorist. Britain is now on nationwide high alert, expecting another attack.

So, here’s the part I don’t get. The British borders are virtually wide open. Immigration from the Middle East, mostly Afghanistan and Somalia, is unchecked. Nobody is being vetted. There are no background checks. These people are flowing in by the tens of thousands. After what happened, and Great Britain has intelligence that more attacks were coming. Why don’t they close their borders?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Because if they do, then there will be no more terror attacks? I’m sorry. Bad joke, probably. Let me add something real quick for our audience, who have now followed the news on the Liverpool taxi bombing. This happened in front of a woman’s hospital. In front of the entrance, I believe it’s called the Labor Ward, where are all the pregnant women are.

This Muslim jihadi was about to take out mothers and their babies. For anyone who thinks they are peaceful. That is the extent of the inhuman act he was about to commit, as to why they’re not closing the border?

Genuinely, honestly, I know this sounds like a ridiculous joke, but because they don’t want to be Islamophobes. Because they don’t want to provoke Muslims, they will look the other way. They will run to cameras and announce this had nothing to do with Islam. Knowing it had everything to do with Islam because the guy was whispering Allah Akbar as he installed and put together that bomb.

Still, they will do everything in their power to not be Islamophobic and not provoke Muslims, especially under the circumstances of ISIS being back in power. They are too afraid. They are cowards. They don’t want to face reality and fight back.

Barry Nussbaum: You might be right, and it’s very sad because there will be more attacks, according to British intelligence. Anni, tell our viewers where they can get in touch with you and follow your work,

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: is my website, Also, I come in and have a good chat with Barry Nussbaum about every other week on So, those are the two places you can find.

Barry Nussbaum: Well said. I urge all of you to follow her. She’s a brilliant and courageous young lady. Please remind yourself if you haven’t done it. Sign up for our message alert system by simply messaging the word truth to the number 88202 and push send. You’ll be signed up, and you’ll get all of our stuff like the wonderful Anni Cyrus, absolutely for free. Thanks for coming on to watch us today. For ATP Report. I’m

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