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2020 Election Has Embarrassed America And Destroyed Trust in Our Election System!


We can all admit that the 2020 election is a shambles. The greatest civilization in human history is officially incapable of competently holding a presidential election in which the results are conclusive, known soon, and undogged by fraud.

The whole point of America in the first place is that we the people control and choose our government; but, evidently, that sovereignty is a mirage. Most societies envy the proverbial peaceful transfer of power through popular will endemic to American republicanism; but if they’re wise to what’s really going on, they’re laughing at us.

It is also laughable that media outlets should behave as if they decide elections. CNN and Fox News are not in the Constitution, and the Constitution says that elections are the purview of the state legislatures, who then appoint the electors whose electoral votes count towards the election of a president. Joe Biden is not president-elect, because not a single elector has voted for him, nor is there certainty as to the legitimacy of the vote. “Calling” the election is the job of the electors — after, as it stands now, the courts — not pompous partisan anchors.

As far as the allegations of voter fraud go, many of them are quite convincing, and equally disturbing, sometimes with video to prove it. In Detroit, it’s been alleged that Republican poll watchers were removed from the counting rooms to the cheers of their, evidently, Democrat colleagues, and that the windows were blocked with cardboard. In Antrim County, Michigan, a disastrous software glitch reportedly switched around 6,000 Trump votes to Biden votes; that same faulty software was supposedly also used in dozens of other counties throughout the state. A woman in Maricopa County, Arizona, is suing the county’s election officials because she claims that, instead of a normal felt-tip pen, she was given a Sharpie to fill in her ballot, which, in turn, bled through, therefore invalidating it. And in Pennsylvania, a lawsuit alleges that more than 21,000 dead residents voted in this election. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and, for fairness’ sake, does not include Democrats and media pundits seeming to urge people to actually commit voter fraud by moving to Georgia that they may vote in the run-off Senate election this coming January.

Though conservatives, often justifiably, love to say that there is no chance Trump could have lost, given his incredible achievements in the face of Biden’s infirmity and corruption, conservatives are perfectly capable of being wrong. Trump could easily have lost this election, since he’s hardly a flawless candidate or president, and it’s hardly illegal to vote for somebody else. But the moment “irregularities” or “voter fraud” are spoken, the media’s ears should perk up and they should hurl themselves into investigating these allegations. In what world is voter fraud not a catastrophically serious allegation? True or not, it must be investigated. The integrity of our entire political system hangs in the balance.

Whether the results of the investigation prove or disprove fraud, and no matter if Trump wins or loses in the end, the media dismissing these allegations as Trump “not accepting the result of the election” is truly a sin. These same pundits complained for years about “Russian interference” in the 2016 election, but now alleged homegrown interference — even worse, from their own party — in the 2020 election is just Trump “refusing to concede.” Yet more evidence that no American, left or right, should trust these people.

As everybody knows by now, social media is also abetting the Biden campaign by suppressing users’ legitimate expressions of anger over a possibly “stolen” election. The same Twitter which blocked The New York Post’s explosive story on Hunter Biden in October actually censored several of President Trump’s tweets concerning “disappearing” ballots. Firstly, if more people had been able to read the Hunter Biden exposé, perhaps the election would have been decided right on the night of November 3; that is blatant election interference. But why does Twitter have the right to censor the President of the United States? We all know that Twitter’s political views are very different from Trump’s: why can’t Jack Dorsey just civilly disagree with the commander-in-chief without putting patronizing warning labels over his tweets? We’ve also known for more than a year that Google has the power to deliberately suppress enough information to swing an election by millions of votes. Nobody elected these people to do anything, and they have no right to smugly play with our election.

Once again, this election is not over. The Trump campaign has filed many lawsuits with more on the way, and evidence of election irregularities keeps piling up. Joe Biden — if indeed he is so confident in true victory — should be contributing to the national investigation as an act of patriotic good will. If the Democrats have nothing to hide, then why resist the administration’s lawsuits and calls for re-counts?

This is not a joke. Our country is at stake, and we must take the preservation of our electoral system as seriously as one takes the safety of one’s children. If one cannot cast a vote and trust that it will be honestly counted and not swamped by bins of fraudulent votes, then there’s no more America, because people other than you the voter ultimately choose our leaders. Regardless of this particular election’s ultimate outcome, this is what should be keeping us up at night.

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