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The Biden Family Scandal!


The Hunter Biden scandal does not speak to the heart of who pitiful, drug-addled Hunter Biden is, but, rather to who his father Joe Biden is: the man who may very well become our president. It also speaks to the character of the legions of media and social media partisans who prefer the American people to make one of the most important decisions in this country’s history while lacking crucial information.

The saga of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive is not worth repeating, beyond the basic facts that Hunter voluntarily left it at a computer repair shop, he never returned to claim it, and the water-damaged drive happened to contain extraordinarily compromising documents, emails, images, and videos. Beyond some of the visual material, allegedly, including child pornography, the true significance of the laptop is what it reveals about how the second-most powerful member of the Obama administration conducted “business.”

According to the emails discovered on the laptop, while Hunter was not only making large amounts of money for himself (without any qualifications, in the case of the Burisma energy company), but making deals in which, it appears, his father was actively involved from afar. The “big guy” mentioned in a 2017 discussion of a deal with a Chinese energy company can really only refer to one of two people: a third-party agent whose identity remains unknown and Hunter’s father, Joe Biden. Hunter’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, insists that that email is genuine, and the “big guy” is a reference to none other than Joe Biden himself. “Hunter Biden called his dad ‘the Big Guy’ or ‘my Chairman,’ and frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing. I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business,” Bobulinski said.

If Joe Biden was the “big guy” and the “Chairman,” how could he have known nothing about is son’s overseas business dealings if he was directly benefiting from them? If all of this is true, that is a lie. It means that Joe Biden was not only obtaining money from extremely dark corners of the unfree world but also using his dangerously troubled, easily blackmailed younger son to do his shady deals for him — with every intention of letting him, in some fashion or another, take the fall. Many politicians exploit their own people, even the people of other countries, but not very often do they exploit their own children in doing so, allowing them to suffer the consequences of their parents’ crimes on top of theirs.

Nevertheless, a much more indirect, yet more far-reaching, insight into Joe Biden’s character concerns mainstream media outlets’ and, most prominently, social media’s reaction to the laptop story. As soon as The New York Post broke the news, not only did the media and “fact-checkers” label it “unverified” at the very best — and attributable to Russia at worst — but Twitter actually blocked every user on earth from sharing it in the first place. Why infamously biased Twitter would do so is clear, but why, if he had nothing to hide, would Joe Biden have not come out and damned Twitter for such a terrible violation of its users’ liberty? If the Post’s article was a lie — let alone Russian “disinfo” — and the laptop fake, then (1) why wouldn’t its blatant untruth be obvious to all and thus be harmless, and (2) why didn’t Biden appeal to the value of fairness he says he represents and utterly reject such “help” from Twitter? If he wishes to preserve Americans’ freedom of speech, then remaining silent in the face of such an astonishing attack upon it should speak to how seriously Biden takes the First Amendment.

Finally, going into the election, let us remember that Biden has never directly denied any of these allegations. Prior to the discovery of the laptop, when the most flagrant Hunter scandal was that he had received millions of dollars from the former mayor of Moscow, Biden labelled that story “totally discredited.” Today, he just calls the newest and most serious revelations a “smear campaign.” That is not a true denial, and he has never claimed that the laptop in question did not, in fact, belong to Hunter. That means it very likely is Hunter’s and the material on it is genuine after all. The computer shop owner in fact has stated numerous times that he personally received the laptop from Hunter’s hands.

The heart of the matter is that Joe Biden appears to be happy benefitting at others’ expense. He used his son to milk money from China, Russia, and Ukraine, and stood by as big tech shamefully silenced the courageous journalists who were trying to make the American people deservedly aware of that corruption. This is an example, past and present, of who Joe Biden is and how he would govern if elected — exploiting those ultimately dependent upon him, and then pulling back to shirk responsible when he is caught red-handed.

Evidently, as vice president he did behave like this and so far has gotten away with it, but if president must not be allowed to. And, given that Biden’s VP candidate Kamala Harris’s name appears — along with many others — in an email from Joe’s brother James concerning a Chinese business venture Hunter had conceived, it is unlikely that Joe Biden will conduct himself as president very differently than he did as vice president (let alone that a possible Harris administration would differ much either). Perhaps the American people could somehow corner him into changing his ways if damaging information were allowed to flow freely, as it should in a free society, but at 77 and ailing Biden is unlikely to change at anybody’s behest.

And if Joe Biden is willing to sacrifice his own broken son in the pursuit of power, then the fact that he is not disturbed by Twitter’s blatant election interference on his behalf is a character exposé far more salacious and disturbing for the country than any of Hunter Biden’s most jaw-dropping emails or photos.

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