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EU Hypocrisy & “Palestine”

Frederica Mogherini reiterates the EU’s support for the Two-State solution with Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

US Aid To Israel – An INVESTMENT

Barry Nussbaum and former ambassador Yoram Ettinger discusses why US foreign aid to Israel is an INVESTMENT that pays huge [...]

President Reuven Rivlin, right, meets with US Vice President Mike Pence at the president's house in Jerusalem, January 23, 2018. (RONEN ZVULUN/AFP)
Pence To Europe: Change Iran Nuke Deal

One day after his historic address to the Israeli Knesset, in which he stated Iran has a “clandestine nuclear program”, [...]

Mike Pence addresses Knesset (Gil Yochanan/Flash90)
Pence: US Will Never Allow Iran To Acquire Nuclear Weapons

Mike Pence became the first US VP to address the Israeli Knesset, part of his speech focused on Iran. He [...]

Pence Exposes Iran’s Nuclear Program

Pence makes solemn promise, “the United States of America will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon.”

(photo credit: ALI HASHISHO/REUTERS)
Hezbollah: Israeli Border Fence Undermines Peace

Hassan Nasrallah, head of the terrorist organization that that rules Lebanon, has accused Israel of undermining Peace by constructing a [...]

Fatah: We Have NEVER Recognized Israel

This is the “moderate” Fatah, admitting that they have NEVER recognized Israel or her right to exist. Peace Partner?

Nikki Haley – Why US Is Cutting UNRWA Money

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley explains why the US is cutting UNRWA funding. “All Palestinians are considered refugees.”