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Minorities Hurt the Worse by The Loss of Amazon In NYC!


News reporter: I’m curious what you think about people, the so-called leaders in New York City. Carolyn Maloney, who Unfortunately her district and was robbed of this Amazon opportunity talked about 25,000 good paying jobs that were lost. She talked about the massive infrastructure improvements that have disappeared because when a company like Amazon comes to your area, that attracts other tech Giants. The opportunities lost there are extraordinary for people. As Andrew Ross Sorkin said, “People don’t even understand basic economics. They actually think all that money is in tax incentives. If the jobs are good then great things happen in that area”.

There’s a financial literacy epidemic in America. Quick lesson, New York City wasn’t handing the cash to Amazon. There was an incentive program based on job creation and how much tax revenue they created. There is a $3 Billion incentive that cannot be spent on subways or education. Unfortunately, this project was killed by people who didn’t understand that and also who ignored the 80% of Latinos and 70% of black Americans in the New York area who needed these jobs. People who wanted these jobs to come to an area where white elites live; in Manhattan.

Jermaine: Ok, I’m going to stop it right here Barry. One thing. I want to get your take on this because Joe Scarborough, to me, makes a very very interesting point. He brings up race, of course, you know Liberals love bringing up race. He brings out how many Latinos were in the city who needed a job that couldn’t get a job. How many blacks that needed a job couldn’t get a job? Is he making a solid point on this?

Barry: Well, keep in mind Scarborough is to the right of Ocasio-Cortez. He’s a liberal who hates Donald Trump. He’s not ignorant of economic theory and he understands the fact that people that desperately need jobs aren’t going to have those jobs.

There’s no employer standing in line behind Amazon to say ‘Hey, we will take all that property. We will create 25,000 jobs”. The devastation crosses all colors and all ethnicities. Men, women, black, white, Latino. You name it. Everybody’s getting hurt by this and he understands that. Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t, he is trying to school her on it but I doubt she will listen.

That’s part of the problem. This young lady thinks she knows everything. We haven’t even talked about the great new ‘Green Deal’ which is the dumbest economic proposal. She thinks it’s a great idea because she has no understanding about economics, certainly not in a national level.

Your morning Joe buddy gets it. Jobs are lost and that’s bad. The people that lost the job that they would have had been hurt and nobody’s going to step up to help them. Ironically, the people that Ocasio-Cortez claims they represent, the minorities who are downtrodden and need her protection are the ones that hurt the most by her stupid decision to kill the Amazon deal.


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