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Harboring Muslim Radicals in US Is Part of Jihad Obligation


Brannon Howse: So I’m not accused of anything, let me speak in generalities. What if you have a highly skilled surgeon who is very wealthy through his practice has built a humongous house multiple wings, possibly I guess for maybe multiple wives, or bringing other relatives here, I have no idea. Maybe a basement that could hold 200, 250 people and is said to be one of the highest-ranking Muslims in a community. How often is this going on in America and other cities? The one I know of isn’t what I’m speaking about. Is this a common thing or is this unique to this particular city I’m speaking of?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Understandable. And I just gave you a verse from Quran chapter four verse ninety-five. Those who commit jihad through their wealth or life. Not everybody can go blow themselves up. But it’s equal if they have enough wealth to put toward jihad. as I said terrorism, political jihad, or civilization jihad, all of them take money. None of them are free. So we have highly educated not just doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, that are definitely investing into jihad because at the end of the day as I said, like it or not they have no choice but to kill or convert everyone. It may not be tomorrow, but those who are true Muslims they are aware of where this is going. So they are building big mansions because they know it will come to where they will need their situation room where they will bring their imam to sit down and actually put together a plan for a jihad, for a conquer. The point is fourteen hundred years of history constantly repeats itself with the same signal. And just in case Brannon, just because you said you don’t want to be accused there is no accusation. Very recently a female doctor in Ohio publicly tweeted that she will give wrong medication to Jewish patient to kill them.

Brannon Howse: Wait a minute. She said she would. Say that again. She said what?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: A doctor in Ohio publicly put a tweet out saying I will gladly give a wrong medication to my Jewish patients so they can die. She was fired from her job but she didn’t lose her license to practice so she is still a doctor. She just lost her job. If just imagine for a second if this was a Christian white doctor saying I would give a wrong medication to a Muslim to kill him. You all know the charade that would start with this.

Brannon Howse: Would they not have been arrested?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Oh forget about that. Not only they would be arrested. They would lose their license, they would lose their entire wealth and savings, and they would most definitely be charged with discrimination and hate crime. But this doctor was a Muslim, untouchable. This is what we’re facing people.

Brannon Howse: Which which proves we have Sharia already operating in America does it not?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Which proves that Muslims are superior to other people in this country.

Brannon Howse: Which proves we now, with the question coming in from a listener, proves we have moved from the lower house to the upper House. The fact that this goes on routinely proves we have moved from the lower house to the upper house. The fact they’re speaking this way doing the things openly that they’re doing and not concealing them and tweeting them and saying them including imams around the country the last few years have been calling for the killing of Jews in America. This proves they believe they have the upper hand now and they’re moving from the lower house to the upper house. So if they have moved from the lower house to the upper house as described in Islam what does that mean?

Aynaz Anni Cyrus: That means we’re done. That means so do not weaken and call for peace when you’re superior. That means heaven is under the shadow of the sword. That means kill or convert. When they are superior in number and power Sharia is applying and again on their Sharia, all of us who are not Muslims shall be killed. It means bloodshed. It means war. It means kiss goodbye your freedoms.


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