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DEMS Say ‘White Anxiety’ Caused Virginia Loss

DEMS Say 'White Anxiety' Caused Virginia Loss

Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Thank you for joining us. This is November 4th, 2021. My oh, my has the time gone by this year. It's just about over with, Channon. We have less than two months before 2021 is over. You know, we're already starting to see the election season come into play.

We're already seeing a lot of crazy stuff taking place, and a lot of people think that we probably won't even have a Christmas if things keep going the way they are going, but hey, do me a favor, everybody. I'm always asking because I want to remind you if you haven't done it yet.

If you're listening to this, please get out your mobile device, send a text to 88202, and simply type my name W-I-L-L. You're going to get awesome information from the American Truth Project. Information that you won't get anywhere else.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: So, guess what, everybody? Virginia is a total upset to the Democrat Party. They're in a frenzied state because they're running around, scrambling around, asking themselves how in the world this happened?

We thought we put enough fear, and I'm going to paraphrase some of this. I'm just going to ad-lib a little bit here. This is the Democrats and what they're thinking.

We put fear into people. We had everyone believing that if they go along with the Republicans, you're not going to survive any longer because the Democrats are coming out telling everybody that you need to get vaccinated, that you need to drink the Kool-Aid. Unless you do this, you will not survive.

It's the Democrats that want total control, and it's the exact same thing the Nazis did in the 1930s and early 1940s. The Democrats are using the same playbook, and the people seem to be okay with it. Why? Because they want total government control. They have no issues with it, but Virginia is a total upset to the Democrats.

Channon: Yeah, Virginia, it's been a stronghold for the Democrats for what? A decade? I think, like ten years or whatever. You know, they pretty much saw it as a shoo-in for the most part, and it kind of sounded like they were like, okay, yeah, we might have a challenger, but he's nothing. Everybody is sold on the liberal agenda that Biden is rolling out, but Virginia slapped the Democrats in the face.

Not only did they lose the governor position to the GOP, but they also lost the lieutenant governor position to a woman, which is historic. A black woman took the seat and seized the GOP as well. Then in the Virginia Senate, there was a longtime Democrat named Sweeney, and he thought he was a shoo-in for his seat, but a GOP member came in and won that seat with only spending $153 on his entire campaign.

Will Johnson: $153?

Channon: Yep! Virginia pretty much said, take your liberal agendas and shove it.

Will Johnson: Shove it. I love it.

Channon: But they're spinning it, Will, and we're going to talk about how they're spinning this. Instead of the Democrats saying, hey, listen, you know what? Why did we lose this? They don't take any responsibility for their agenda. They fully believe that they should have won on the fact that they want free daycare, open borders, and mandates for everybody to take the vaccine. This non-voter I.D. legislation is coming through, and that people should want the infrastructure bill.

Will Johnson: That's how it should be labeled, the non-voter I.D.

Channon: They think that everybody should want this infrastructure bill and reconstruction bill. The thing is, people don't want it, and they are not listening. Pelosi came up and said, well, listen, we're not being swayed from our agenda. We're going full steam ahead, and it's like, you're losing seats because Virginia is not the only place where they lost some Democrat seats. Unfortunately, we didn't win New Jersey, but we got really close.

Will Johnson: I think some shenanigans went on there because they were probably saying, there's no way that we're going to allow this to happen, pull out the reserve ballots. I'm just speculating here, but to me, that would have been such a total blow to the left. So, they most definitely said, pull out the reserves.

Channon: Look at some of the legislation that people voted on. In Minneapolis, they voted on, the George Floyd hub of America, the Defund the Police became part of the Black Lives Matter platform. They came out and voted for keeping the police department. It was put in front of them to become a public safety organization in Minneapolis. Of course, you had people like Tlaib and Ilhan Omar's. CAIR put a lot of money into it, and the people in Minneapolis said, no, we want our police department.

We want you to refund it. It is the same thing in Austin, Texas. They voted to refund the police. We've seen crime skyrocket here, so these agendas that people, the democracy of America, are getting to vote on are saying, we don't want your legislation. We don't want your agenda. It doesn't work, and it scares me. You and I were talking about this.

Will Johnson: It scares you? Do you have anxiety? (laughing)

Channon: Well, it scares me that they proposed these bills, like the Public Safety Bill in Minneapolis. They proposed it, but yet there's nothing to support the legislation saying that it would work. There's nothing. All of the information and the facts that we do have shown that when you defund the police, you try to institute another type of public safety, it doesn't work.

Crime goes up, but yet they're still pushing this agenda. I'm glad that people are waking up. I hope it continues. Will, you said this the other day on your broadcast.

Will Johnson: Are you talking about something I said?

Channon: The Democrats are going to go harder and stronger.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah, they're going to double down. They're going to double down because of what happened in Virginia, and I've said it multiple times. This is such a wake-up call to them. They're asking themselves what in the world happened? They went as far as blaming Nancy Pelosi for the loss in Virginia.

They blame Chuck Schumer for the loss in Virginia. They blame multiple Democrats for their mistakes in Virginia. Then what tops it off, and I have a beautiful audio clip that we're going to play for you.

They're grasping for straws that are not even there. You know how you hold straws in your hand, and you put the longest one in there. There are no straws in their hand, and they're grasping for them. They're trying to say that white people in Virginia voted for the Republicans because they have anxiety about what is being taught to their children.

Channon: They said it's false anxiety. They say it's not even true.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they said that CRT is not even real. That's their push that CRT is not real. They're saying white people are getting in a frenzy over nothing because it doesn't exist. They say that this is a Trump tactic.

Why in the world would parents, not even just white people, but black people, show up to the school board saying, do not push this CRT nonsense onto our children, and it's happening across the nation? But now, the new lie is that CRT doesn't exist. I'm just waiting for the fact-checkers to start fact-checking people and say CRT does not exist.

Channon: Even though parents are bringing the crap to school boards.

Will Johnson: They are reading the curriculum.

Channon: They're saying, this is the CRT crap being taught to my child. This is their homework assignment, or this is why they're failing the class because they refuse to do this. They're saying, well, no, that's not happening. See, you know what the sad thing is, Will?

If you're going to go to a rally or you're going to go somewhere, and some ignorant person is going to say to you, well, that's not really happening. Then you're going to go. I know where you heard that.

Will Johnson: They've already done that. When I was in Minnesota, they did that. There was a white guy there saying that CRT is not that. CRT is just talking about the actual history that happened in America. I said, so you mean to tell me that they're not pushing it and talking about how all the white people were racists back then. He goes that's part of our history, and this was a white liberal telling me this. These are white liberals.

Channon: Oh, my goodness. Will, we have a couple of phone calls.

Will Johnson: We have telephone calls? We haven't gotten to the audio clip yet, but let's take the phone call. So, we don't have to have them wait so long.

Channon: Okay, Tamara from Oklahoma, you're on the line.

Will Johnson: Hey, Tamara, thank you so much for the call.

Tamara: Hi, Will. I was praying in the spirit, a Robert Spencer warning about Al-Qaeda. Then we have Senator Ted Cruz; in the meeting, he warned about the $130 million that President Biden is using to get terrorists out of Egypt. As I was praying, the Lord pressed upon me scripture, and is it okay if I share it.

Will Johnson: Oh, absolutely.

Tamara: Okay. It's in Isaiah, Chapter 33:17, and it goes to 24, but I'll just read the highlights because I know time is limited. It says, "Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty: they shall behold the land that is very far off. Thine heart shall meditate terror. Where is the scribe? Where is the receiver? Where is he that counted the towers?" Which I found odd. "Thou shalt not see a fierce people, a people of a deeper speech than thou can perceive; of a stammering tongue, that thou cannot understand.

Look upon Zion, the city of our sodomites: thine eyes shall see Jerusalem a quiet habitation, a tabernacle that shall not be taken down; not one of the stakes thereof shall ever be removed, neither shall any of the cords thereof be broken. But there the glorious Lord will be unto us a place of broad rivers, and streams; where we shall go, no galley with oars, neither shall gallant ships pass thereby. For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver. The Lord is our king; he will save us."

Will Johnson: Hmm.

Channon: Indeed, he will.

Will Johnson: Very powerful.

Tamara: I was thinking in the spirit, he told me to open my Bible, and that's exactly where it directed me as I was anxious over what I was listening to with Robert Spencer and Senator Cruz.

Channon: You know, and it is easy to get so much anxiety with everything happening. I sometimes know Will, and I have conversations, and I'll be like, okay, you're making my blood pressure go up.

Will Johnson: Yeah, she would say to me, stop, stop, stop! I'm like, check this out. This is crazy.

Channon: Yeah, yeah, I know. I feel you.

Will Johnson: Rightfully so, people have a good reason to have some anxiety, but we have to recognize that anxiety is nothing but from Satan.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: Does it make sense?

Tamara: Yes.

Will Johnson: Because we're still in the flesh, we have reason to be concerned about this stuff they are doing.

Channon: We don't want to go through all this.

Will Johnson: Yeah, no one's asking, oh, you know what? Bring all this crazy stuff to us. We don't have anything better to do.

Channon: We have to be a light in the world. It's just like you said. You were drawn to scripture. Amen. I hope it brought you some peace, and you shared it today. So, remember, in the end, God wins.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Tamara: Amen. Amen.

Channon: Amen. Thank you, Tamara, for the phone call. Have a great day!

Will Johnson: Thank you so much, Tamara.

Tamara: Well, thank you for having me. I usually don't like to call, but God told me to do it, so I obeyed.

Channon: We're so glad you did.

Will Johnson: Absolutely an honor. Thank you so much. You know, Channon, I got the same thing before I started doing videos before speaking out. I used to try to talk to people in my circle. I even went to you at one point trying to get you to speak up and say stuff.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: And you were like, no, I'm not doing it.

Channon: Will's crazy. Will was like; somebody needs to do something. You do it.

Will Johnson: Yeah. I was trying to get everybody else to do it, and I knew God was pushing me to do it. So, she's right; when God calls you to do something, don't fight it, just do it. I'm being honest with you. I was fighting it. I was fighting it, tooth and nail, to the point where I was having chest pains and ended up in the hospital because of it. I didn't post any pictures because people would say, oh, Will, you know.

Channon: Now, he is just a pain.

Will Johnson: I'm a total pain to the left because God has opened my eyes. Once you get the red pill, once you see the truth, you cannot unsee it.

Channon: All right, let's talk to Chris from Texas. Chris, what do you got?

Will Johnson: Hey Chris.

Chris: Hey, how's it going?

Will Johnson: Good, thanks so much for the call.

Chris: It seems to me that they want to do away with the police. I think what it is; they don't want local police. They don't want state police. They want federal police who are going to do their bidding, exactly what they say, no question.

Will Johnson: I agree.

Channon: Well, you know, it's interesting, though, how two liberal cities basically, I hate to say Austin, Texas is liberal, but it pretty much is. Minneapolis voted to refund and keep their police departments after they saw what the liberal agenda does to their city.

Chris: Well, the left feels like they didn't go far enough.

Channon: Of course, yeah.

Will Johnson: Of course, and when they don't get what they want, they just reword everything to try to manipulate the system and get people to support something that we know we shouldn't be supporting.

Channon: They are anything but for democracy. They don't listen to the people. They do not hear the message at all.

Chris: Well, true democracy is mob rule. I mean, it's gonna be the majority rule.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but they want mob rule.

Chris: There is no representation for a smaller population.

Will Johnson: Exactly, but they're looking for mob rule, 100%.

Chris: Yeah, but I was trying to get a forecast going on my own. I don't know the first thing about how it.

Channon: It's called pick up a selfie stick. Create a Facebook profile, and start talking. That's what Will did.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that's exactly what I did.

Channon: You can do other platforms. It is just that Facebook has a good amount of people.

Will Johnson: Yeah, you can post videos on rumble. You can post videos if you want to go to Twitter and, you know, do it on Twitter if you want to. You can post videos on GETTR. There are so many places, but you got to start doing it.  Think about it like this, real quick, and I'll let you go. Think about it like this, five years from now, you may be like, ‘You know what? I should just start doing a video.’

Channon: This is just a little bit at a time.

Will Johnson: Just a little bit. You don't have to go all extreme or anything, just a little two-minute video even, speak up.

Chris: See, like you do with the guys where you get a bunch of people together because I still want to try to push the petitions that I've been working on, but I'd like to get several different people together to debate it and come up with something that everybody can get along with.

Channon: Well, that's the one thing, too. You have to get people that want to do what you want to do. See, we always found that to be a problem. Like, not everybody wants to do what you're called to do, so sometimes you just have to do it on your own and start there. To be honest, that's just the way it is. Do you know what I mean?

Will Johnson: You can have a vision, but not everyone has the same vision.

Chris: I was thinking more of putting the petition out there, but have different viewpoints, debated it to where we can say, hey, look, this works for whoever, it's apolitical.

Channon: Well, the first thing is, you get a following, you get people that are interested in your topics, and then go from there. You're not going to come out just with petitions. That's not going to work. You're going to have to come out, kind of sell yourself, create your profile, do all those things, and when more people listen to you when you have everybody's ear. That's when you start pushing that type of stuff. That's just my opinion, our experience.

Chris: I got you.

Channon: Anyways, let me just ask you real quick since we're talking about Virginia. What do you think about what happened in Virginia and even in New Jersey, quite frankly?

Chris: Well, I'm with Will on that. I think there were some shenanigans pulled in New Jersey, but it was not the season. We did get Virginia, and New Jersey was closer than they ever thought was going to happen.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah.

Chris: They forget. People get fed up with it.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Chris: They are pushing a mandate. They're not pushing the law. They're pushing mandate. That's not a law.

Channon: Exactly.

Will Johnson: Yeah, these mandates are not laws, but they're pushing them like you have to follow them.

Channon: They're going to use OSHA, which is part of major businesses. They talk about safety, and it is a federally funded organization. They're going to use that to target people.

Will Johnson: To target people, and even here, the state of Texas, the attorney general put out a statement. I saw it earlier on Twitter. He said that if OSHA decides to come here to force the small business to go along with these mandates, they will automatically sue the Biden administration.

Chris: Well, you know, as many years as I have sat in the oil fields and watched OSHA supposedly take payoffs, turn their heads. They don't have any credibility as far as I'm concerned.

Channon: Wow.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Absolutely. Thanks, Chris.

Will Johnson: Hey, thanks so much for the call.

Chris: Yep.

Channon: So, Will, we got Chris's perspective on what happened, and we've talked a little bit about our perspective. Why don't we listen to AOC's perspective about what happened in Virginia?

Will Johnson: Yeah, let's do that because she's going to give us the reason why they didn't win.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - United States Representative for New York's 14th Congressional District: Plus, on the election front, I actually think we have good news as well. I know that Virginia was a huge bummer, and honestly if anything. I think that the results show the limits of trying to run a full 100% super moderated campaign that does not excite, speak to, or energize the progressive base, and frankly, we weren't even really invited to contribute to that race.

Channon: So, first of all, she's saying that they weren't there to excite the progressive base. I think pretty much Virginia showed that there's not a huge progressive base. I think they said we don't want a progressive crap here.

Will Johnson: I think there's a lot of progressives there.

Channon: In Virginia?

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah. I mean, for the most part, this is the way I see it, and people may disagree, that's fine.

Channon: I will let you know.

Will Johnson: The Demon-crat Party has pretty much converted over to being total communist-socialist progressives. The reason why I said it, even the Obama administration with this whole infrastructure bill that they're trying to push through is total progressive. Progressives are pushing it. Everything that they want or none of it happens.

Channon: They say it's not enough.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that's what I'm saying. The progressives want more. The progressives want to go full-on communism, or they're not going to participate, and I'm kind of assuming that's what took place here in Virginia because the progressives are like, well, you know what? You're not going to give us everything we want, so we're not going to help you out either. That's not possibly happening.

Channon: Hum? I don't think so. Progressives are extreme. In no way would they vote for a GOP member.

Will Johnson: No, I'm not saying that they voted for the GOP.

Channon: Oh, then what were they showing?

Will Johnson: I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying is that AOC straight up said that they weren't even invited to come to Virginia. So, they are probably like, we're not going to even help Virginia. She could still have helped for Virginia from her seat that she keeps warm in D.C. She could have, think about it.

You had Biden show up. I mean, Biden shows up to Virginia. You had Kamala Harris show up to Virginia. You had Obama show up to Virginia. You had other socialist communists Demon-crats show up to Virginia, but she didn't show up, and they still lost.

Channon: Let's talk about this for a second. I don't think that the Democrat Party is totally 100% progressive. That's part of the problem right now with them not being able to get anything done because their party is torn. There are moderates who are holding back and making them redo the infrastructure bill. Then you have the power struggle of, what is it, four or five progressives? I mean, the progressives are AOC, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib.

Will Johnson: Pressley.

Channon: Pressley.

Will Johnson: You know the bald-headed one who looks like she is on Star Track.

Channon: Bernie. So, do you really think they are 100% progressive? I think there could be a third party. I think progressives could be a third party.

Will Johnson: Let me take it back if I said the entire Demon-crat Party is progressive because they're not. I mean, I think we all agree that they're not because they're upset with Nancy Pelosi for not going along. Now, are they moving towards the communist way? Absolutely. They're demonstrating that because they all want a one-world globalist system to control everything.

Channon: They all do lean towards socialism, more than what is spoken, yeah.

Will Johnson: They're all for big government. They're all from removing capitalism, seriously.

Channon: True.

Will Johnson: And they all benefit from capitalists. They benefit from it, but then they want to demolish it and change it. It's a whole Marxist agenda. Anyways, the Democrats, in Virginia, since we talked about Virginia. They kept going out there, and was it, Terry. How do you say his last name, McAuliffe? He kept saying, if you don't want Trump to be the governor, you can't vote for Youngkin. If you don't want Trump, he said it everywhere he went he was bringing up President Trump. Well, guess what? The people in Virginia guess what they want?

Channon: Trump.

Will Johnson: They want Trump, and it's like they can't even put two and two together. They did more promotions for President Trump, saying that if you put Youngkin into the governorship, you're going to get Trump-style government, and that's what the people want. They kept mentioning it, and Youngkin didn't have to. The Democrats were doing it for him but listen to this. They're upset right now because of what happened in Virginia, and they're talking about the playbook of the Republican Party being used in the up-and-coming 2022 election.

Jim Acosta - CNN, The Situation Room: Well, I think the Republicans are going to try it, other Republicans are not going to be able to get away with it because they've given Donald Trump too much of a bear hug here, but look, Wolf, I mean, right now, the Republican Party is caught in a riptide of disinformation, and it's carrying the rest of the country out to sea. Glenn Youngkin, even though he held Donald Trump at arm's length, fully embraced Trumpism.

I mean, if you look at what happened in Virginia, he was carpet bombing the commonwealth with disinformation. He was saying the Critical Race Theory was coming into Virginia schools. No, it's not. That's not the case at all. He was also saying that election results need to be audited in the commonwealth of Virginia. Is he going to ask for his own election results to be audited? I guess we should be satisfied that there's not going to be an insurrection in Richmond, but that's the kind of campaign that Glenn Youngkin was running now.

Will Johnson: This is such a loaded audio clip.

Channon: Wow. Oh, my gosh,

Will Johnson: That is so loaded.

Channon: So literally, he says that disinformation is tactics from the left. Critical race theory: #1. How does he know that it's not going to Virginia? It's the National School Board Association; liberal professors school boards are ruling it out in schools. They even had some in Virginia going to school boards displaying what was happening in the schools. It's so frustrating that they call it disinformation. I'm overwhelmed.

Will Johnson: That's what they do. That's how they target this. Talking about CRT is not coming to Virginia. It's just not true. Maybe currently, it's not actually being taught in schools, but you know what? That is a lie, too, because I saw a video clip last night of a guy that's a teacher, and I forget what state he said he was in, but he said, any time that we tell you that us as teachers in the school district, that we're not teaching CRT.

He said I'm here to tell you that we're lying to you. Yes, he said, we are absolutely doing that because when we see black students get a lower grade on something that white students are getting, we automatically want to change the curve. That is CRT. We automatically want to do that, and you know what, that is true because I remember hearing that when I was in school where they were talking about changing the curve because black kids are too stupid to get it where white kids are getting it.

Channon: Well, they're still doing it.

Will Johnson: They are still doing it.

Channon: That is racist because, for some reason, they don't think that minorities are capable or have the same capability as white people. That is racist.

Will Johnson: Yes, 100%.

Channon: That's racist. Here's another thing, are they not the ones that are voting that we need more protections for voters and the voting system? Why would he not be for audits? They are saying that it's false, but yet if it's not false, then why is the left pushing so hard for more voter legislation if they think everything's great, peachy, and fine?

It's so stupid. Then they try to make everything sound bad by using the Trump word. They think that's like a cuss word. They are like; if we say, Trump, everybody will like that now.

Will Johnson: That's code. They keep bringing up Trump. Like, they're going to convince everyone not to vote for the person because they're trying to associate, as they did with Youngkin, with President Trump. Yeah, you notice in New Jersey, did they do that? Did they do that in Jersey? Did the Democrats go around and say, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump?

Channon: No, they pretty much thought New Jersey would go to Democrats because it's been, Democrat.

Will Johnson: They thought the same thing about Virginia. They have Virginia locked down.

Channon: True, they spent less time in New Jersey. I don't think anybody even really campaigned in New Jersey that I heard. Did you?

Will Johnson: I didn't even know New Jersey was going through it until last night.

Channon: Me neither.

Will Johnson: You know, what is interesting is people, there's a video floating around out there on Twitter where someone was trying to vote for the Republican in New Jersey, and it would not work. There are some shenanigans that went on there because they were like Virginia took place. There is no way we can allow the Republicans to take this too. It would just be totally devastating. Virginia's already bad enough, but for us to lose two, so we have to do this now.

Anyways, we have Virginia.

They're saying that the reason why the Democrats lost in Virginia was that white people had anxiety. Can you believe this, anxiety? They're saying that you have anxiety because of the demonic stuff they want to teach the children? I don't, per se, believe that white people have anxiety. I think white people are having concern about them teaching this nonsense to their children, rightfully so.

Channon: All these people are white that are talking right here. They are having anxiety because they lost.

Will Johnson: I am going to play this sound bite, mainly a black person, mind this now. You have a black woman that is about to tell everybody how white people feel.

Channon: Oh, this is that clip, okay.

Will Johnson: Listen to this.

Nia-Malika Henderso Senior Political Analyst For CNN: It is white voters who have anxiety about a changing America, right. That it is blacker, it is browner. People who didn't always have a say in what their children should read are now having to say. I mean, I told you I went to school for 12 years in a black town in South Carolina, in a black school, and I had one book assigned by an African-American author that was "Invisible Man" in the 12th grade. I mean, you know, I graduated years ago, but things are changing now, and it is causing some anxiety among white people.

Will Johnson: Now, I'm going to stop it there. The thing that ticked me off is the white people sitting on the panel with her, uh-huh, uh-huh, yep, uh-huh, like, is she talking about them, or is she only talking about those who are really concerned about their children?

Because that's what it comes down to. They want to teach their children, the white kids, that they're bad simply because they were born white because God made them that way, and they're trying to indoctrinate the people, the kids, to believe that they're just bad. On top of that, if you're black, you just need to know that you're a victim, and we're going to lay out the history that we want you to believe.

Tell you that you are black, you were a slave, you are mainly nothing, you are a victim. If you're white, you're racist, hateful, and you get everything handed to you. That's what CRT, in a nutshell, is.

Channon: You know what? I get offended because they fail to acknowledge that the white people, the majority of white people, have always fought for the rights of everyone, including minorities and blacks. It has not been the entire country, the entire body of people in America that have been against this.

In the beginning, it was the Democrats.

They still are calling out their color. The Democrats do it all the time, and then people like her play victim to it, and then they say, well, you just feel guilty. I don't feel guilty. My family and I, as far as I've ever known, have not been racist.

Will Johnson: Can I argue on that one? (laughing)

Channon: Do you really want to argue? (laughing)

Will Johnson: No. (laughing)

Channon: I hate to tell you that I know plenty of black people that have displayed racism, more than I do white people. Will is laughing because he knows it's true. Do you know what I mean? It's crazy. Play the rest.

Nia-Malika Henderso Senior Political Analyst For CNN: It's causing some anxiety among white people, and that is to be expected. Right. And its sort of normal, and it speaks to the history of this country. And Democrats don't really know how to do it, to figure that out. And they also don't have a way to speak to black voters consistently. I mean, some of the black pollsters and strategists I've been talking to are blaming Terry McAuliffe for not engaging black voters early and often enough.

Will Johnson: Let me stop it there. Do you know what she's saying right there? She said that Terry McAuliffe did not go into the black neighborhood and change his accent like Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. They're going to put y'all back in chains. See, he didn't go in there and say, y'all, going to let these racists take over.

Mind you, the Lincoln Project was nothing but a bunch of anti-American socialist communists, Democrats themselves portraying themselves as Republicans, nothing but rhinos. They sent the guys with the tiki-torches to Youngkin's campaign. When it all came out, it all backfired on them, and the Lincoln Project, the last thing I saw, they put like $300; I want to say it was a stupid amount of money, like $300 million into the campaign. So, all that money was for nothing.

Channon: Why does it have to be? See, this plays into what we're saying. They're talking about one race over another. We should be talking about all Americans.

Will Johnson: That's because the Democrats want to go in and always talk to black people, black people, black people, black people. Republicans just say Americans, Americans, Americans. Sorry to cut you off.

Channon: Next to this Virginia governor is the lieutenant governor, who is a legal immigrant from Jamaica. She's black, and she gave the most patriotic speech, but these people would not listen to it. These people would not acknowledge that what she said is true, and quite honestly, they don't even talk about that because of that election.

Will Johnson: Yeah, she's a sell-out. According to them, they are a sell-out.Seriously? I get, a whole bunch of people said to me; actually, I got a guy last night, sent me a message from one of my videos, and that video the last time I looked was at 315,000 views. It was talking about this audio clip right now, and the guy said, you're a sell-out. I said, no, I'm not. I still have some T-shirts on my site to sell—the one with let's go, Brandon. I even shared the link with him. Check it out. Listen to the rest of this.

Nia-Malika Henderso Senior Political Analyst For CNN: And that's often what you hear from Democratic strategists complaining about the Democratic Party. You've got this base of African-American voters that you don't know how to consistently court and deliver to.

Will Johnson: That's insulting to me.

Channon: They are constantly courting them.

Will Johnson: That is completely insulting to me. Like, you need to court these black people.

Channon: They have courted them.

Will Johnson: And tickle their ears more often to get them to vote for you. All that is basically, listen, black people, we're going to come to tell you what we're going to do for you, how we can give you this, and give you that, the handouts every two to four years, but we're not going to come through. We are just going to tell it to you because we want you to feel like we're going to work for you. See, the

Republicans don't do that. Republicans just say Americans, hey, we're going to do x, y, z, and Americans get to benefit. If you get off your lazy backside, get off your butt, start working, and do something these policies that we put in place, you can benefit from it, but the Democrats don't want people to get off the couch because the Democrats want you to depend on the government.

Channon: Will, we have a caller. We have David. He's a veteran from Oklahoma.

Will Johnson: Hey, Dave, thanks so much for the call.

David: Hey, Will, nice to talk to you, man. I'm feeling my privilege to be able to talk to you.

Will Johnson: I do have a white privilege card myself, in my wallet. I keep it handy.

David: All right, there you go, yes, sir. I served in the Marine Corps, the Gulf War, Desert Shield, Desert Storm.

Will Johnson: Thank you for your service.

David: Thank you, man. They put us on the front line to, quote, "attract enemy fire." That's where I got my distaste for all things government, pretty much. Anyway, I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. Our schools, you know, you had every race in school, and never saw problems between races there. Everybody got along. You had your clicks. You had the preppies, the loners, sports geeks, or whatever.

Channon: They're trying to rewrite your history. That's not true. What you experienced is not factual?

Will Johnson: Yeah. They are trying to say that didn't happen.

David: Yeah, and then like in Desert Storm, I don't give a damn what color the man, woman, or whatever beside me is. As long as they got my darn back, and I got theirs.

Will Johnson: I hear you right.

Channon: Man.

David: I would say color is only skin deep.

Will Johnson: That's true.

David: Yes, sir, and I moved from Virginia 12 years ago. I saw the writing on the wall then, and it was almost eerie last night to hear him say it's the first Republican governor they've had in about 12 years. I was like, oh, that makes sense. Now I know why I left.

Will Johnson: Probably until today.

David: Yes, sir. I hear you there.

Channon: It's unfortunate to me that we see places that are Republican, and then the liberals come in and try to change it, but then places that have been liberal, they're trying to change it back to Republican.

Will Johnson: Because we can't sustain it, we can't take this anymore.

Channon: Let me tell you something. Will, was a Democrat until he moved to California. When he saw the craziness of Democrats, and he switched sides.

Will Johnson: The communist commie-fornia.

David: Exactly. The lady that won in Virginia, her name is Winsome Sears. She's an immigrant, and she was also a marine, pro-gun. She's done so many good things, but the left doesn't see that. Oh my god, no, no, no.

Channon: They're not even promoting her.

Will Johnson: No, they hate her.

Channon: They are not saying, look, this is the first black woman in this.

Will Johnson: They should be screaming it right now because they are always talking about color, color, color.

Channon: They are always saying we don't have enough women. We don't have enough black women, yet when this woman takes this position, they completely ignore her?

Will Johnson: Yeah, because she doesn't have the same demonic mindset as the rest of them.

David: They are trying to warp everybody's mind and brainwash everyone. All this stuff was squashed. I worked in the electrical trade for 30 years before I retired. Everybody there got along. If you go out on the streets now, most places here around Tulsa, if you go around, black, white, everybody is cool with each other. It's the media trying to feed this crap.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: Well, you know what? Unfortunately, it's working on the young people because we have seen an increase in fights and violence in schools between different groups. We are seeing children trying to commit suicide. So, we're putting this pressure on society, and while you who have experienced a different America can see through the B.S. These young people can't. It's really unfortunate.

Will Johnson: And it's a result of CRT.

David: That's why we are obligated to try to get out there and talk to our young people. Try to explain to them, you know, if you can have their ear for a minute, be nice, and try to explain to them the way it was. The way it really is, and what is going on, that they're being brainwashed. You're being indoctrinated. You're being taught these things because the government wants total control over you.

Will Johnson: Yep, 100%.

David: Yes, sir. I appreciate you letting me talk with you. Oh, what was that scripture from Isaiah, that lady mentioned from Oklahoma?

Channon: I was going to write it down, and I didn't. I'm sorry.

Will Johnson: I'm going to have to go back and listen to it to write it down. This is being archived, so you can always go back and listen.

Channon: Yeah, go back to our Facebook page, listen to it once it's over with, and you'll be able to hear it.

David: Oh, okay, I got it through BlogTalkRadio, but all right, I'll do that, and thank you. I commented on Facebook with the Facebook link.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

David: All right. God bless you all.

Channon: Great, thank you, David, for the call.

Will Johnson: Take care.

David: Yes, sir, bye.

Will Johnson: So, Channon, the Democrats are so angry about what took place in Virginia; they're saying Republicans are now dangerous. Dangerous to society, Republicans, mind you. So, it doesn't matter your color when it comes to that.

See, now they're just lumping everyone who has the mindset of a Republican that loves America, loves freedom, and wants to keep our sovereignty. All of them are dangerous to society. You don't believe me. Listen to this.

Joy Reid - Anchor on MSNBC: They would have to be willing to say what you have said on your show. I think we've all said a version of it. You have to be willing to vocalize that these Republicans are dangerous, that this isn't a party that's just another political party that disagrees with us on tax policy. That at this point, they're dangerous.

They're dangerous to our national security because stoking that kind of soft white nationalism eventually leads to the hard-core stuff. It leads to the January 6th stuff because if people are tolerant of it in your party, they're tolerant of the soft racism. It's a really short trip to get to the January 6th insurrection.

Will Johnson: That is so crazy to me,

Channon: Completely ignorant. I like how they bring up January 6th, but they didn't bring up any of the riots where people or police officers were targeted and killed. Look at Rittenhouse and his whole trial now that was brought on by the hate and terrorism of the left.

Will Johnson: There is video footage coming out on that showing that he was defending himself. They don't want to talk about that and acknowledge that. They just want to say that he was wrong simply because he was a white male defending himself.

Channon: The terrorism from the left has been ten times worse than anything or anybody in the GOP has brought onto this country. Let me tell you, the border is a huge security risk to America, and even these women ignore that fact.

Then you have Afghanistan, which Manson had an interview the other day on Fox News, who is a moderate in the Democrat Party, who even said we have to deal with the repercussions of Afghanistan, and we have not done that yet. It will cause problems if we do not.

There are some serious problems that this administration is bringing America; CRT is a problem. It creates animosity, it creates hate, and it creates these fights that are happening in the street. They are not taking any responsibility. The hate in this country is coming from the left.

Will Johnson: 100%

Channon: I'm still offended when I hear that.

Will Johnson: I've constantly talked about the only reason why we still have racism. The only reason racism exists in the United States of America is that the left keeps it alive. The left uses it as a mechanism to control people because they know very well once they put something out there with a black thug getting caught up with a white cop, and a white cop ends up killing the black thug criminal.

Then they put it all over the news. Like the black thug, the criminal was innocent. Like, the cop didn't have to kill him just because he robbed the bank and killed five people while he was in the bank. He was just doing it because he didn't have any money because of the system. That's how they think, and that's how we end up in this situation that we're in right now.

It's completely repulsive. Talk about racism; here's a collogue of audio clips put together by somebody. Listen to how all of this comes together. It's all about the left pushing racism. Listen to this.

Nia-Malika Henderso Senior Political Analyst For CNN: Glenn Youngkin played the race card for a reason because he knows it works on certain white voters.

Chris Hayes - On the Cable News Network MSNBC: He did stoke white grievance politics to mobilize the Republican base.

Nicolle Wallace - NBC News Political Analyst: He's laundered Trump's really sort of disgusting, flagrant out racism. He's wrapped it in education.

Joy Reid - Anchor on MSNBC: Education, which is code for white parents, don't like the idea of teaching about race.

Alex Wagner - Co-Host of the Circus: That's the fundamental problem for these parents and this anti-CRT movement. They don't like the way whiteness is being portrayed in these new, more inclusive lessons.

Joshua Johnson - NBC News: This wasn't about those pocketbook issues. This was about how white kids feel talking about what black kids go through.

Tiffany Cross - Host of MSNBC's The Cross Connection: The subtext of all this was we can't let these black and brown people run the country.

Donna Edwards - Former Democratic Member of U.S. House of Representatives: Glenn Youngkin running on critical race theory that he knew hit a cord around race.

Van Jones - CNN Political Commentator: I think all the CRT stuff is trumped up dog-whistling.

Brianna Keilar - Anchor on CNN: Some of it was dog-whistle racism.

Steve Schmidt - Co-Founder of The Lincoln Project: The dog whistle messaging that you saw Youngkin engage in during the course of the campaign.

Cornell Belcher - American Writer, Pollster, and Political Strategist: CRT is the latest lie of school bussing, crosstown bussing, welfare queens, you have it it’s in that state. It's in that same line, and you saw it in the results in Virginia.

Will Johnson: I will stop it there for a second.

Channon: They all got the same talking points. They said, how are we going to spin this crap, right. Oh, I know, let's turn into racism. Let's turn it into whites are scared that we're exposing them. What? What? I don't get it. No wonder all these networks' ratings are going down because it's all B.S.

Will Johnson: It is 100% B.S., and they know it is, but they don't care. They continue to push the B.S. because they want people to believe the lies.

Juanita Tolliver - Political Analyst for MSNBC: It's a more palatable Republican who still uses the same racist things that Trump did. He just packaged them in a soccer-dad, sweater-vest model.

Joy Reid - Anchor on MSNBC: He's found a way to launder the pretty racist trope. This idea that we cannot talk about America's history because it hurts my feelings. He's turned that into a campaign.

Nia-Malika Henderso Senior Political Analyst For CNN: White voters do have anxiety about a changing America, right. That it is blacker, it is browner.

Tiffany Cross - Host of MSNBC's The Cross Connection: You've got the Republicans yelling like, hey, look, the black and brown folks are coming for us.

Donna Edwards - Former Democratic Member of U.S. House of Representatives: Some Republican candidates are perfectly willing to use race as a motivating factor for their base that has gone on for decades, and it happened this year.

Joy Reid - Anchor on MSNBC: Race is just the most palpable tool in the toolkit. It used to be of the Democratic Party back in the day when they were Dixiecrats and now of the Republican Party.

Tiffany Cross - Host of MSNBC's The Cross Connection: This is about the fact that a good chunk of voters out there are okay with white supremacy. Let's call a thing a thing. Actually, it's crap. They are more than okay.

Will Johnson: I mean, come on. Did you hear it? They have this whole idea that Republicans are using race to win elections when it's always the Democrats that are using racism to try to win elections. Republicans don't do that.

Channon: She just said, why aren't they going to the black neighborhoods?

Will Johnson: Yeah, they just complained. Yes, I played the clip that they're complaining about because they're not courting black people, but now they're saying that Republicans are calling racism. Who's doing the racism?

Channon: They are constantly talking about race.

Will Johnson: Where is the racism at?

Channon: Whoever is talking about race are the racists.

Will Johnson: This is so mind-blowing to me. You know what? They lie.

Channon: I can't believe all these black people are saying this, and the white people are just looking like, yes.

Will Johnson: Uh-huh, uh-huh

Channon: Yes, you are so right.

Will Johnson: Yeah, yep.

Channon: Okay.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: Okay, I wonder anywhere in their head, they're going like, um, okay.

Will Johnson: Like, no, that's not true.

Channon: I'm not racist, but um, okay.

Will Johnson:  It's not true. Do you know what it is? It is the white liberal. They look at it like they're not talking about me because I'm not the racist one. The one who's racist is the Trump white Republican supporter. They are the racist ones. That is what is going through their minds.

So, they're like, they're not talking about me, but they don't come out and just say white Republicans, white conservatives, white Christians. They don't say that.

Channon: Well, I hate to break it to him, but even these black people are talking about the white people sitting next to him, too. They do not think that you somehow have a pass because you're liberal. They are brainwashed to think that you have a privilege that they'll never have; in a sense, they hate you for it. Right?

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Because that's what they're being taught. They are being taught to hate white people, even though they are probably making mega-money sitting on here. They have a platform. They have a voice complaining about black people not having a platform and not having a voice. I'm like, what are you talking about?

Will Johnson: Exactly, but you know what? They go right along with it because that is being privileged.

Channon: Do you really believe that B.S.?

Will Johnson: This is B.S.

Channon: In your black privilege set.

Will Johnson: I mean, I know a lot of black people would like to sit there too and make the money that she's making, but she's oppressed. You know, the whole thing is that they're saying white people are having anxiety today because they have to learn about actual history, their history.

Channon: But it's not even actual history.

Will Johnson: I know that's the whole thing, but they want people to believe the new history they're bringing in; I said this before. You know what? There would be a case where I would be for CRT. Do you know what that is? If they actually taught that the white people that were racist, they were Democrats.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: But they don't want to do that.

Channon: If they taught that most of America, which was white people, fought against slavery and fought for them to have rights. If that was taught. I would be for it, too,

Will Johnson: I would be for that too.

Channon: But they completely disregard all that.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they don't want that in there. They don't want people to know about that. They don't want to promote it. They just want to promote that white people, no matter what, are bad. More white people died in the Civil War when black people were freed than at any other time.

More white people died for the freedom of black people.

Now, of course, the Civil War wasn't specifically over slavery. That was one of the end results that took place, but white people died. The fight continued after that, and it was, of course,

Republicans started the Republican Party so that black people could have representation.

On the left, I guarantee that they'll leave that out of the whole CRT curriculum. The Republican Party actually did reparations for the slaves that were freed after the Civil War.

Channon: And the Democrats took it away.

Will Johnson: But the Democrats went to a leftist communist judge at the time and got it reversed. Forced the black landowners to give the land to the previous slave owners. That was the Democrat Party. The Republican Party was for civil rights. They started the civil rights movement, and the Democrats kept fighting them on it until they realized with LBJ, they could control every n-word in America.

He said, I will control every n-word in America within 200 years, and he actually did it in the 60s. Why? Because they started doing stuff to where they were giving stuff to black people. We're going to do this for you, black people. We're going to do that for you, black people being the way they are.

All they did was like, look, we're getting something, they're handing something to us, a handout. They all flocked, and they ran to the handout. Not realizing all they're doing is running back onto the plantation, being controlled.

Channon: I mean, if your black, they buy their votes.

Will Johnson: That's what it comes down to, but it a virtual plantation today.

Channon: It really is.

Will Johnson: It's a virtual plantation, and it's not only black people on it, white people on there too.

Channon: That's very true. I worked in H.R. for a long time, and I can't tell you how many times people came, and I worked in what you would call the hood.

Will Johnson: The hood is all good.

Channon: I work in the hood. It's all good. I can't tell you how many times people say, oh, I can't take this job because you're paying me too much, and I'll lose my benefits, or I'm sorry, you're giving me too many hours. I'll lose all my benefits. You know, they couldn't get promoted.

Will Johnson: Government assistance.

Channon: Right, government assistance. So, it was always like; you couldn't better help yourself by having a job or working hard.

Will Johnson: Handouts.

Channon: They wanted that free money. That's what they wanted, and they wanted free college. If you stay below the poverty level, you will get free college, and that's what these people wanted. The sad thing is, a lot of them, after they went to college, or didn't complete college, stayed exactly where they were. I mean, people like assistance and some people feel they've seen their families in front of them survive on it, and they're like, well, that's just how we live. Some of them are proud of it, or they not willing?

Will Johnson: I am sad to say I have family members that turned that thing into a career, living off the government. Seriously, they turned it into a career; that's their career living off the government. Having babies living off the government, and it's not just family members. I remember going to the hood. They have just turned it into a career. They would purposely say, if the males were in the house, they would say, hey, y'all got to go.

Y'all got to go because human resources are about to come, and you got to go. You know, from the public housing or whatever it was called at the time. They're getting ready to come here, so you have to leave out. We can't have any fathers or males in the house because we will lose housing, government funding, everything because we have a father in the household.

This is the dadgum reason why we have the crime rate in the black community, which is only roughly, not even 13% of the nation, yet they commit 52% of the most violent crimes. That's because the Demon-crat party has convinced the black community to remove the father from the household. That's the reason why we're in this position right now, as far as that, and they still control black people. They can't get it through their thick skulls that they're being manipulated.

Channon: Yeah, we needed these people to accept the circumstances of their decisions.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Channon: Anyways, I know we got to wrap, Will.

Will Johnson: Yep. Hey, everybody, thank you so much for being with us on this fine Thursday. We will be here next week as well. God bless you. God bless America. Take care.


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