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Jail Time For Beliefs In America?

Jail Time For Beliefs In America?

Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Thank you for joining us this Thursday, November 11th, 2021. And the world is still turning, but it's crazy. It's crazy. Thank you for tuning in. Channon, what's going on?

Channon: Not much this. (sighing).

Will Johnson: Can you believe it? I mean, seriously, this is amazing to me. We have so much to talk about this evening. I will play some audio clips for you about this insanity. We're talking about an innocent young man being attacked. I'll go ahead and say it's the left because they have politicized what's happening to Kyle Rittenhouse.

They have politicized it. It's a political stunt. They're trying to make him a political prisoner again, another one, and they're going after him. Do you know the main reason why they're going after him, Channon?

Channon: What's that?

Will Johnson: Because he's white. I'm going to go ahead and say that he's a white straight male. That's a double negative.

Channon: If you want to put it in our president's words. Joe O'Biden said he was a white supremacist.

Will Johnson: He sure did.

Channon: Somebody that's supposed to believe in the due process makes such a huge statement. It's insulting. I can't even believe what is happening in America. Do you know, Will, at this moment, do you know what is trending on Twitter?

Will Johnson: What's that?

Channon: Hashtag, Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty.

Will Johnson: Really?

Channon: That's what's trending right now on Twitter.

Will Johnson: After all of the evidence? It makes me think about all the evidence, just like in 2020, where all of the information that came out, the video, the documentation, where they cheated, but they just overlooked it because they got what they wanted, same thing here.

Channon: It's a pattern with the Democrat Party. They do not believe in due process. They don't believe in it. If they say you're guilty, you are guilty. Instead of innocent until proven guilty. You are guilty until they say otherwise.

Will Johnson: Yeah, you have to prove that you're innocent. Then once you prove that you're innocent, if we say you're guilty, you're still guilty.

Channon: If you're white.

Will Johnson: If you're white.

Channon: And conservative and believe in Second Amendment rights.

Will Johnson: If you're a black thug criminal, they will make statues of you.

Channon: It's disgusting.

Will Johnson: They will put you on a pedestal. Nancy Pelosi will worship you.

Channon: I have to say there's a ton of people on Twitter right now, posting some of the pictures from some of the videos shown in the trial, and picture after picture shows how they were attacking Kyle. I mean, literally, he showed immense restraint.

Will Johnson: He sure did.

Channon: He even said, be friendly. He was constantly trying to warn, not even warn that's not a good word. He was trying to de-escalate the situation, but they continued. Will, how many videos did we see last year, and the years of Trump when these liberals beat up white people almost to death?

Will Johnson: Countless. Oh, my goodness. Video after video after video, but I was sitting there watching some of the trial, and they have one guy on there his name is Drew Hernandez, and he works with Real America's Voice. He kept referring to the rioters as rioters, and the prosecution didn't like that.

You could tell it was getting under his skin that he was calling the rioters, rioters because they wanted to completely overlook the fact that people were rioting, looting, burning, stealing, destroying stuff. They want to completely overlook that, but they all want to focus on Kyle Rittenhouse, who was protecting himself.

You know, you're right, there are videos out there where he's like on the ground, people run over to him, jump in, and kick him in the head. He has the rifle in his hand, and people are kicking him in the head. Did he shoot those people? Do you know the answer to that? No, he didn't. He shot one person that was trying to kill him with a skateboard. Then he shot another person in the arm that pointed a gun at him. What do you do?

He was protecting himself, but they didn't care about that. They only want to put him in jail because he's a white male. Channon, I want to go into this a little bit here because I want people to do this for me. If you haven't already, please send me a text to 88202, and just type my name in W-I-L-L. Okay, because you will get notifications for this broadcast when it goes live, every Thursday.

It's free, 88202, just type my name in, Will. Do that now if you haven't done it already. If you want to give us a call talking about this subject, which I think is extremely important that Kyle Rittenhouse get a fair trial, and based on all the information that has come out, he should be released.

Channon: Will, I'm looking at all these comments.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: It's so disgusting.

Will Johnson: It is. Have you seen the comments under the under-cry baby queen James? Oh, my goodness.

Channon: You know what? It just really shows how deeply we are divided in this country.

Will Johnson: How much hatred we have in our hearts.

Channon: Truly, a bigger part of it to me, which is sad, is we don't believe in due process.

Will Johnson: We believe, but the left doesn't.

Channon: If we feel you're guilty, you're guilty.

Will Johnson: Off with your head, guilty!

Channon: We could take pictures, and videos all day long, which they do here on Twitter. They show a picture of Rittenhouse holding a gun, and this lady tweets, "this is a picture of a guilty person," because he's holding a gun. How many times did we have Antifa holding guns in the streets, and they're saying, no, they're just angry, and they're allowed to do that?

Will Johnson: They're expressing themselves, but they get to do that because they're Antifa and BLM. They are the foot soldiers for the Democrat Party.  That's the reason why they get to do that. There are no issues there. They're happy about it. So, cry baby queen James decided to put out a tweet. I mean, it's completely disgusting. It's repulsive.

Channon: He shows a picture of Rittenhouse.

Will Johnson: Yeah, he shows a picture. Actually, it was in the USA today.

Channon: Yes, a video of him crying.

Will Johnson: There is a video from USA Today. So, crybaby queen James decides to retweet it and says, "What tears? I don't see one. Man, knock it off. That boy ate some Lemonheads before walking into the court."

Channon: And he has little lol faces laughing.

Will Johnson: Yeah, of him laughing, ha ha ha hahaha.

Channon: I mean, let me ask you something, queen James, what is funny about this in any perspective? None of it is funny.

Will Johnson: No, none of it.

Channon: And LeBron James, his privileged butt, cries all the time on the court because he doesn't like a call. You'll see his face. (crying) That's wrong. (crying) I didn't do that. (crying)

Will Johnson: Yeah, every single time because he's not getting what he wants and think about it crybaby queen James is crying because he loses the game, but Kyle Rittenhouse is subject to losing his freedom and life. It's disgusting. Let me play some of that during that episode when he broke down.

Kyle Rittenhouse: And I went towards the Duramax, and as I'm stepping forward, I believe his name is Joshua Ziminski. He steps towards me with a pistol in his hand, and as I'm walking towards- to put out the fire, I drop the fire extinguisher, and I take a step back.

Thomas Binger - Assistant District Attorney: When you step back from Mr. Ziminski, what's your plan?

Kyle Rittenhouse: My plan is to get out of that situation and go back north down Sheridan Road to where the car source lot #2 was.

Thomas Binger - Assistant District Attorney: And did you get back? Were you able to go, you know, a northerly direction?

Kyle Rittenhouse: I wasn't.

Thomas Binger - Assistant District Attorney: Describe what happened.

Kyle Rittenhouse: Once I take that step back, I look over my shoulder, and Mr. Rosenbaum was now running from my right side. I was cornered from in front of me with Mr. Kaminski, and there were (crying) people (crying) there (crying). That's when I (crying)... That's when (inaudible) I (crying)... (inaudible)

Judge Bruce Schroeder: Anyway, you can just relax for a minute, sir. We're going to take a break, about 10 minutes, and please don't talk about the case during the break.

Channon: Clearly, he is traumatized by this situation, and the sad thing is LeBron James and other people are making fun of him. The sad thing is, once again, Will, I talked about how we've detached ourselves from reality. It's very easy for us to detach ourselves from the situation because we weren't in it. But when you watch some of these videos, I can see how he felt threatened and scared.

Will Johnson: 100% he is a young man.

Channon: Will, you've been in some of these situations, and you've been scared and gotten nervous.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. I've been in situations on the front line, and these people have threatened my life multiple times. The last time I was in D.C., I had BLM saying, "you'd be lucky if you were able to go home. You're not going home. You are going home in a box."

Channon: And in that video when Rittenhouse was breaking down, you guys can't see it because we're on the radio, but it shows signs, there's police there, and people spray-painted on the signs, No Peace. These people weren't there to be peaceful.

Will Johnson: Yeah. They're saying no justice, no peace. Meaning, if they don't get the justice that they want, there's no peace.

Channon: Well, justice is subjective.

Will Johnson: But think about this. If justice comes here, the correct justice, and he's set free. What do you think the left is going to do, Channon? Do you think they're going to say, you know what? The court has spoken, they looked at all of the evidence, and they found him innocent. It is what it is; let's go home.

Channon: This trial is happening in Wisconsin. Even Chicago Police Department is bracing itself for riots and outrage from the verdict.

Will Johnson: They are bracing themselves for the outcome.

Channon: They have a day off from all the police departments so that they can have a force out in the streets. It could go either way. I mean, if he's found guilty, there's going to be rage and people upset. Now, there won't be violence, but if he's found innocent, there will be rage, and there will be violence. Guaranteed there'll be looting, graffiti from the left.

Will Johnson: Who's going to be violent? Will it be those that are on the right? Are they going to be violent?

Channon: Definitely on the left.

Will Johnson: Let's say they find Rittenhouse guilty. Do you think the right is going to be violent?

Channon: I don't think they'll be violent, but I think they will be upset.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah, they'll just be upset, but do you foresee seeing them going out there burning up vehicles, attacking people burning down buildings, setting tires on fire, or shooting people? Do you see any of that taking place?

Channon: No.

Will Johnson: No, not at all, but they find him innocent. It's pretty much guaranteed that Antifa, BLM, and any other socialist-communist Demon-crat out there will be out on the streets burning, looting, stealing, destroying stuff, and attacking people, left and right.

Channon: Listen to this. This is what really irritates me. There's a white man on this tweet, and he says, ‘At a racially intense demonstration in 2021 America, nothing says I'm not looking for trouble like a white boy with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder.’

So, they're basically mocking him, saying, of course, he's a white boy. He has an AR-15 at a racially intense demonstration. Of course, he's there to start trouble. I'm sitting here thinking, how hypocritical is that? Because they had guns, police officers were being shot at, yet nobody on the left would confess that those were people looking for trouble.

Will Johnson: That's the whole purpose of why the rioters were there.

Channon: Right, to cause trouble.

Will Johnson: That is the whole purpose.

Channon: If you talk to them, which you have many times, Will, they can't even articulate the sense of why they're mad.

Will Johnson: They're just angry. That's all it is. They are just angry.

Channon: It's sad, too, because part of the talk right now before the verdict comes out is some of the tactics by the prosecution there could be a mistrial. So, people are like, oh, well, they're just setting this up to be a mistrial, but you have so many people on the left, just like LeBron James, who has already convicted him, saying he's guilty.

Yesterday, CBS changed, kind of like shifted in his parody about January 6th. CBS says, "Kyle Rittenhouse testified in his murder trial yesterday, breaking down to tears as he told the jury he murdered two men at a Black Lives Matter protest."

Now, he never said he murdered. They said that he said, they lied. They lied and said that he said he murdered. He said he killed. They were killed. It was unfortunate. Nobody likes the situation from any perspective, but they lied. Where's their fact-checkers, Will?

Will Johnson: Well, the fact-checkers don't care about the truth.

Channon: They don't care.

Will Johnson: The whole point of the fact-checkers is to go out there and have something against the truth, so the truth will be the lie. That's the whole purpose of fact-checkers because they don't fact-check factually on anything.

Channon: They purposely did that.

Will Johnson: Purposely.

Channon: They purposely did that because who is their audience? Their audience is liberals who they trigger emotionally over and over and over. So, when somebody reads that, I guarantee there aren't any liberals. Well, there's probably a handful that even cares to watch the trial. In their head, it's a waste of time. They already know he's guilty, but they'll sit there and say, oh, he already admitted that he murdered him.

No, he didn't admit to it. That was a lie posted by the leftist media that you believe, and now you have a false picture of what's happening in this courtroom. It's really disgusting. It's irresponsible, quite honestly, by the liberal media. Did they say sorry?

Will Johnson: No.

Channon: No.

Will Johnson: They're not going to. They're not going to at all.

Channon: They did end up changing it, I think, they said, or retweeted something else. You can't change a tweet.

Will Johnson: No, if anything, they will end up deleting it. Let me say this, the whole thing with Kyle Rittenhouse, you know they've politicized it.

Channon: Oh, yeah, of course, they politicized it.

Will Johnson: They politicize this whole thing. They politicize this because they want black people specifically to get in their emotions and attack this issue. But listen to this. You know who Judge Jeanine is, right.

Channon: Oh, yeah.

Will Johnson: She was on with Tucker. Listen to what she has to say when she was on with Tucker.

Tucker Carlson - Fox News Commentator: Judge Jeanine Pirro is host, of course, Justice with Judge Jeanine. She joins us tonight with her reaction to the trial. Judge, thanks a lot for coming on. What do you make of this?

Jeanine Pirro - Host of Justice with Judge Jeanine: Well, I think that along with your last guest, J.D. Vance, what we see here is the politicization of the criminal justice system. This is a case where clearly self-defense is something that will exonerate Kyle Rittenhouse, and whether this case goes to the jury, whether the judge dismisses some of the charges on his own, or whether the judge grants a mistrial.

This young man will be acquitted and exonerated. What has happened here is there was a rush to judgment in this case. This kid was a fire cadet, a lifeguard, and a police explorer. He was a kid who went there to clean graffiti. They have a video of it. He went there to help people. He was a medic. He was CPR trained, and he finds himself in this situation. He's got a gun, and in every circumstance, he is in, it's corroborated by what the witnesses say, the prosecution's star witness.

The one who isn't dead basically said, yes, I was lunging at him, I had a loaded gun, and I was aiming at him. I mean, they established the case right there. As a judge, I would say, hey, come up to the sidebar here. What are we doing here, guys? But what you ...

Will Johnson: Let me stop it there real quick because there's more to this. You know what? I was saying the same thing when I first saw that Antifa member admitted pointing a gun. At first, he lied and said that he wasn't doing that. They said, can you look again? He said, okay, yeah, I was pointing a gun at him. At that point, that's when Kyle Rittenhouse shot his arm, didn't kill him.

He shot his arm because you can clearly see that he's pointing a gun at Kyle Rittenhouse. On top of that, he had a pistol, which is illegal to have there. You can carry a firearm, but it's illegal to have a pistol.

Channon: Interesting.

Will Johnson: But now the Antifa member who has the pistol, he's completely fine. That's not the problem here. We're talking about someone who could possibly be a Trump supporter, possibly be a Republican. He's white, straight, and he's not Antifa. That's the problem. Once I saw that I was like, you know, if I was the judge, I don't know.

Can the judge do this? Like thinking to myself, the judge should have said, look, Kyle Rittenhouse, please stand up. Based on what I just heard, you're free to go. This is ridiculous. Now the persecution is just trying to find something. They're trying to get him on his beliefs, what he was believing.

Channon: Yeah, we're going to play that.

Will Johnson: We got an audio clip from yesterday, but I want to play it because it's so bizarre that it is even happening. We're going to get you because of what you believe. What?

Jeanine Pirro - Host of Justice with Judge Jeanine: What we had was a rush to judgment in August of 2020. We are in the post-George Floyd world. Jacob Blake had just been shot. Everybody wanted to make sure that, you know, that everyone was prosecuted. This kid was prosecuted when the evidence was clear that he was defending himself. Once the burden of proof has shifted, once he claims self-defense, the prosecution has to disprove that beyond a reasonable doubt. That's why the prosecution is desperate right now.

They're on the ropes. The reason they're on the ropes is they cannot disprove beyond a reasonable doubt, based on the drone, the video, the testimony of the prosecution's star witness, and the incredibly focused testimony of this young man. He may only be 18, but I'll tell you, in all the years I've prosecuted myself and tried cases as a judge, this kid, in every point, never lost his cool.

Sure, he cried. He never got angry, he said, all I wanted to do was stop the threat. I wasn't interested in killing people; it was not my intent. He knew what he was doing. He knew how to handle a gun and the whole force of the justice system, from the president down to the mainstream media—calling him a vigilante, a white supremacist, a militiaman. I mean, this is what happens in our society when police are told to stand down. When no one is there to protect businesses when police are nowhere around there, this guy, Rosenbaum, you had his number, Tucker.

He was someone who was looking for trouble; he was. They were yelling, cranium him, shoot him in the head. They were chasing him. They were trying to kill him with a skateboard, and the prosecution is saying, oh, kill you with a skateboard that deserves lethal force? Sure, does when you hold it like a baseball bat, and you hit me in the head with it. I mean, come on.

Why this case went forward, why there wasn't a plea bargain of some sort, but this will end up, I think, is a good thing for Kyle Rittenhouse.

Will Johnson: I sure hope so.

Channon: Well, you know what? It doesn't matter. It's ruined his life.

Will Johnson: Yeah. I mean, as right now.

Channon: As of right now, He has some hard years ahead of him.

Will Johnson: There could be some really good things; positive things come out of this, too, because he's going to be a household name. Everyone is talking about him for the most part. If you can, I know people on Facebook are getting banned because they say they're supporting Kyle Rittenhouse, and they're saying, we're banning you for 30 days because you support terrorism. What?

Channon: Yeah. Hey, will we get a caller? We got Chris from Texas. Chris, you are on the line with Will. What do you think about what's happening in Wisconsin during this trial?

Will Johnson: Hey, Chris.

Chris: How's it going, man. I think this whole thing is completely disgusting and uncalled for. You know, they like to call him a white supremacist, but if I'm not mistaken, some people who were shot and stopped from attacking him were white people. So, either he's the worst white supremacist ever, or they are telling lies.

Will Johnson: You know what? That is 100% true, but for some reason, the left and a lot of black people see their eyes gloss over when that part comes, and their ears get clogged up because they don't hear that or see that. All they want is their narrative, and all they want to do is put him in jail because he's a white male. It's 100% disgusting. It's repulsive.

Chris: They also like to say that he went there specifically to kill people. Well, I'm sorry, but if I'm there to murder people, and I have 30 rounds in my magazine. There are going to be 30 empty cases before I'm done.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but that wasn't the case with him, and multiple times, he pointed the gun at people, they put their hands up. What did he do? He didn't fire.

Chris: You know, Black Lives Matter, like you and the guys always say, certain Black Lives Matter because your lives don't matter to them.

Will Johnson: Exactly. You have to be the right type. If you are not the right type, then your life doesn't matter.

Chris: I mean, were there no black people at the Black Lives Matter protests because he didn't shoot black people.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but you know, again, O'Biden suggested that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist a year ago, and even now, today, you have the Lamestream media still suggesting that he's a white supremacist. It's like you said, I guess he's the worst white supremacist ever because he's colorblind. It's ridiculous. Even then, if he's colorblind, you can still tell a white person from a black person. So, maybe he got his colors reversed.

Chris: I've lived in Texas my entire life, and I have yet to see all these white supremacists that they keep talking about.

Will Johnson: I keep looking for them, too, and I'm a black male because I want to have a conversation. Seriously, I keep looking. Now, I have to tell you, I did find someone when I moved to California because there's a lot of them there, and they go on to the cloak of liberalism.

Chris: Yeah, I would have expected I'd walk into just about any store and have some guys go, hey, us white guys, we meet every Thursday, you know, white power.

Will Johnson: (laughing) That hasn't happened yet.

Chris: No, that hasn't quite happened yet. I keep looking for it.

Will Johnson: Maybe you need to go to a Democrat stronghold.

Chris: Yeah, maybe I need to head a little bit north.

Channon: I don't know if you heard Will's story, but Will used to be a Democrat when he lived in Arkansas. When he moved to California, he turned into a Republican.

Chris: Yeah, we forgive him.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I have to ask God, forgive me for that, too.

Channon: When you live under their policies, your life changes and the glasses you look through are different.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely.

Channon: Alright, Chris, thanks for the call.

Chris: My Aunt ... All right.

Will Johnson: Go ahead real quick. You were saying something about your aunt.

Chris: I was saying my aunt, she's been a teacher for years. She doesn't even teach anymore because he is so disgusted with what the school system is doing to the kids and pushing all these liberal policies on them.

Channon: Well, I hate to hear that because we need people who want to stay and fight against that, but I understand the immense pressure on teachers. My brother is a teacher in California, so and a lot of people are frustrated with our teachers, so I understand.

Chris: The teachers union is no different than the mob.

Channon: It's not, and the sad thing is they hold your pension in their hands.

Will Johnson: Same thing they do with the police department. If the police officers don't go along with the tyranny that they want to implement onto the people they hold their pensions over their heads.

Chris: That's Right.

Will Johnson: It's ridiculous. Hey, thanks so much for the call, and have a wonderful weekend, okay.

Chris: Yep.

Channon: All right, Chris.

Will Johnson: All right, take care.

Channon: Yesterday, the judge in the Rittenhouse trial, he kind of went off on the prosecution, and we have a clip of that. It was huge news yesterday. Let's take a listen.

Thomas Binger - Assistant District Attorney: I believe, based on the evidence that we've heard, and more specifically exactly what the defendant said earlier about admitting pointing a gun at someone who was merely jumping or sitting on a car, that the door is open now to this testimony, and I continue to believe that his state of mind, his intent, his belief to self-defense is the core of this case. That was the basis for my motion. You were strongly inclined against it. I understand that.

Will Johnson: We're going to play more of this, but belief? What do beliefs have to do with the facts? See, that's such a liberal move.

Channon: To put some context into this, the prosecution brought in some evidence from a prior ...

Will Johnson: That was days 15 days prior to this.

Channon: There were some shoplifters or something, and Rittenhouse had made a comment of, oh, I wish I had my AR-15 and was joking about hurting these shoplifters. Well, the judge gets mad because he says, listen, I already said, that's not admissible because these situations are completely different.

Will Johnson: And he brought it up in front of the jury, so the jury can absorb that and try to make a decision. Oh, he's going to be violent anyway.

Channon: Saying that was his mentality.

Will Johnson: He's just thinking about violence.

Channon: But the judge just went off on them, and I'm glad the judge did. Let's play more.

Thomas Binger - Assistant District Attorney: But now we're in the middle of trial, and there's been a lot of evidence that's come in that I think makes this relevant. So, I'm attempting to impeach the defendant on his beliefs. I believe I'm entitled to impeach the defendant on his beliefs and on his statements.

Judge Bruce Schroeder: I am going to interrupt you now because you're talking about his beliefs. I think that's what they call ...

Thomas Binger - Assistant District Attorney: His statements to your honor because he just said, "can't use deadly force, can't threaten to use deadly force to protect property." So, now I'm impeaching him on that.

Will Johnson: Now, the one who is giving a talk is for the defendant.

John Pierce of the Law Firm Pierce Bainbridge: Your honor, the court sees no reason to change its ruling, and just so this record is clear, in spite of the lengthy statement by Mr. Binger. Before we started today, the court specifically stated in Mr. Bringers' presence. There's been nothing to have me change any of my rulings.

There have been numerous occasions during this trial where they've opened the door. The one time when they're going into Mr. Rosenbaum's prior, the reason he doesn't like guns, and I said something I whispered in Mr. Crouse's Ear. It's because of the prior convictions. Please stop, and he did.

He knows if you're going to go into something that's been excluded in a pretrial order, you better ask the court. You better get permission. This is ridiculous.

Thomas Binger - Assistant District Attorney: It wasn't excluded, your honor.

Judge Bruce Schroeder: You know, why it was excluded in the first place because it was propensity evidence. That is exactly what 9.04.04 is designed to prevent. You're talking about his attitudes. His attitude is he wants to shoot people. Now, I've admitted that kind of evidence in other trials when it's been appropriate.

I didn't admit it in this case because to me, what I've heard in this trial, and by the way, Mr. Richards absolutely correctly points out that just hours ago, I said I heard nothing in this trial to change any of my rulings.

Thomas Binger - Assistant District Attorney: That was before his testimony, your honor.

Judge Bruce Schroeder: Don't get brazen with me. You knew very well, you know, very well that an attorney can't go into these types of areas when the judge has already ruled without asking outside the presence of the jury to do so. So, don't give me that, that's number one. Number two, this is propensity evidence. I said at the time that I made my ruling, and I'll repeat it again now for you.

I see no similarity between talking about, wishing you had your A.R. gun, which you don't have, so that you could take fire rounds at these, thought to be shoplifters, and the incidents in these cases, which are not, there's nothing in your case that suggests the defendant was lying in wait to shoot at somebody or reflecting upon the shooting for a vast amount of time.

Every one of the incidents involves a matter that involves seconds in time. So, I commented at the time. I don't see the similarity, and I don't see the similarity now. If it's not similar, that's the whole rule. Those are all the exceptions to 9.04.04.

Check the authorities, Wigmore evidence. Judge Weinstein, "Colonel" McCormick, it's the prior act that has to bear the signature of the accused, or it has to be so similar as to suggest it's a common plan or something like that. You have an incident where he's making comments about some alleged shoplifters vs. crimes that involve instantaneous actions.

Channon: Right, like life and death situations.

Will Johnson: Right.

Judge Bruce Schroeder: Whether premeditated murder or whether self-defense, that's for the jury to decide, but I don't see the similarity. I said it couldn't come in, and it isn't coming in. No matter what you think.

Channon: And the bad thing is, now guess what the Liberals are saying? Oh, Rittenhouse has the judge in his pocket. The prosecutor was wrong. He did not follow the ...

Will Johnson: He didn't follow the court orders.

Channon: Right, he didn't follow the court orders or the way that certain trials are supposed to be run. He messed up this trial.

Will Johnson: He purposely did it.

Channon: But people are blaming the judge. The judges just like, listen, we already ruled on that. We're already past it, and if they have something new, he is supposed to present it outside of the presence of the jury. He didn't do that, and he didn't do it on purpose.

Will Johnson: He did do this on purpose.

Channon: Yeah, he did this on purpose.

Will Johnson: Oh, he did. Yeah, 100%.

Channon: Listen, you know, I'm on Twitter because I really don't like Twitter. Well, I hate Twitter, but Twitter magnifies the ignorance of mankind. So, there's this tweet, it says, "Crocodile tears from a cold-blooded killer," talking about Rittenhouse.

"Who knows that he has the judge on his defense team and a jury that sees their son, nephew, grandson, and they see him, so he's working them. This trial is a total sham." Do you see what they're doing?

Will Johnson: They're just building up anger.

Channon: They are building up anger out of ignorance and misinformation.

Will Johnson: Misinformation, that's exactly what they're putting out here to get people worked up. To get people to go out there and be violent when they don't get what they want. This is exactly it, 100%. I mean, come on, we shouldn't even have this discussion about an innocent person defending themselves, and you know what's going to end up happening?

I've said this on my nightly broadcast that what's happening here is that they are putting an innocent man on trial, and they're making it out to be: if you want to defend yourself. Guess what? You defending yourself is bad. You are subject to go to jail for defending yourself. So, stop doing it. Allow Antifa and BLM to wreak havoc.

Whatever it is they want to do to you, let them do that. If they want to go out and burn down the city, let them burn down the city. Why is that not a problem? Why is it that burning down the city and destroying property is not a problem?

Channon: Because it's done by the left. Just like the fake dossier wasn't a problem at the time or the false Russia collusion. I mean, all these false narratives that they've put out there or they condone are against the law, therefore, because it fits their agenda. It's what they want to happen, but here's a law-abiding citizen, for the most part.

I guess he had a firearm when he wasn't 18, so they probably would get him on some charge, but for the most part, he was a responsible young man. He was a lifeguard, rode in police cars, and so he knew somewhat about law enforcement. Probably more so than others at his age. He's ridden along with firemen. I mean, he's a kid that helped clean up.

Will Johnson: He was highly active in these different things. He's trying to do CPR. He was highly active. Like Judge Jeanine was saying, there are pictures and videos of him actually cleaning up the neighborhood, the graffiti from Antifa and BLM when they were destroying stuff, but that none of that seems to matter. The only thing that matters here is putting a white male behind bars because of what happened in the past. That has nothing to do with anything any longer.

They want to say; this is justice for all the people in the past. I've seen them say it. Ignorant black people constantly say this is justice for black people in the past. There's a video floating around out there, they say, he's a relative of George Floyd, and he says that he has people on the inside of the courtroom taking video of those sitting on the jury. So, then if they don't make the right decision, we know who they are. I'm thinking to myself, okay.

Channon: I mean, that's pretty threatening.

Will Johnson: Where's the FBI? How come the FBI has not picked him up yet? Then come to find out, it was true that they were recording the jury. They were in their video recording the jury. Someone got caught doing it.

Channon: I thought they're not allowed to do that. Are they allowed to bring in their phones?

Will Johnson: Someone was in there recording it, and they got caught. I mean, this is ridiculous, people, and you know they want to judge by public opinion. They want the mob to be able to decide whether he is set free or not.

Channon: Wow, that's so true.

Will Johnson: That's exactly what it is.

Channon: Yeah, we're judged by public opinion, and public opinion is based on what color you are? And second, what political ideology you align with, and third, if you're a Christian. Those are like the top things. If you checked off any of those, you're in trouble.

Will Johnson: Yeah, if you are a white Christian. We will just go ahead and say it like this; Trump supporter, Republican, conservative, you're in trouble when it comes to the left. They'll find some way to get at you, attack you, censor you, shut you down, or cancel you. That's our whole motive. That's their whole model. It's just so maddening, and it's like, I'm a loss for words because I'm like, this is crazy. Why is this happening? Why is this happening?

Channon: Somebody is driving it, and we can say the root of it is evil.

Will Johnson: Of course.

Channon: The vessel is Democrats.

Will Johnson: Yeah, the vessel is Democrat, but exactly, the vessel is Democrats.


Channon: Listen, we got 15 minutes, people. We want to hear from you. Come on now. Somebody pick up that phone and give us a call. The number is 516-595-8069. You need to press 1 to come on the line. Tell us what you think. What do you think about this trial? What do you think about how this affects the divide in America or amplifies it? I mean, to me, it's amplifying it. We see once again how divided we are.

Will Johnson: O'Biden.

Channon: And Biden is not bringing us together in any shape or form. In fact, it is insulting, and Judge Jeanine brought it up. How this poor young man has the weight of the presidency and its administration, it's all coming down on him. How could he even have a fair trial, Will? When the president of the United States himself, the highest political position in America, says you are a white supremacist.

He doesn't even know anything about this man. He knows nothing about the situation. He was not there, and yet he cast that judgment on this young man. He put it out there, and the millions of people, for some reason, listen to this man, have convicted this man guilty.

Will Johnson: You are talking about the nut-job O'Biden. It's so bad that the persecution has nothing on him. They're trying to say, well, did you play video games? Did you shoot people in video games? I mean, this is crazy. I'm like, listen to this interaction. It's a really short audio clip here where the prosecutor is going after Kyle Rittenhouse about video games.

Like the video games have something to do with it. Now, many people play video games, even those on the left. They play these video games, Call of Duty, what have you. They play these video games, and when they're going around in the game shooting people, it's not real. Listen to this.

Thomas Binger - Assistant District Attorney: Isn't one of the things people do in these video games is try and kill everyone else with your guns.

Will Johnson: He likes looking, what? Listen.

Kyle Rittenhouse: Yeah, the video game. It's just a video game that is not real life.

Will Johnson: I mean, what else do you say? It's just a video game.

Channon: I can't believe that the judge or the defense didn't object to that question. To be honest with you, it's like, what does that have to do with what is happening here.

Will Johnson: He is trying to say that video games are the reason why he is like this, and video games are the reason why he has this violent rage in him.

Channon: You know what? I've seen some of the video games, and I agree that they're quite violent, but you know how many people play video games that can rationally separate reality.

Will Johnson: Well, he did.  He just said it's not real life. I mean, it's not. It's just a game.

Channon: Yeah. You know, the sad thing is, they just can't admit that Kyle Rittenhouse felt threatened by these human beings, and these human beings had a part in the situation. They want to portray them as victims, not as agitators, and I'm seeing the left do that more and more. Don't you will?

Somehow, the people that are agitating or creating these situations get hurt because of the situation they've put themselves in, like a young man in a car. If he tries to grab the police's gun, it's like all of a sudden, well, the poor guy who's trying to reach for the gun, and he can't get it. So, the police shot him. Somehow this person reaching for the gun is the victim and had no part in the situation.

Will Johnson: He didn't have to shoot him, and he was only reaching for his gun.

Channon: There are other ways to de-escalate the situation.

Will Johnson: Exactly. They should have sent in a social worker.

Channon: Hey, listen, Will, we have a caller. We have Carol from Florida.

Will Johnson: Hey, Carol, thank you so much.

Carol: Hi, guys.

Will Johnson: Hey, hey.

Channon: Hey, hey.

Carol: I love you. I just want to say thank you for the text messages I get when you're on. I wanted to say something about Kyle, but I wanted to make a quick comment about the game. I'm just over 60 years old. We have a game called Operation, where you pull organs and bones out of a person, too. So, they're really talking about the video game, you know?

Will Johnson: Yeah, the doctor. Do you remember the game?

Channon: Oh yeah, I remember Operation.

Carol: Remember Operation, where you pull the bones and organs out. Some people pulled the body apart, but anyway, what I hear in Kyle's case, and my view from the day after this happened. The videos were all over social media. We all saw that. He was clearly being chased, but nobody says, by a domestic terrorist group that the government refuses to declare them as.

Will Johnson: Label them, yes.

Carol: They have attacked the elderly, children, police officers, and you have a 17-year-old boy being chased down by them, as you could see, being assaulted by them, and it was clearly self-defense. I cannot believe that the prosecutor. It was self-defense from the beginning.

I don't know the laws there, but in Florida, we have to stand our ground law and me being older now, even though I've gone to hunting camp since I was ten and been shooting, but in Florida, if somebody comes even in your space in a threatening manner. If you cannot run or do not defend yourself.

You have the right to shoot, to protect your life. Whatever the law is there, if that was me in my condition, at my age. I would have done the same as Kyle, probably even sooner than he did, and he showed restraint, I thought.

Channon: I am with you, Carol. I said the same thing. I said after you look at the videos and the pictures, everything they were doing to him. He was telling them to be friendly, and it sounded like he was trying to de-escalate the situation. You can see he showed restraint. He absolutely did.

Carol: He was screaming friendly, friendly, friendly. He was running from them. The guy that was in court ambushed him. Basically, he popped out with his gun. Yes, and the other two attacked him. I'm surprised he waited as long as he did because he was trying to get back to his group, and he had dangerous people chasing him down. This should have never gone to court, in my opinion.

Will Johnson: I agree.

Carol: And a 17-year-old boy, who's experienced.

Will Johnson: They're doing this because they want to set an example of someone protecting themselves. That's what this is all about. They want to go after the Second Amendment, and they want to say that no one should be able to have a firearm in this position.

Then the fact that they're saying that because he was there, he was causing violence. You know, I've been told before that me standing out on the corner holding an American flag was inciting violence.

Carol: Oh, my.

Will Johnson: This is the mentality they are thinking with; that thinking is so bizarre. It's an upside-down world, and these demonic people are trying to control everything.

Channon: Listen to this one tweet on Twitter. It says, "Kyle Rittenhouse can't win with the media. Win or lose; they'll hate him because of what he represents. A man's right to defend himself and they're 100% against gun control. They're against people defending themselves. You can tear up the city if you want to, and it's like we're supposed to let them."

Carol: Yeah, they've been trying to do this for a very long time, but I'm just over 60, and I'm disabled. Hey, back in my day, I grew up kickboxing. I could fight. I could run like the wind. I can't now, but I have a family that I need to protect and myself to protect so, for them to take away that right, knowing that the criminals are going to have guns. I'm a licensed, legal, law-abiding citizen. Who's never been in trouble, and then they want to pick on you because guess what?

They know everything you own. You have extensive background checks to get licensed, as I did. Then they're going to come and try to take ours away, and that was a 17-year-old boy who was trained, a good kid. In my case, what choice am I left with if I'm under attack? I am going to shoot. I'm not going to let somebody kill me. I'm sorry.

Will Johnson: It's the one precious thing given to you, and they want to take it away from you. That is your life, and they don't want you to protect it.

Carol: Nope, and it is political. They're using it as a tool to try to say, oh, look at all the bad people that have guns, look what happened. Well, go seek out the black-market guns that the real criminals have to kill each other every day. Not a law-abiding citizen who has to protect themselves when being chased by terrorists who insulted the elderly and children. I mean, this is ridiculous and out of hand.

Then they're dragging this out, wasting taxpayers' money, and this poor kid has been sitting in there. He's in the right, in my opinion. It should have been dropped. He was assaulted and knocked down. He did everything right, In my opinion.

Will Johnson: 100%.

Carol: He could have run, called out for friends, and in fact, he waited. You know, he had a gun in his face when he shot. Then the guy finally told the truth in court because he lied before.

Will Johnson: He didn't have a choice because everyone could see it. Yeah, you can see it right there. So, he should have been held in contempt of court for lying because he said, no, I wasn't.

Carol: That's right.

Will Johnson: Then he turned and said, yes. He should have been held right there. Second of all, the pistol he had in his hand was illegal. I mean, really? What's going on with that? Because he was a member of Antifa, they're protecting their own. It's crazy.

Carol: And we all know whose money they have, don't we? They have plenty of money, and we all know who from.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely.

Carol: His goons. That, too, is a problem. Where are the perjury charges? Why didn't they take that guy to jail for lying? You know, they're not allowed to have cameras and videos in a courtroom. It says it all over every courthouse around. No cameras, no videos, and they're taping videos.

Channon: Yeah, that's why I am shocked.

Carol: It's threatening. It's all over.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they're doing that, so they can get at the jury and say, you better. I mean, this is crazy.

Carol: That's the mob.

Will Johnson: It's crazy. Well, I want to thank you so much for giving us a call, okay.

Channon: Yeah, thanks, Carol.

Carol: Thank you for letting me speak.

Will Johnson: To have a nice weekend.

Carol: You too.

Will Johnson: Awesome. Well, hey, everybody, we are at the end. We got less than two minutes here. We need to put prayers out there for Kyle because, as I said, he's going to be the one that's going to be affected by this if the left gets what they want, and it is a left vs. right, good vs. evil thing. So, if the left gets what they want, they're going to put this young man in jail for protecting his life.

So, we need to remember to put prayers out there for him because, at the end of the day, this is the American way of life on trial. It's really bizarre. It's the American way of life. If they're successful in saying that a man protecting himself was wrong, then every single person in this nation, you are wrong for protecting yourself. You know what?

This is the very reason why they labeled you the parent, a domestic terrorist, because you want to protect your children. Do you see the connection here? Do you see what's happening? Do you see how they're doing this? You can't protect anybody because then you're the bad one.

If they want to bring tyranny down on your head, you just need to accept it and don't even question it. Again, please do me a favor if you haven't already; 88202, that's the number you need to text. Type my name in W-I-L-L, to 88202. Be here next Thursday. God willing, everybody, have a wonderful, safe weekend, and do not forget prayers for Kyle. God bless everybody.

Channon: Amen. Have a great weekend!


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