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America On The Edge

America On The Edge

Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, and welcome. It is October 28, 2021, and the world is still spinning, but before we get started, can you say this with me? Let's go, Brandon. Let's go, Brandon.

Channon: Let's go, Brandon.

Will Johnson: Let's go, Brandon.

Channon: I hear you.

Will Johnson: What's going on, everybody? Channon is in the studio. I'm on the road to the southern border to do some reporting on the border for you. So, if you would please do me a favor. Get out your mobile device, and send me a text. That way, you can get notifications when different things come up and information you need to know from the American Truth project.

All you do, it's really simple. You text Will, W-I-L-L to the number 88202, and while I'm riding here, we will be taking your phone calls. We will be talking about the southern border. We're going to talk about Joe Biden and the whole hurricane. You have to get the vaccine before the hurricane comes. If you don't get the vaccine before the hurricane comes, you won't get any help.

Channon: I hear you traveling. We can hear you traveling. So, what do you plan on doing on the border this weekend?

Will Johnson: Well, I plan on going down here and reporting on the number of people still coming across the border. There are some events that are going on at the southern border to try to bring more awareness to what's happening. We're being invaded, and the O'Biden administration still refuses to acknowledge the crisis on the southern border.

Jen Psaki said that Biden had visited the border in 2008 when he drove by it. So, he is fully aware of the situation at the southern border. Well, I've been down to the southern border more than O'Biden has, and Biden refuses to acknowledge it. As of now, I've been to the border more than Kamala Harris, and she's supposed to be the guard of the southern border.

Channon: You know what? That is such a good point. It's so true. There have been more Americans that have been concerned about our border and the safety of our border. It was once said that a country without borders isn't a country. We have borders, and we are supposed to protect our borders.

It doesn't do any good for these poor people to be traveling in the dangerous conditions that they're traveling in. We've heard them repeatedly say that Biden said they could come. So, Biden and Kamala Harris have failed in their message of "Don't come to America."

They've reinstated Trump's stay in Mexico order. At one point, they were saying that they were going to continue building the wall because even Obama said that we cannot sustain the amount of people coming into our country right now. It's just unsustainable.

Will Johnson: Exactly. That's 100% true. The Biden administration put out the original memo, what they want people to do. They knew what was going to happen. Think about this. It's just like the lying liberal media news. They put out fake information, false information, and when that information first goes out, everyone hears it. That's the only information that people get for a while.

Then they'll come back and retract, or they'll change it, but at that point, it's too late. That's exactly what the Biden administration has done in this situation. They told everyone, come, come, come, and now they're going to the small microphone and saying, don't come. Just to make it look like they're trying to stand up and protect the American citizens. That's not what they're doing. They could care less about the American people. They have demonstrated that over and over again.

Channon: So, Will, the Biden administration came out, and he's on his way to Europe, but they say, this infrastructure bill is going to get done today. But then, of course, you have the liberals on the Democrat side coming out going; no, it's not getting done today, but as soon as you meet our demands.

Will Johnson: Yeah. You know what? The progressive communists that are in the U.S. Congress don't care about what is right. All they want is their agenda. They want to make a fast track for people that came to the country illegally and make them citizens. They want them all to vote for these socialist-communist Democrats. It's so ridiculous, and Biden is going to Europe? I didn't even know he was going to Europe. What is his reason for going to Europe? Is he going to sip tea with somebody?

Channon: (laughing) Whatever it is, make sure that he gets the bullet points before he gives us a press conference.

Will Johnson: Of course.

Channon: He'll go behind closed doors, but we will not have a press conference until he gets his talking points, which is absolutely ridiculous. This guy is not a leader, you know, I'm quite embarrassed that he's traveling anywhere, and he's going to talk to anybody because he makes us look bad.

Will Johnson: Absolutely. And he is making it worse, and he's going to go over there like in Afghanistan. He's going to have that teleprompter there and have a few notes. He'll go, oh, I was told I needed to call on so-and-so instead of just taking questions from the press.

Channon: Right. Let's talk about yesterday, Ted Cruz. Let's talk about Ted Cruz.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah.

Channon: Yesterday, there was a hearing for A.G. Garland. It was a hearing on their response to the National School Board Members letter, which asked for parents that are, you know, they said, threatening school board members to be labeled as domestic terrorists. The crazy thing is I don't recall them releasing the letter, but be had the letter in front of him.

Supposedly, a National School Board member listed like 20 different instances to support their idea of calling parents domestic terrorists. Ted Cruz said, ‘Did you read this?’ Garland is going around it, and Cruz is like, ‘Did you read this? Before you said you were going to call for an investigation into parents being called domestic terrorists, did you even read this letter? Did you even do any independent investigations of your own?’

He's sitting here going, hum-um, and Ted Cruz is like, ‘Listen, you said when you took this position that you were going to go by the law, not by political agenda. You have just proven with the National School Board member that you are pushing a political agenda. You are not following the law because just by reading 15 of those 20 things, you can see that there are no physical threats or anything against the school board members.’ He's like, so basically, you're going after parents for unfounded reasons.

Will Johnson: Exactly, and, you know, Ted Cruz asked, was he going to use the same tactic that the O'Biden administration did? I'm sorry, the Obama administration. It's the same administration. I am getting them all mixed up. They all look alike, right? But the Obama administration did the same thing where they were going after American citizens.

They use the IRS. They weaponize the IRS to get American citizens, and now they're weaponizing the National School Board against parents. They're using the DOJ and the FBI. For them to even entertain that thought by labeling parents’ domestic terrorists should have been the final line in the sand. Every single parent in this nation, regardless of what side of the spectrum you sit on.

You should have been upset. They're trying to indoctrinate our children to try and change our children's thoughts. They're trying to change our children from what they are, and they're trying to label all white kids as racist. They're trying to make all black kids have handicaps, and they can't achieve anything unless you make the white kids racist.

It's completely crazy. For them to not acknowledge what they are doing, I'm talking about the DOJ and the FBI. To even go along with this, entertaining it to this point in the first place is a major problem, 100%. You know what? You're right. Ted Cruz mentioned the 20 episodes they reported, and he didn't even take the time to read them or even count them?

Ted Cruz counted them during the hearing. Ted Cruz knew more about it than he did, and he's the one pushing it. On top of that, Cruz called him out and asked him, would he change his stance on it? He didn't want to change his stance on it at all.

Channon: Yeah, it's sad because in order to open up an investigation. You have to have a purpose or reason to open up the investigation. Correct?

Will Johnson: Exactly. That's what I am saying. They entertained it to get to this point.

Channon: Right. So, Ted Cruz is like, ‘Did you do any investigations even to see if any of these stories were true?’ He's like, ‘I did a simple Google search to investigate some of these things. Only to find that most of these weren't even valid harassment-type situations.’ Not enough to label a parent a domestic terrorist, which is the scary part.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: There were actual situations cited where no one was physically or verbally threatened, and they wanted to call those parents domestic terrorists. You know, this is crazy, and I'm so glad that they brought up the Loudon School Board. The fiasco that happened in that city, where the young girl was raped in a school bathroom by a boy dressed in a skirt.

Will Johnson: Yeah, a trans.

Channon: He is not a trans. He is actually a boy.

Will Johnson: He's still a boy when they call themselves trans. All it is a male that puts on a dress, going around acting like the woman. Just so they can go into the girl's restroom, and then he ends up raping a little girl. The school board knew about it, and they tried to cover it up. Another thing, a clerk that was working for a judge. That clerk had to do all of the research, all of the information, get everything for the judge before he could even go to the judge with any kind of information.

The AG in this situation has also been a clerk. He knew very well not to have this information; they're just going off the whim, trying to do whatever they can, and Ted Cruz called him out so, for them to sit there and have this male putting on the dress and going into the female's restroom multiple times.

Not just one time, mind you, and rape this little girl, and then the school board tried to hide it. Really? You’d expect some violence after that.

Channon: Well, the father wasn't being violent, but he did want to address the board when they were having a conversation on whether or not the bathrooms should be open to whichever one you want to go to. When they discussed that, the school board sent him out, told him he could not come in, and discuss it. He was a father that had firsthand experience. He had an argument against it, and they didn't want to hear it because it went against their political agenda.

Let me tell you something. The sheriff's department, the Loudoun County Public Sheriff's department, came out, and he listed some problems that he had with how the school board system was handling this situation. Let me list some of the things that he put in this letter. This letter was to the Loudoun County Public School. So, when they talked about domestic terrorism, they showed that the father was arrested by the police.


So, it looked like the police were coming in and manhandling this guy. Nobody knew the underlying story of his daughter being raped or anything. It just made him look like he was being aggressive towards the school board, so you have all these liberals going, yes, arrest him, arrest him. There was no basis for why that was happening, but listen to the sheriff when he was asked about everything that happened with the school board. This is what he said.

He said the school board unilaterally decided to limit public comment. The school board unilaterally decided to hire a security firm with a metal detector. The school board unilaterally devised a security plan. The school board made all three of these decisions without consulting the sheriff's department. He said six of the nine school board members brought this to bear, which means they've brought this situation upon themselves by creating anti-racist groups on social media.

So, you now have school board members; before this letter to President Biden even happened calling parents racist people because they wanted to come and talk, saying they didn't want certain bathrooms or didn't want critical race theory taught in their school. Isn't that crazy?

Will Johnson: It is 100% crazy. That's one of the reasons why the father showed up because he wanted to speak out against them having these trans males or trans, whatever it is, confused people going into the restroom with other little girls. They shouldn't be in there in the first place. Especially after they know this is happening. You know, the more I think about this, the more I ...

They created the situation as you said, and they knew that any rational thinking parent that found out that the school board was hiding the fact that his daughter was raped. Of course, they know that he's going to come in here and be upset or possibly be violent. Of course, because any rational thinking parent would be, seriously. It's a no-brainer.

Channon: The sheriff goes on to say that the Loudoun school board members deprived the citizens of that school district of having any say in what was happening to the schools. He said they limited their speech. He said we would not have limited their speech. Parents have every right to go in there and address their grievances to the school board.

He literally says the school board brought the situation on themselves. See, here's the problem. They want to call parents domestic terrorists, but they bear no responsibility of their own, and he's saying right here that the school board bears responsibility for what happened. They brought this on themselves. You know what, Will? It's like this: they create a situation, put us in the corner, and then get upset because we get upset.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: They take away our rights, and then they say, you have no say. You're a terrorist if you go against the mandate that we put on your body.

Will Johnson: You're not supposed to complain about it. You're not supposed to question it. You're supposed to accept it, and when you don't accept it. You become the problem when don't you accept this tyranny, this demonic stuff they're pushing. You are the domestic terrorists. The line has been drawn, people.

Channon: Will, we have a caller. We have Roger from New Hampshire.

Will Johnson: Hey, Roger, thank you so much for calling.

Roger: Yes, Will, how are you doing, sir?

Will Johnson: Great.

Roger: Great. Well, what's happening is, a lot of the care bills went out, and they gave money, lots of money to the boards, you know, the student board place that they don't want to hear anything. I was listening to a video on Facebook, and a lady, a woman, was in there, and she explained it. Hey, I did some investigation.

Our state received $50 million, and you people are sitting in front of me. Each of you received this, school board members $5.6 million. Can you tell me where that money went? As I walked in here, she said, well, the steps outside won't even be swept.

So, who pocketed what and how much more? If you haven't received all that money yet, when are your payments going to be showing up? So, I would say follow the money. A lot of these people are acting and behaving because they've been paid off.

Will Johnson: I completely agree. I know what you're talking about because I've seen that video, and they're all dumbfounded that someone would come and bring that fact up. So, how much money is getting passed around to all of these other school boards throughout the nation? I think Channon was going to say something.

Channon: Yeah, Roger, you got it right on point, and I've heard this brought many, many times. You know, CAIR is very quiet. They're very quiet in their movements, and it's not reported what they do. For people that don't know, CAIR is the Council of American Islamic Relations.

They go to city council meetings. They go to school board meetings. They donate a lot to both of these organizations because they know the place where they want to destroy America is in the communities first, and then they work their way up. They destroy the police department. They destroy the judges.

Roger: But they got paid off by our government. Our government paid them off. They gave them millions. They assisted in paying these school board members millions of dollars to put critical race theory in, push it down our throats, force the mandates, and force the vax. To do everything to destroy people's families and take out middle America.

Take out the middle class, lower class, and destroy us to the point of being unrecognizable. Let me finish with it this. In America, we have a Satan political death cult, and that's one of the reasons transhumanism, transgender, pedophilia, and they are satanic. So, like the Clintons, Biden's, Bushes, I could go on, Chief Justice Roberts, who was on Pedophilia Island.

If we could get who are on Pedophilia Island, you're going to recognize 68 or over 80 names of the mainstream media broadcasters, from David Muir to Anderson Cooper, all on Pedophilia Island or Toilet Express. These are Satan worshipers. Some of them cook babies. You know, these people are satanic.

Will Johnson: You know what? I have heard that as well. With all this stuff coming out, and they are 100% demonic. They're all evil. Let me ask you, Roger. Let's say we all see this. You see what's happening in our nation. You see what's happening in the world. You see and understand why they're doing it. Let me ask you this. If we, the American people, don't wake up, stand up against this, and fight against this. What do you think America is going to look like this time next year?

Roger: Well, if the truth doesn't come out, we can't fix the 2020 election, which was fraudulent and treasonous. It was stolen by China. If we can't fix that, and our other elections, we can go out and vote like crazy, but if the same voting machines and software are used in any future election.

Nothing is going to change because they'll keep stealing it and getting away with it. We have a problem in America. There is no accountability, and there's no justice. Until we can start putting the real criminals away and stop going after fathers whose daughters have been raped, who just want to say, hey, something stinks here.

This guy goes into a bathroom wearing a dress. He happens to sodomize and rape my daughter, and she is 14 years old. Can you blame me for wanting to say something?

And he's now the one who's getting beat up, and the kid who raped her they did nothing to him. They put him into another school, and he raped somebody else.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: Yeah, that's powerful what you just said. It's very, very true. I do see small, good things happening. I mean, we do see that Republicans are waking up. More people are running for office, especially in the communities. We have seen conservatives winning seats that have been long time held by Democrats. So, I think people are waking up. I do love that parent are now going to school boards meetings.

I love that people are going to see the council meetings and standing up against these people. They are set in the right direction, but you're right. We have to protect our vote. The Democrats know this. That's why they're pushing their agenda. They know that if they can keep control of the votes, they will continue to stay in power. We need to be just as aggressive in protecting the vote and making sure that the right people get in office,

Will Johnson: Everybody should be able to vote. The problem, in this case, is that you have one side that doesn't want the other side actually to vote. They don't, but they say they're for voter rights, and I'm talking about the Democrats.

Roger: Of course.

Will Johnson: Because of states like Texas that put in the integrity voting law. The Democrats are highly upset about it. All that means is that people like me, people like Channon, everyone in the state of Texas, their vote counts. For some reason, the Democrats don't like that, and it's because they want to fast-track these illegals to vote when they're coming into the nation.

Roger: Of course, they do. They will become their new voter base to give them more votes because they'll thank Joe Biden, the Democrats, for all the free-bees and the new lifestyle they didn't get in their country. Until we stop the insanity, until we get Biden out of there, until we get the cesspool who didn't win this election, and clean this fraud up nothing is going to change.

We could keep pointing out the ethic surrender in Afghanistan, where Biden left thousands of Americans and friendlies behind to be slaughtered. We had planeloads of friendlies on airplanes instead of clearing them to be taken off. He made them stay on the ground, and he gave manifests of who these people were so they could easily hunt him down and kill them. The guy, a Satan worshiper, wants Americans dead. He loves illegals.

Channon: Yes, great point. So, thank you for the awesome call.

Roger: You bet you have a blessed one, and God be with us.

Will Johnson: You, too. Take care.

Channon: Amen. Will, we're talking about children, and we know that the Democrats are targeting our children. I want to tell the listeners about the commercial that you saw yesterday, and you showed it to me. I couldn't believe it was from Twix. It's a Halloween commercial, but tell us about that.

Will Johnson: It's so demonic, and talk about them targeting children. They use, of course, candy. They're using candy to target children in such a demonic, sinister way. So, what happened for everyone that hasn't seen this commercial? And I'll be highly surprised if people haven't seen it, but people do have lives. They don't sit there and look for this crazy stuff.

It just popped out for me for some reason, but anyway, this demonic woman shows up at this house, and a little boy is playing inside. She says that she's the nanny. The little boy stands up and says, I don't need a nanny. He's playing with some dolls and some trucks in the living room. Well, there's the demonic woman, and the little boy asked her why she dressed that way. He goes, it's not Halloween. She goes because I like it.

You can clearly see that she's dressed up like a demonic witch. So, the little boy has on a dress, and she's talking to the little boy about the dress. She's really encouraging him to keep the dress on and even trying to change his sexuality. Be happy with the dress on. Like that's going to change who he is. It's not going to.

Anyway, they're sitting there at the table, and they're coloring in coloring books, tons of different colors. It's just so sinister as they're trying to make it look like they are the good people in the world. They are the ones who bring the truth. They leave that house, and they go down to the park. The demonic witch asked the little boy if he wanted to change clothes.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Yeah, the little boy has on the dress. He has on the dress, and she asked him before they go down to the park, does he want to change? She's already kind of convinced him to stay in the dress. You can clearly see that in this commercial. She convinced him to stay in this dress. So, they're going out to the park. He's playing with his soccer ball, and other kids ask him; why is he dressed like that?

The first kid that asks him is a white male. He has on a cape, playing around like he's Superman in the park, and there's another black female that walks up and asks him, why is he wearing the dress? Well, the demonic witch got so upset with the other kids asking him about the dress she started doing her magical powers and stuff. She made one of the kids just shoot off the screen.

Knowing he got hurt, got harmed, he fell down. The cape is the only thing you can see left of the other little kid. The little kid with the dress on grabbed the demonic witch's hand, they walked off like she was there to save the day. It's so demonic. You know what, Channon?

Most people, when they see it, just say, oh, it's just fun and games. They see no issue with indoctrinating the children. They see no issues with it. It's like they're perfectly fine with it.

Channon: It's really clear to me because the first thing I thought of is they're using children to exploit a political agenda because that's all this is. This is a political agenda. Then as you say, they're bringing this woman wearing all black who is totally like a witch, like she's evil, and she's watching this child. The parents are nowhere to be found in this commercial, when she takes him to the park.

The witch makes the other kids sound bad, and she hurts them. You see the cape falling as you said, and it looks like she hurts them because they did not agree with this child that wanted to wear a dress. You know what?

Kids are like that. Number one, they ask each other all the time. Why are you doing this? Why are you doing that? They want our children even to be afraid to question, even our children. Our children are being punished, put in corners because they don't have masks. They're being segregated, or their parents are harassed because they think or feel a certain way. It's crazy.

The Biden administration, this Democrat administration, is tearing America apart. It's ruining our children. It's affecting our schools, workplace, shopping experience, our interaction with our health care providers, and our relationship with our families. It is absolutely disgusting. They are ruining America, and I wish everybody would wake up.

Will Johnson: You know it's funny. Everything you just said is 100% true, but the left they go, ‘No. President Trump did all of that. President Trump divided the nation.’ Which is false. I mean, these people, they go along with the lie. Everybody is seeing this, and more and more people recognize it. You can tell people the truth. You can show people the truth, but for some reason, people would rather go along with the lie than the truth. You got to ask yourself, why is that?

It's because we are spiritual beings. I see all of us as spiritual beings. When I see other people, I see spiritual beings, and people are possessed by these demonic spirits because there's only one explanation that will give the adults that mindset. That doing this demonic stuff to children is okay.

Trying to say that they're being open, and trying to say it's showing who they are. By changing who they are, they're finding out who they are. This does nothing but confuses children even more, and that's the objective. On top of that, they labeled this guy named Richard, acting like a woman, who's a trans in the Joe Biden administration.

The first trans, and he's over mental health, mind you, which is kind of mind-boggling to me that they put someone that's completely confused himself and put him over mental health issues, over children.

They're targeting children there. Did you know that socialist media platforms are banning people, removing people's accounts if you call this man a man instead of calling him a woman because he's dressing up like one? Did you know that?

Channon: I believe it. They are not about free speech. They are not about people having different thoughts or ideas. Like one person says, the only people that have protected free speech are the liberals.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: The rest of us don't have free speech.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. Everybody else, if you go against what they're saying, you're being hateful, you're threatening, you want to cause violence, everything if you go against them, but they can be violent. They can be threatening. They can be vulgar. They can do whatever, say whatever it is they want, and nothing happens to them.

Just like the vaccine, they go out there, and they'll push this vaccine. Tell everyone to get it, and they'll say, you are the problem to society, and you should be put in a camp even. They're saying that people who do not want to get this vaccine should be removed from society and put in camps until they decide to change or get the vaccine.

Channon: You know, it's interesting that you bring that up because DeSantis in Florida reported that they have some of the lowest COVID-19 numbers right now in the USA. They don't have any of these crazy mandates or restrictions like California and other places do. I also read another report; of course, these are all reports. We're saying that people that are vaccinated are more likely to get COVID-19 than the people who've already had it or haven't had the vaccine, and they're more likely to pass it on.

What happens if you would have never come in contact with COVID-19 or somebody with COVID-19? Now you've been exposed to it, given the illness. Now you're ready to get everybody else sick. So, them pushing this only pushes more people to get sick and causes more super spreaders.

Health care workers are coming out and saying, listen, we rather lose our jobs than take the COVID-19 vaccine. In Epoch Times, this nurse came out, and she said, we don't know the efficacy of this vaccine. We don't even know what's in it. It has not been proven to be safe. We're in the first year of it, but the sad thing is there are prescriptions that have been proven to help with COVID-19 that have long-term studies and proven to be safe. They're not allowing those. What is wrong with it? So, they're standing up and saying; we're not doing it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it's because of money. Because of big money, the big pharma wanted all this money, and they didn't want people to get something that worked. That's effective because if you take something that works, that's effective, which means they lose out on a lot of money. Think about it. That's what all of this comes down to. They rather have people die so that they can make money.

Then people take a pill and be cured of something or have the immune system to fight against it. They don't make money when that's the case. It's so sickening. On top of that, the socialist tech companies, the social media tech companies don't want people to even have the discussion about something other than the vaccine saving you. Something other than the vaccine that possibly might work for you. Just even having a discussion would get them to come after you. People have lost their accounts for simply talking about it. I lost my YouTube channel. It had about 114,000 subscribers, not because I said x, y, z would help you. All I was saying is, in the future, this was over six months ago.

Channon: You were questioning.

Will Johnson: In the future, they were going to force you to get this vaccine. I was making a prediction that they're going to force you before you get on an airplane, hold a job, go to a movie theater, or go to a restaurant. They're going to force you to get this vaccine.

I said this six months ago, and they said I was putting out misleading information. I was just having a discussion. I didn't want to be right. Today that very thing is happening in our country. Not just in our country but across the world, and YouTube still won't acknowledge that what I was saying then was truthful.

So, they don't speak the truth. You have to say what they want you to say because they are the arbiters of free speech. They get to say what free speech is, not us, or not the U.S. Constitution rather. The U.S. Constitution got it wrong when it comes to free speech, according to the left.

Channon: It's so crazy. You know how I was talking about the agenda of the left is ripping apart people in the workplace, the health care providers, police department, and city workers. They're even saying now that military people are going to be lost because they're standing up against this mandate that's unconstitutional.

Imagine the effects of that because then you have stress in the family. We now have added stress on our children because maybe they won't have a Christmas. Maybe they won't be able to do things that the family used to do. Maybe they're going to have to sacrifice meals or something like that. Their agenda has such a terrible and bad effect on American citizens. It's sickening. It's absolutely sickening. It seems like Will is breaking up a little bit right now.

Will, can you hear us? I hear you a little bit. But today, I'm trying to look up and see what is going to be in this infrastructure bill. Supposedly they released it today. So, I'm sure more information will be coming out about what's in this infrastructure bill. I was on Twitter, and one of our congresswomen said that in this bill, listen to this. This is just crazy to me, people.

They want to spend $15 million to address the emissions of wood heaters.

Wood heaters!

Will Johnson: Like a fireplace?

Channon: Yeah, like a fireplace! Like we don't have better things to spend our money on. We have one of the biggest homeless populations that America has ever had. I bet there is nothing in this bill to address the homelessness in America, and the homelessness is just going to get worse because people are losing jobs. Then we have inflation that's hitting people, and the thing is, they don't even have the foresight for that. Just like they didn't have the foresight of all these barges in the ports waiting to be unloaded.

The only reason they did any kind of action is from the pressure of the American people. This administration is so frustrating because they have no foresight. They don't care about any of the ramifications of any of their agendas or their ideas. They do not address real problems in America. They don't address the growing unemployment, which we won't see unemployment hit those numbers because they say you can't even file unemployment if you lose your job. They don't address the border.

They don't address the issues of China. They only reacted to Afghanistan after they made it a fiasco. They're reacting to the problem they created because they sat down the pipelines, and now gas prices are shooting up. I mean, it's crazy.

All these problems happen, and they're constantly reacting because they have no foresight, no good planning. They have nothing to prove that what they want to do has any lasting positive effect on the American people.

Will Johnson: I hear you, and on the outside looking in, it would look like they don't have any foresight, but I think they do because this is what they want it to take place. They want the economy to crash. They want people out of jobs because people who are out of jobs are dependent on the government. That's part of the reason why all of the containers are still on the port, and the media stopped talking about it as much.

We still see the grocery stores empty. It is happening across the nation, and once you get people dependent on the government. They can control you more. They have this whole plan to get people dependent on the government so they will take the vaccine without question. So, they can get what they want.

Channon: Do you think that will really happen because we've already seen many people are not taking the vaccine, even though they know it's going to cripple their income here in America?

Will Johnson: Well, make it where people don't have food, and people will do things they never thought they would do.

Channon: I mean, people are making that decision.

Will Johnson: They are making that decision, but once the food is not available, people will do things they thought they never would do for food.

Channon: Well, that's true.

Will Johnson: After 11 days, they say cannibalism sets in.

Channon: So, what do you think America would do? If there's no food accessible to us, what would the government do?

Will Johnson: Well, they probably say, if you want to get government assistance. Aren't they doing that right now with people that get ETP cards, government housing, even getting government assistance? Aren't they telling them that you have to get vaccinated in order to continue to get your services, your welfare, or ETP cards?

Channon: I've not heard that.

Will Johnson: Well, it's coming. If you haven't heard it, you're hearing it now, and it's coming. It is coming because they want people to take this poison. I call it the poison. They have to do this in order to get people to do it, and not enough people are jumping on board. They keep saying 200 million people have taken it. If that's the case, then why does the other 100 million need to take it?

Channon: I read a whole bunch of articles right now. I brought it up to see if people need to have vaccines in order to get ETP cards or rent assistance, and it said, no, they're not. If they are not vaccinated, they are not at risk of losing their benefits, at least that's right now.

Will Johnson: As of right now, but it's coming. We would be naïve to think that if they're going to push it onto these airlines, these pilots because you have a lot of pilots walking off the job, contractors, government officials, everyone except Congress. Congress exempts itself from all of this, but everybody else working for the government has to get it.

Channon: They sure do.

Will Johnson: So, you know what's coming down the pipeline.

Channon: Yeah. This is where I think the fight between the state and the federal government is going to happen. Just like with DeSantis of Florida and Abbott of Texas, they're coming in and saying that businesses can be fined if they impose a vaccine mandate on their employees.

Of course, if the law conflicts with the federal and state laws, federal laws do take president. That's when it goes to the Supreme Court, and that is why they want the Supreme Court because they know that if some of these battles go to the Supreme Court, they're going to side naturally, rightfully, with the states because mandating such things is against the Constitution.

Will Johnson: Mandates are not law. They are just mandates. The mandate is not the law of the land.

Channon: Well, he can sign it into law. I think he is signing it into law, though. I mean, he's calling it a mandate.

Will Johnson: My point is a mandate is not a law. Now he can do executive orders to push stuff on the people. That's different because right now, they're saying it's a mandate. Jen Psaki says it's a mandate, it's a mandate, and they force the mandate onto people, which goes against the Constitution. But talk about putting it into somebody's body.

Channon: They go through OSHA, which OSHA comes into every single one of these businesses of 100 employees or more, and says whether or not they are following safety protocols. If the government has put in a safety protocol for Americans to be vaccinated. Then those businesses can be fined, according to the federal government. So, that's where a lot of people right now are getting frustrated. As you said, it may not be law, but now it is one of the requirements for safety.

That's how people are getting fired, too, by the way. They're saying the employees are not following safety protocols, and if you get terminated for not following a safety protocol, you do not get unemployment benefits.

Will Johnson: Exactly. Also, Biden recently said that when the hurricane comes, in order for you to be protected against the hurricane, you have to be vaccinated. Did you hear that? It doesn't even sound right, does it?

Channon: No, it doesn't.

Will Johnson: In order to protect from the hurricane, you have to be vaccinated. He's literally said that.

Channon: Oh my Gosh. We are short on time, so I have to tell you this. So, Will, earlier on our broadcast, we were talking about Ted Cruz. We talked about Ted Cruz when he addressed A.G., and he said, listen to this people. This is what irks me about the left. In that conversation with the AG, Cruz said, do you know that one of the instances of a parent being called a domestic terrorist was they held up the Nazi sign?

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah. One of them saluted the board members like the Nazi salute towards the board members because they are the ones being Nazis.

Channon: Yes, they were saying that the school board was doing Nazi communists-type tactics on the American people.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: This is what Ilhan Omar tweeted. She said Ted Cruz just casually defended Nazis in a congressional hearing. Can you believe how ignorant? I'm serious.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I can. I can believe it. We are talking about AOC.

Channon: No, we're talking about Ilhan Omar.

Will Johnson: Oh, Ilhan Omar. They all look alike. They all think alike.

Channon: How do you think he was defending? He was saying; people putting mandates and indoctrinating our children are Nazi tactics, and you're saying that defending the right of the parents to stand up against it, you are calling that supporting Nazis? It's so crazy. It's so twisted. It's so turned around.

Will Johnson: It is, so to give a little more content. Ted Cruz brought it up in the hearing and asked the A.G. if it was free speech or not to do the Nazi salute at a school board meeting? The AG considered it free speech, 100%.

The parent did it towards the school board members that are pushing this Nazism onto our children and the community. That's the reason why the parent did it, but Ilhan Omar and the rest of these nut jobs take it, and they twist it—saying that Ted Cruz is supporting Nazism, saying that parent should be labeled a domestic terrorist.

Channon: The sad thing is, ignorant people, which there's a lot of ignorant people on Twitter, we've seen MoveOn.com and all that stuff. They get on there, and they go, oh, of course, he defending Nazis. He's a right-winger, and they don't even know the context.

They don't understand. She deceived the American people with what she was saying. That's what I'm so frustrated with. I'm frustrated with these Democrats every single day deceiving the American people and the American people being dumb enough to be deceived.

Will Johnson: That's like I always say, "You can tell people the truth. You can show them the truth, and they'll still believe the lie because the lie is what they want to believe. They like the way the lie feels."

Channon: Oh my gosh, I have to tell you this, Will. It's so funny. This is how liberalism ruined America, too. So, when I lived in California, I would go to Wells Fargo every single day, and it would just be jam-packed. The bank would be crazy. The lines would be long. You know, it's crazy, crazy.

So, today I was in the bank at Wells Fargo, here in Texas, and I'm like, you know, California, Wells Fargo is totally different. I'm like, oh, it's so busy inside. He said, you know why that is, right? I'm like, no.

Will Johnson: Who are you talking about? Is this someone that works inside the bank you were talking to?

Channon: Right, he was one of the bank guys. He said, ‘You know why that is?’ And I said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘Because here in Texas, we have drive-throughs.’ He's like, ‘You see the drive-thru lanes at the bank?’And I'm like, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘In California, you're not allowed to have them because of emissions.

Will Johnson: Seriously?

Channon: So, they literally have everybody standing in line. Now, everybody drove there, and everybody was going to drive home.

Will Johnson: Wow, you know what? Now that I think of it, I remember going to the bank, and there were no drive-throughs.

Channon: But how does that help with emissions because everybody drove there, and everybody drove home.

Will Johnson: Yeah, everyone drove there.

Channon: So, I guess sitting idle, you put out some more emissions, but the parking lot was so packed you had to sit there and wait for some people to come out so you can park.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly.

Channon: You know what I mean?

Will Johnson: That's crazy, but that just goes to show, again, that the left doesn't recognize their actions and all the havoc that they cause.

Channon: Absolutely. I don't know, Will. We need to wrap it up. We're pretty much done here, but we thank everybody for tuning in. We will be back next Thursday at 4:00 p.m. God bless everybody, and stay safe this weekend.

Will Johnson: Absolutely, 4:00 p.m. Central, and one more time before we get off the air. I am headed to the southern border of Texas right now to report on the chaos. The crisis that O'Biden and the Democrats have created in the United States of America. As of right now, we are still considered a sovereign nation, but according to the Democrats, if they get their way. They are going to remove our borders, remove our sovereignty, and hand the keys to our nation over to the United Nations. It's happening, people. It's happening.

Channon: Absolutely, yes. So, if you can, make sure you watch Will's YouTube channel, Facebook, or wherever you tune in this weekend. Will, will be trying to go live where he can, and hopefully, he'll be able to get some good shots. I know some people have seen some stuff, but the fact that the Biden administration is still ignoring it. They think that it's getting better because they put back in place Trump's "Stay in Mexico." They're not staying there. People are completely disobeying. We saw them run over.

Will Johnson: They don't care.

Channon: They don't. They're just trying to get here.

Will Johnson: We did see them run over to the National Guard. They were coming in when I was reporting with Blue. They're coming in, and they're running over to them. They don't care. The people have said that we don't care that the O'Biden administration told us not to come. We're still going. We're going to get there regardless because they know the 17,000 Hattians came into the United States of America. They were not going back to Haiti.

So, we are being invaded, everybody. Stay tuned and be safe. Pray, and don't forget. You have to fight for your freedoms because no one else is going to do it for you. My name is Will Johnson. Channon is in the studio. Thank you, everybody, for being with us, and again, as Channon said, we will be here next Thursday. God willing. Take care, everybody. God bless.

Channon: God bless.


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