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Assad Bombs Palestinian Refugee Camp
Assad Bombs Palestinian Refugee Camp

Yarmouk is a southern neighborhood of Damascus, once home to 180,000 descendants of Arabs that left Israel 70 years ago, [...]

Trump Warns Al-Assad, Taunts Russia

Will Iran/Hezbollah retaliate against Israel, the “little satan”, if “BIG satan” strikes Iranian puppet, Bashar al-Assad’s forces?  

TRump Warns Syria & Russia
Trump Tells Russia To “Get Ready” For Syria Bombing

Donald Trump warned that the US will strike Syria in response to the al-Assad regime’s chemical weapons attack on civilians [...]

Syria Chairs Chem Weapons Comm
Not a Joke! U.N. Announces Syria to Chair Commission on…

When it comes to the bizarre news that seems to come out of the U.N. constantly, this announcement may take [...]

Syria & UN
UN-Believable!! Syria Elected to Committee on Abuses

The United Nations has been a hub of hypocrisy and double standards for decades, allowing Syria to serve on a [...]