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President Biden’s Creepy Compliments


Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP's, Really Dumb Things, They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

Okay, here comes yet another incredible creepy comment from the President of the United States during a recent speech in Virginia. President Biden took time to compliment a little girl, and his comments undoubtedly left the crowd thinking, what the heck did President Biden just say?

Joined on stage by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Representatives Gloria and Scott, both Democrats from Virginia, Biden addressed the family of Major Bean, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Bean’s wife, Brittany, and their children, Nathan, Jordan, and Margaret Katherine were in attendance. It was Margaret Katherine to whom Biden made the creepy and flirtatious comments.

Joe Biden - President of the United States of America: I'm especially honored to share the stage with Brittany, Jordan, Nathan, and Margaret Katherine. I love those barrettes in her hair, man. I will tell you what, look at her. She looks like she's 19-years-old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.

Barry Nussbaum: Here's a picture of the very young girl that the President was flirting with. Why isn't the whole country up in arms about this? No one would let this guy near their young daughters with a consistent history of touching inappropriately and commentary at very young girls that are completely inappropriate. Except now he's the President of the United States.

Just stop it, Joe, stop, please, with your really dumb, inappropriate sexual comments to children.

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